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Miss Cali -- The A-Rod of Pageantry?

4/30/2009 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez isn't the only star making news for a performance enhanced chest -- Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean thought a new rack would help her win the crown!

Shanna Moakler: Click to watch
Miss California Exec. Director Shanna Moakler admits the organization paid for Prejean's boob job -- but while unnatural growth may get you punished in baseball, a fake chest is no reason to lose a pageant.

Homophobia however ...


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Up yours with the "homophobe" label. The first thing miscreants and trouble makers do is accuse
the world around them of being "unnaccepting", "intolerant" and "phobic". Get this through your thick
As a straight person, it is repulsive to me to think of getting it on with another man, and that's the way it
SHOULD be. We are wired differently. As you rant that you want to be able to have your gay lover and
be accepted, so should you accept the fact that 90% of the population is NOT gay, and shouldn't be forced
to look at physical or sexual behavior that is unnatural and repulsive to them.

So you live your way, and I'll live mine. But don't expect me to ever like what I see
when I see two guys making out. That DOESN'T mean I don't like gays as people, and it doesn't mean
I'm "afraid" of gays, which is what the word "homophobia" implies.

1954 days ago


Homophobia is a word created by idiots. Not everybody in the world has to like gays, just because we are told to. Homos don't give me a phobia. Sorry to diapoint you sick people.

1967 days ago


Are the TMZ servers down again?

1967 days ago


Oh, so now she is homophobic. Ya'll kill me.

1967 days ago

SIENNA IS A HOMEWRECKING WHORE is she saying her mighty 'god' didn't do a good enough job when making her skank @ss and she needed to pay a plastic surgeon to IMPROVE GOD'S WORK??? huh...wonder what her f*cking bible says about THAT!!! stupid wh*rebag!!

1967 days ago


Prejean is homophobic because she's against gay marriage!?

1967 days ago


Carrie doesn't seem to fear anything, and good for her. Perez Hilton, on the other hand, proves every day that he fears women, as shown by his incredibly misongynistic and hateful blog. Don't be such blatant Carrie-phobes, TMZ.

1967 days ago



The people at TMZ are just as bad as those at Perez Hilton. Simply because a woman holds an opinion contrary to that of the liberals that operate these websites, that does not make her a homophobe.

It's amazing that the people that run these gossip rags attack someone's invocation of their First Amendment rights when TMZ and PH would not make a dime if we didn't hold the Constitution so dear.

And while TMZ and PH are part of the slobbering love affair the media has with Barack Obama, suffice it to say, President Obama doesn't believe in gay marriage either. TMZ, I would love you to post a headline declaring Obama a homophobe.

The word "homophobe" is used so liberally these days, it doesn't hold the same connotations as it used to. Apparently because one has religious beliefs that support marriage as being between a man and a woman, it means they are homophobes.

TMZ, you people only want to protect the right of free speech when it is an opinion you support. Shame on you.

1967 days ago


#4, douchebag, next time one of your f*ckin kidney fails, do not, i REPEAT, do not go for a kidney transplant. F*ckin moron.

1967 days ago


Come on TMZ - don't go down the uneducated road as per Perez (In yer face) Hilton. She simply stated a point of view that differed from that of the douchebag judge. How the hell does that make her homophobic? You had better stop sucking up to Perez - you know, the guy who steals all your postings and gives the credit for 'breaking news' to himself!

1967 days ago

Linda Mott    

It seems like half the women in the world want to enhanced their breasts. I would like to donate some to them. I don't like what nature gave me. I think it looks matronly as you get older. Men look at your breasts instead of your face and I dress modestly. It is embarrassing to me.

1967 days ago


Homophobic? I'm not afraid of them, I'm disgusted by thier behavoir, so I guess I am "Homobehaviorphobic."
That's more like it.
And, if you are gay, and are disgusted by my "homobehaviorphobic" behavoir, you are "hederohomobehavoirphobicphobic."
Yep, I like it.

1967 days ago


There are reasons not to support gay marriage that have nothing to do with homophobia. In Carrie Prejean's case, it's her personal belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Being anti-gay marriage is not the same as being anti-gay any more than not voting for Barack Obama is racism or supporting our military is pro-war. Get over yourselves.

1967 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

C'mon, she was expected to represent all of California and that includes Silicon Valley.

1967 days ago


I have always supported gay couples and their having the same legal protections as others.But after hearing all the abuse they have thrown at this women for honestly answering a question that should not have been asked in the 1st place.I find my support wavering. I see many of them demonstrating the same intolerance that they claim they are fighting against.

Hypocrites is what they are

1967 days ago
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