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Miss Cali -- The A-Rod of Pageantry?

4/30/2009 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez isn't the only star making news for a performance enhanced chest -- Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean thought a new rack would help her win the crown!

Shanna Moakler: Click to watch
Miss California Exec. Director Shanna Moakler admits the organization paid for Prejean's boob job -- but while unnatural growth may get you punished in baseball, a fake chest is no reason to lose a pageant.

Homophobia however ...


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She is hot    

mirror I mean

1981 days ago


Barack the Magic Fraud

LOL...why should waste my tolerance on a hypocritical dirty b!tch like this worthless skank? she deserves no tolerance if she thinks her OPINION should override someone else's RIGHTS.

don't worry honey...I would never marry a weak bigot like man can handle me just fine and loves every minute of it :-)

1981 days ago


Moakler's a skank....she couldn't hold Miss California.....thong.

1981 days ago



the b!tch should shut the f*ck up when her OPINIONS deny other people their rights, I don't give two sh!ts if she was asked the question. she's an ignorant sl*t and I will not refrain from calling her one.

and please just shut the f*ck up and go back to sucking that d!ck...I was expressing my opinion until YOU attacked me like the rabid dog that you don't expect me to display anymore "tolerance" and respect than this. I was talking about the wh*re not had no right to "respond in kind" and since you did...I also responded in kind.

now go f*ck yourself. bigot!!

1981 days ago


Shanna Moakler is no more significant in the overall scheme of things than gnat sh1t...If her and Perez "The Fraud" Hilton wish to promote their agenda, they should look for another forum...The Miss USA pagaent is supposed to lift up women for their beauty and skills, not their opinions or beliefs...The whole scenario was concocted to do exactly what it did...They promoted their agenda at the expense of a very beautiful, well spoken, talented CHRISTIAN lady, who did not deserve to become the scapegoat for THEIR unpopular stance on the issue...
The voters of California made their position on the subject very clear with Prop. 8, and it isn't the first time...If Shanna, Perez, or anyone else doesn't like it, then leave the state...Move to Vermont, Mass. , Iowa, or anywhere else that will cater to the wants of the few...
As for TMZ, the key player who wears his pink shirts should either come out of the closet, or stay out of it...Just because "He's a Lawyer" does not mean he's above reproach when being intolerant...

1981 days ago


That black chick in the car was f&cking hott as hell!!!!!

1981 days ago


This bitch needs to go away and the paps shouldnt even be talking to a NOBODY Like HER

1981 days ago


BTW, marriage is NOT a "right" for anyone, regardless of sexual PREFERENCE...
No more than divorce is a "right", since it has to be approved by the courts...

Don't use the word "rights" so loosely, especially when it's blatantly obvious you've never read the Constitution...

1981 days ago

Snarky One    

Just because you believe in traditional marriage, it doesn't make you a homophobe...but your agenda does make you pseudo-journalists sound like idiots!

1981 days ago

She is hot    

F*ck this SKANK

You must also go by screen names of KIKI and QUETO. I feel REAL bad for your husband!! You spew hatred and speak of tolerance but OH NO!! Not for this woman who is against gay marriage!! Why dont you go out and SPEW your ANGER about how OBAMA IS AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE!!!!

1981 days ago


F*ck this SKANK,

now you want Carrie to shut up and NOT voice her opinions eh? A minute ago you were talking about you not being able to express your opinions! LOL

And you are the one who's rabid and cussing out at everybody and their parents as well. Kudos to the way your parents brought up you lying b!tch.

You can continue to dance naked and spit out expletives out here all you want. Dont want to spend any more time on your sorry worthless lying ass.

1981 days ago


marriage IS a right when the religious retards think they can make laws PREVENTING one from living one's ife the way he/she wants...nevermind the fact that a gay person marrying another does not hurt or make any difference in said religious retards' lives they still insist on forcing THEIR beliefs and opinions down the gay communities throat so much so that it DOES effect their lives..they can't marry who they want and enjoy the same rights and benefits as everyone else.

1981 days ago


Everybody should be able to walk down the isle..
The last time i checked, God said being judgemental was the quickest way to receive it in ten folds.. On the day you stand before HIM.
If she were a TRUE Christian, she wouldn't judge, as she would know its not HER PLACE to judge another. Thats GODS job.. So even if she didn't agree on a personal level, why is it her place to say they can or can't do this becuase SHE thinks its "wrong" ?

Let them get married!!! Who cares? If you really think it effects you so much, i agree TMZ homophobic.. because when it comes down to the nitty gritty, you can't "save' everybody, dont know what ones do behind closed doors, and only have to answer for YOURSELF to one person. God.

1981 days ago


Barack the Magic Fraud

LOL...I have no idea who those screen names belong to...but I bet you're wrong all the time and probably used to it by now, LOL. sweetie like I said...don't feel bad for my husband...he is a REAL man and can handle me just fine, I don't expect you to know what that's like. I have nothing to say about President Obama and his thoughts, he's running a country where even religious morons have rights, he has to be diplomatic, this dumb skank is just a horse faced wh*re who parades around naked for a living, her opinion isn't worth much. besides I love President Obama...he saved us for the repukes. the man can't do anything wrong in my eyes :-) and last I checked he didn't run his big ol mouth about homosexuality being "unnatural" like this h0 with the "oh so natural t!ts" said.

1981 days ago


You people really need to learn the definition of the word "homophobia." She is NO homophobe. She's someone who dosen't believe that two people of the same sex should be married or engage in those types of relationships. It has NOTHING to do with her hating homosexuals. She knows that like her, God loves homosexuals. But she believes that God HATES homosexuality.....the act. And by the way. One day one of you, and ONLY one of you, will be proven wrong! And don't think that because you ONLY support them and don't participate in those acts, that you are somehow absorbed from God. Supporting homosexuality (the act) is THE SAME as doing it. God supports homosexuals but believe me, he does not support the act. You'll find out what I mean when you die.

1981 days ago
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