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Tupac Alive -- The Plot Thickens

4/30/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got new pictures of a guy (left) people think is the same guy we plastered all over our site yesterday -- a guy we think could actually be Tupac Shakur. People from all over the world went nuts yesterday after we posted the pics (right). Frankly, we don't think the new guy is the same as the one we put up yesterday -- we still think yesterday's dude -- who was in a bar in New Orleans over the weekend -- is 2Pac.

Tupac - click to viewTupac shakur - click to view


No Avatar


enough TMZ....hes dead let him rest in peace

2002 days ago


This looks like a kid I went to college with in Ohio. He was always mistaken for Tupac.

2002 days ago


You forgot one important question on your poll: Who Cares?

2002 days ago


Please, this new guy doesn't look anything like him. What, all bald black guys look alike? Booo

2002 days ago


It does kind of look like him...but then again I am not a 2pac expert

2002 days ago


They are not the same guy. Both sets of pics are kinda blurry but the proof is in the ears. The shape of their ears is different. The first guy DEF looks like 2pac but the second guy.... not so much if you look at him up front.

2002 days ago


The guy on the right is def not Tupac. 1) his earlobe is attached, Tupac's was not. 2) the nose ring is not in exactly the same spot, 3) the nose shape is not correct, 3) his head is slightly different from Tupac's. Close, but no cigar.

2002 days ago


Everybody has a twin somewhere. TMZ happened to find 2Pacs.

2002 days ago

mellon bruse N    

JUST U shut your mouth-WE CLONED HIM and now control his brainwave by satellite broadcast MARFE TURUS and plasmid spin robot tech and smart chips from japan HUGHES`s KID techs

2002 days ago


Stop it already! Seriously, you are just doing this for the frenzy it creates on your site, ADMIT IT. As I said yesterday, Tupac is as dead as dead gets, end of story! Now stop this nonesense already, you fools.

2002 days ago

the short chick in the back    

I think the pics are of the same guy. And you can tell from the frontal pics thats its not Pac.

Dude should really come out to the public with this...

2002 days ago


TMZ, this is so wrong!! Unless you have DNA samples, dont write this. There will be some folks who are dumb enough to believe this, and what this must do to his family. If this were my son, and this was up, it would bring back sad memories. How would you feel if this were your sons?

2002 days ago


This is so stupid. I guess we still all look alike huh Harvey? Hey Harvey, you look a lot Adam Sandler. Its your nose, you people all have that hooked, number 6 nose. baffles me all the time!

2002 days ago

hott rere    

If Tupac is still ALIVE then Notorious BIG is too!!!!!!!

2002 days ago


who cares. they all look the same anyway.

2002 days ago
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