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Oh My Lord ... Tupac!

5/1/2009 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we've gotten to the bottom of the mysterious pic of the dude who looks very much like Tupac Shakur ... kinda.


Here's what we know. The man walked into Bourbon Rocks in New Orleans last Sunday, and he caught the eye of the D.J. on duty -- MC Difficult. Mr. Difficult grabbed the mic and hollered, "Tupac's alive!" The crowd cheered and Difficult went over to the guy and asked his name. The man said, "My name is My Lord."

Tupac shakur - click to viewMr. Difficult then took a pic with Mr. Lord/Tupac (above), who then drank Budweiser for three hours with a hot chick. On his way out, Mr. Lord/Tupac asked Mr. Difficult if he knew where he could score some good weed.

Sounds like Tupac to us ...


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this is clearly not tupac. besides the fact he looks nothing like tupac and that tupac is dead, this guy does the westside sign different from tupac. and this is two diferent people in the pictures with different clothes on.

1942 days ago


Who cares what kind of t-shirt the Tupac impersonator is wearing!? Looks at the shirt Mr. Difficult is wearing!!! ITS AN AFFLICTION SHIRT!!!! WOWZA

1942 days ago


Tupac is definitely dead. If anyone is interested in seeing his actual autopsty photos.....message me.

1942 days ago


THOSe twO Are Not the Same GuY DiffereNt ClOTHEs HiS MIssiNG Da NoSe ring N HE HAS HUge EArs CoMpAre to tHE lEft PrOFiLE PICturE!!! N lOok At His GOA-T DA ShaveS Are diFfErEnT!!

1942 days ago

K Goke    

Okay first off it probably isn't Tupac. Second of all to everyone who thinks its not the same guy because of his shirt, or nose ring.. A shirt can be removed, the shirt without the collar could have very well been an under shirt. A nose ring can also be removed. Duh ppl.

1941 days ago


firts of all his nose ring doesn't matter because obiously it's not tupac on the guy they claim to be tupac and second look at one of tmz pictures where it looks like hes looking down if you look under the chin you can notice some extra skinn as if it was tupac he would of grown some weight and if you look at his hair in his chin you can kind of see some white hair on the same pic and also there is a side pic of this guy claimed to look alike on you tube and his nose looks tottaly diffrent ass if the guy claimed to be pac had a much round nose instead of pointy like the pac pic and also theyre heads are diffrent one is more wider and the other is much skinnier and also why did't tmz show a side pic of this guy like the one i saw on you tube they should get this guy and do the same poses and take pics to see if there identical i bet theyre not going to be and look up the stuff i said before you guys comment back.

1940 days ago


That may not be Tupac at the top, but he is FINE AS HELL!!!!!!

1937 days ago


has anyone compared this pic to tupac's rikers prison pic? scarey. if he is alive of course he is not going to look the way we remember him given 13 years has past. it is possible. until there is concrete proof other than people continually saying without evidence. He will always be alive to me in my heart

1889 days ago


Why you create this stupid article? Hits must have sky rocketed

1929 days ago


looks like snoop dogg but bald

1924 days ago


This guy isn't Pac. Pac put by making the westside sign the ringfigre on the middlefingre, not like this guy.

1880 days ago


Im just curious why the guy in the second picture has a completely different shirt on from the guy in the firt picture if tis all done on the same night/!?!?!? one is wearing a collared shirt and has a nose ring the other is wearing a tshirt and no ring?!?!?!? not only that but if you do search for this subject you get an article on that has quotes from a press conference with "tupac" and his family.....Im just not getting this, if he is alive why not just come out and say why he went into hiding, if he really is dead, why cant you just leave him alone...actually either way why cant you just leave him alone?!?!?!

1879 days ago


that is sooooooooooooo not Tupac.

1947 days ago


that dont even look like the same guy in the pic lol... dude with The DJ is wearing a white tshirt no nose ring, the dude in the TMX pic is wearing a collard shirt with a nose ring


1947 days ago


Harvey Levin got to the bottom of this because.........HE'S A LAWYER!

1947 days ago
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