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Allred Goes into Labor War with OctoMom

5/4/2009 5:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just announced what her new fight with OctoMom Nadya Suleman is about -- she wants to make sure the octobabies are gonna get paid for being her miniature cash cows.

Allred's mystery client is a former child star named Paul Peterson, who's also the president of "A Minor Consideration" -- a company that protects the rights of child actors.

Peterson said he filed a petition in Orange County to appoint a guardian for the estate of the octobabies -- to make sure Nadya doesn't waste all the money she makes from constantly selling them out.

Allred said she also sent a letter to the California Division of Labor Standards & Enforcement, to investigate whether or not OctoMom has violated laws set up to protect "child performers."


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KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

MILADY # 170 WROTE: " .....And NO one can say that just because she had 6 babies implanted....that 8 was her goal and that she did this on purpose. The chances of that happening were like SUPER slim. But it DID happen and now she is in this boat and she is making the best of it. I think people are mad because in the
[end OF QUOTE from above #170)




SHE CLAIMS she only wanted ONE KID. (AGAIN, with the HYPOCRITICAL LIES).

SHE COULD HAVE "saved" THE LAST BATCH OF EGGS (3 OR 4) to be USED --in the event the OTHER 2 to 3 DIDN'T TAKE.

what YOU APOLOGISTS simply will NOT get thru your thick heads IS: this woman PLANNED all this to DELIBERATELY generate the MULTI-BIRTH (hoping for 6 to 9 AT ONCE) ... .because SHE KNEW she wanted to LIVE LIKE JON AND STUPID KATE. "FREE RIDE" off the kids.

SHE PLANNED ALL THIS with deliberation, MALICE and FORETHOUGHT. HER GOAL was to have as MANY BABIES AS SHE COULD --so SHE COULD STAR in her OWN realty show.

EVERYTHING she told DR PHIL was a LIE. This is why SHE AVOIDED DIRECTLY ANSWERING ANY OF HIS legitimate questions -- AND HE WAS LEFT LOOKING LIKE A FOOL who didn't know WHICH END was up. SHE PLAYED DR PHIL. which is WHY a good portion of America NOW HATES Dr phil --for FOISTING THIS LUNATIC *and the 14 KIDS off on ALL OF US.

HAD she been FORCED to cope BY HERSELF with the situatiION she deliberately CREATED herself ... SHE would have HAD to FACE THE REALITY of what SHE HAD WROUGHT. AND MAYBE, dr phil COULD HAVE GOTTEN HER the much-needed MENTAL THERAPY she in truth GENUINELY NEEDS to overcome her NARCISSIST OBSESSIONS/ not a judgment -- JUST REALITY.

1966 days ago


Go get Monster Mom B4 she spends all the baby oney on sunglasses and purses..PIGO Mom is a nightmare from the sewers..Take ALL her kids away..THEY are DOOMED living with her...octopig is a very dangerous thing around all children..she is disgusting and low..She would bend over for high fashion make up...she will do anything 4 money..GO Gloria all the way and Take her down

1966 days ago


Karen Lee --Thank you for answering. I have read all your posts & support your opinion. It parallels my own. I am a mother , I work full time, in emergency & am well aquainted with child abuse. I advocate the rights of children to live , not just with the basic requirement for life...........but a well rounded fulfilled nurtured life, whereby each child feels loved, secure & wanted. Too many believe that food clothes & a roof over ones head is enough. It isn't. They need a foundation, to build upon. I gather that even food, is not always available for these children. Attention...........well there is a financial ticket attached. Sincerely, Jane

1966 days ago


Milady, you can be played like a fiddle, & have been, you are so predictable. The bell rings, the rat salivates.

1966 days ago


milady And then Responds.

1966 days ago


She had 32 eggs fertilized. First IVF 5 were implanted and it yielded 1 baby. Then she had 5 more implanted and again had 1 baby. Then she had 5 more implanted and got 1 baby. Then 5 more got her another single baby. So now that makes 20 embryos and 4 babies. So next they implant 6 and she got 2 babies! So now there are 6 kids and 6 embryos left. Based on the past record, there was nothing to make her think that she would get more than 2 babies and it was the last of the embryos. So why not? She was not trying for this, it just happened. how could she have known that this time, the last time the 6 would become 8????


1966 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

# 178.. Bravo Palov !!

#.180 Right on cue........( I bet your mother has a loud bark )

I have a post floating about somewhere in cyber was a general response to all the Octo-minions.

Somewhere there are a few villages missing their idiots........

1966 days ago

Think about it... You be the Judge...    

Hello again.. Here's one for you.... LOL

Thought you all would like to see this clip. Bathsheba's ( OctoMom ) at her Copy and Paste

1966 days ago


Geez, Karen Lee....I have a headache from your post!

But.... well-said, girl!! >>>thunderous applause

1966 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

...IQ of 146...yet you can't even spell simple words such as "quiet"..."there". Methinks Milady protests too much in her defense of Suleman. Me also thinks Milady is a shrew.

IQ of 146....14 points below Einstein....ok...snicker. I think they made a mistake and forgot to put the decimal point should have read 14.6

First of showed your true colours when you started in on your pro-life babble. That was after you chewed out people on here screaming it was Suleman's body, she birthed those naseum. So in your opinion the Govn't and people like you can tell me what to do with my body regarding medical procedures. Yet, we can't come in here and voice our opinion about someone who is pimping out her children for fame ....only to acheive mediocre status at best.You’re having delusions of competence.

Its hysterical how whenever we make it known on here how disgusted we are about this whole mess...the Octo-Minions come back with..." You are just jealous". Is THAT the best you can do? IQ of 146 and thats your best argument ?

Why the hell would I be jealous of a social pariah? I ( like many on this board) have achieved so much more than Suleman could even hope to. We have the RESPECT of our friends, family, peers...but, best of all we have SELF RESPECT. Through hard work and wise investments I have enough money for 10 lifetimes. I travel whenever, wherever and however I want. My sons lacked for nothing in their young lives...but as soon as they were old enough to work....they did. In return for that they also learned about self respect and respect from their peers. I hold 3 degrees..including one from Oxford. But I won't publish my IQ because it would embarass you, and you have done a damn fine job of that all by yourself through out all your postings.
The Govn't ( both state and federal) have every right to investigate Suleman...and we, as tax payers have the right to demand accountability. After all...its OUR money shes spending (on HERSELF). Perhaps if she had been filmed actually spending quality time with her children, we wouldn't be so quick to judge. Instead we have witnessed nothing even remotely close to it. I hardly think throwing some dried up leftover prepared meal helter skelter at her children is quality. Dropping off an injured austistic child at his school without explanation is quality. She had no business bringing 8 innocent babies into HER world when she wasn't taking care of the 6 she already had. Do any of you Octo-Minions stop and consider what about those children's WORLD? don't.
Your feeble attempt to defend this woman is at best...pathetic. She has NO defense....this comes from the court of public opinion. Which, she invited to her table by her very public behaviour. You scream about abortion...and then you scream about abused and neglected children. Wake can't have it both ways.
"White drug users"?...I won't even dignify that with a retort ( you wouldn't understand it anyway)

Now...wait a minute there, Eva Braun
Why stop at taking away the children of gang members, public housing parents...etc ( ad naseum)? Oh hell... Go after the children of gay couples...inter-racial couples..and the children of anyone who does not agree with your "standards". Why stop there...go after the parents too. I'm sure you and your lot have a special place for them. Thank you; we're all challenged by your unique point of view. I think the majority of posters remember the last time someone tried to do that. Cyanide, anyone?

Don't consider yourself above par over anyone ( parents) posting on here. Its apparent by your postings you barely achieve sub par status. If you condon Suleman's raising, parenting ( and I use that term loosely) of her children...then any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.
Let me explain something to you...the majority of posters in here are initially concerned about those children, NOT Suleman. She...(as she has always done) will make damn sure shes taken care of first... and thats why we voice our opinions concerning the children.

.....Hiyas NonDonation...nice to see you. ( said it last night on the post that never made here)

If this does go before a judge...can we petition to have Judge Judy seated? NOW...THAT is one reality show I would watch with fevour. There are only two words that describe what Judy would do with her.......wipe and floor.

1965 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Thanks for the link...little girls. I wouldn't expect anything less regarding Suleman....ever ever ever ever ever ever....hehehe.

Its evident by that video shes losing her slight grasp on reality and that shes a pathelogical liar. Her so called life is slowly coming to the crash and burn stage....she herself is holding the gas can and matches.
I actually choked on my coffee during the Angelina segment.....again, proof shes completely delusional. If she doesn't want all the media coverage and the scrutiny that comes with it, why didn't she just issue a public statement through Czech?

See, and Suleman have a lot in're both Hypocrites.

1965 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

Regarding my posts # 177 and # 189.....sorry for the semi duplicate postings. A product of missing posts and trying to get the same point across on a new one. Theres still one missing....

Pilfered from "A Minor Consideration's" website.....

Those of you have followed my 30-year journey as an advocate for children working in the entertainment business will not be surprised to see me here today. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that there is but one commercial commodity in the home of Nadya Suleman, and that is her children...the octuplets, now just three months from their birth...and the six older siblings.

The understandable astonishment we all felt when the octuplets were born has transformed from News, worthy of reporting, to the disgraceful behavior of a mob masquerading as the 4th estate who surrounded the arrival of the first Preemies released from the hospital. That conduct was driven by one thing...the money to be gained from selling images of the infants to the commercial media. Inside the home that night, and nearing Midnight, another circus ensued since the broadcast rights to the most intimate moments of these pre-mature newborns had already been sold and the Rights-Holders were there to take advantage of the purchase.

Money is being exchanged. Rights, copyrights and even trademarks are being negotiated for access to these helpless and vulnerable babies who were born into a family that we know is even now dependant on public assistance.

In short, these 14 children are dependant on us, the tax-payers, even as they adjust to a newly purchased home, a home acquired by means unknown.

A rational person might ask, "Where are the laws that protect these infants?" who are trapped in a situation they cannot possibly comprehend. They are now, I believe, working in the entertainment business yet they cannot walk or talk...and like all children in the Entertainment Business they are exempt from federal child labor laws. Let me repeat that: Kids in the Entertainment Business are exempt from federal child labor laws and have been since 1938 and the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

But they are not exempt from California Law.

The Preemie Law was passed in 1998 by a unanimous vote of the legislature and signed into Law on August 3rd 1998 to protect against Hollywood's growing practice of hiring premature, multi-birth babies. The Law states that an infant must be full term and full birth weight, and approved for very limited work activity by a licensed doctor's written declaration, and may then be employed fifteen days after their Due Date.

I know this Law intimately since the former kid stars who belong to A Minor Consideration, founded in 1990, drafted the legislation with the help and support of my wife, Rana Platz-Petersen who is both a Registered Nurse and the head of IATSE Local 767, Studio First Aid, which supplies all the union nurses and first aid personnel to the Eleven Western States on union productions.

There are, in fact, Laws, Regulations and Guidelines for even the youngest child employed in the entertainment business here in California, and we hold in this lawsuit that all fourteen children in the Suleman home are, in fact, employees in a commercial enterprise because of their continuing presence and utilization in that workplace. Photos-for-Pay have already appeared in the media well in advance of the "Due-Date plus fifteen days" provisions of the Preemie Law.

We are asking the Superior Court to judge whether the Suleman home is, in fact, a work site since the Department of Labor has been slow to intervene, and the Department of Social Services seems unaware of the statutes governing the employment of infants. We hold that the truth of the working status of these children is Self-Evident.

As employees these children fall under the provisions of the Revised Coogan Law which came into effect in the year 2000, thanks again to the efforts of A Minor Consideration's members, the combined theatrical unions, and with the full support of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The vote was unanimous and the Bill was promptly signed by the Governor. The main features of the Bill are these:

1. Children employed in the broadly defined entertainment industry now own the money they earn. Their income is their individual property.
2. All children must have a current State-Issued work permit.
3. A blocked Coogan Account must be in place for each child who works and a portion of their income, 15%, must be saved until the age of majority.
4. Infants below the age of six months may only work in two narrow time-windows...9:30 am to 11:30 am, and 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm...and must be attended by a welfare worker and a registered each for every three infants under the age of six months.

We have good reason to believe that these laws are not being followed,

1965 days ago
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