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David Hasselhoff's Weekend -- The Real Story

5/4/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David HasselhoffWe've gotten to the bottom of the David Hasselhoff mystery, and it ain't the way his ex is painting it.

Here's what we know. This past Saturday, David was at home with his daughter Hayley and there was a squabble. David had been drinking but nowhere near the level that his ex is painting it. The Hoff had not been feeling well, and the illness, combined with the alcohol, made a trip to the hospital prudent.

David walked to the car, where he was driven to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He had not passed out, contrary to reports. He walked on his own power and was released yesterday.

Hasselhoff is fine, though he regrets drinking.

Bottom line -- David's ex, Pamela Bach, is on the warpath and her story just doesn't ring true.


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arte help    

David and I have shared many a hamburger on the floors of hotels around the world. After I pleasure him orally, which he likes, great guy!

2001 days ago


...hmmm, seven trips to the emergency room in two years for alcohol poisoning. methinks the only thing that doesn't ring-true is the Hoff's 10 step-denial program...hamburgers all around!...

2001 days ago

The Hulk    

But the problem is that David is still drinking and can't control his addiction. And tmz is scrapping the bottom of the barrel for gossip when all it has to post is stories on David Hasselhoff. Why not run stories on how Harvey is on steroids.

2001 days ago


Look the guy is a recovering alcoholic, he was drinking and had to go to the hospital. Sounds as if the ex-wife's story is a little more accurate than David's. David you can not drink, and you have to stop placing the blame on your ex-wife. I am sorry for your struggle, but, you have children that need you. Man up, stop drinking and stop blaming you ex-wife. She did not pour it down your throat.

2001 days ago


Maybe she's on the warpath because his drinking continues to put her kids at risk. He's the kind of idiot who will accidentally burn the house down one night when he's drunk.

2001 days ago


Drunks are skilled liars. I'd go with Pamela's much as you hate her.

2001 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I hope he can beat his addiction before it kills him

2001 days ago


"Regrets Drinking?" What the heck ever!! After the whole video episode? That is regretable. This is just another day in a drunks life with a PR firm to back him. Poor kids, my heart goes out to them

2001 days ago


Why doesn't Hoff offer up MEDICAL RECORDS such as his blood alcohol level at admission, IF he has nothing to hide. The other story was VERY SPECIFIC, .39 FIVE TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT.

2001 days ago


That's funny cause I just heard his blood alcohol level, when taken at the hospital, was a .39!!!!! Look, the guy's a drunk and unfortunately, can't stay sober. It's easy getting sober, but it's a lot harder STAYING sober. I don't think the ex-wife is exaggerating this one....

2001 days ago


OMG Artie, I have to say that post made me laugh. Geesh! I doubt it's true, but I did enjoy the laugh.

2001 days ago


Know who's really at fault here?

TMZ, for trying to make an alcoholic not appear to be an alcoholic, and for trying to dump all the blame on his ex for her concern about their daughter.

He needs to get real help, and work a program. She needs to not run to the media (if she has) and actually deal with it quietly and effectively. And TMZ needs to just close up shop.

2001 days ago

arte help    

Terri, are you doubting me? We've had our problems before, but it something I really like to do, after all, I'm in the entertainment industry and thats what we have to do to keep the talent. You don't want to know what I had to do to that "GhostBusters" movie off the ground!!

2001 days ago


Sounds as if his lawyer got to TMZ.

2001 days ago


I think it is shameful for TMZ to try and make it like it's not a big deal because Radar Online got the story before them. Please do not enable an alcoholic, it's not helpful to David and it's not fair to his children.

2001 days ago
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