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LiLo Goes Down on the Red Carpet

5/4/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not sure what happens faster in this video: Lindsay Lohan hitting the pavement outside of a club in Montreal, or her dramatic dash to her ride after being overcome with embarrassment.

Lindsay Lohan: Click to view!


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Well that was exciting , lets guess slow day in Hollywood thats the best TMZ could do.

2005 days ago


she should have stopped at taken the picture, instead of acting like a snob. I thought she wanted fame and people to worship her. Next time she should walk slowly with some class, oh sorry she does not have any.

2005 days ago

for now    

The reason the sorry losers come on here and write
nasty bad grammar messages is because they are jealous
of lovely Lindsay's beauty,talent and success.

2005 days ago


It was probably s quick gust of wind that knocked her skinny, feather-light, ass over! LMFAO!

2005 days ago


that's why i don't wear six inch heals! May look sexy but models and actresses are falling down all the time and it's not because they are tripping over their flip-flops.

2005 days ago


Doesn't she know coke and the red carpet does not mix well? Sheesh.

2005 days ago


What I find funny is ANN, for one, you truly are mental for coming here, running your boring mouth. Um, newsflash heaux, this doesn't cost me anything to view. I come, I look, big whoop. And what's your excuse???? I didn't think so. Also, why are there other idiots here explaining themselves??? ( I come here b/c i'm bored and trying to fall asleep....) Um why explain yourself to some mental little sicko? It's pointless. Also, Anon, it's amusing how you keep calling another poster fat, while stating you are ''112''??? UMMMM 112 POUNDS???? And, let me guess this right, you are making fun of some chubby girl??????????????????? You are a leaf, anorexic , sickly looking person no doubt, so HOW ABOUT not opening your mouth picking on somebody's weight when you are um without the doubt curve-less ? Oh and since this is a LL post, I will say, what's the big whoop? B/c she fell? Yea, you're right TMZ, it's really odd that a human fell, I can't believe that one, wow I wonder what it feels like to fall/trip

2005 days ago


Bahaha who let her into Canada?? Go HOME!!

2005 days ago


18. Ann makes some valid points. Who here is living the life
they *really* want? People [like us] focus on celebrities to
distract us from our own lives of boredom/horror/repulsion/
disappointment/sadness/depression/stress/etc., but that does
not necessarily make any/all of us "losers" -- we are simply
not living up to our potential, for whatever reason, and that
is just sad.

Ann is a mirror and showing us ourselves. Truth can be a
very bitter pill.

Posted at 5:01AM on May 4th 2009 by I Don't Have Time To Pray

Excuse me #18? Speak for yourself, because I don't need anyone speaking on behalf of me. Do you truly think that celebrities live lives that they are 100% happy with? That they are living up to their true potential? Some perhaps, many absolutely not -- David Hasselhoff, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, to name just a few. I'm not saying they need to be perfect, perfection is unattainable for all of us. Coming here has not one damn thing to do with living up to our potential -- what planet are you from? Now if I was a young adult (which I'm not), making minimum wage (which I don't), popping out babies left and right, collecting welfare, food stamps, etc, than I wouldn't be living up to my potential. I'm none of that. College educated, retired gov't employed (26 yrs), soon to be 47, 16 yr old daughter, happy, opinonated woman.

As for Lindsay falling, for once, I don't see what the big deal was. And I'm surprised at you Artie, usually you're such an ardent defender of hers.

2005 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

Maybe she fainted from not eating enough.

2005 days ago


Canada?? If you even had a DUI years ago they won't let you in.. how did SHE get in??? Harv??????

2005 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Lilo the anorexic drunk whore falling down...what else is new.

2005 days ago
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