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Anderson Cooper:

Oh Daddy!

5/5/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Look at that adorable face ... and the baby is pretty cute too!


While out in Beverly Hills with a friend, Anderson Cooper showed off his paternal side -- and his legs -- by holding a baby in his buff arms.

Coop can cover even the most sensitive of topics.


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Martina Ilstad    

if you see how carfully he handele this little baby,you know, he is a really warmhearted man.He can give soo much feeling,and this makes him for me, more male,than much other bigmouth.protecting a little baby, rock it in his arms,a man who habe survive so many tragedic.,never give up,and finf joy in rocking a baby.

1956 days ago

The 1 & Only    

AH - I don't even know what you're talking about.

Is there anyone in New York or California that engages in "conventional" behaviors? Seriously - I don't know what you're talking about. Whatever Anderson does in the privacy of his own bedroom is fine by me.

"He covers stuff like Katrina and pretends to empathize with victims"

Pretends to empathize? You're a little too hard on Anderson. We could all see how messed up he was about what happened during Katrina.

Maybe he feels guilty for the rise in his stardom that came after that? He shouldn't.
Hopefully Anderson isn't that hard on himself.

1956 days ago

The 1 & Only    

I think Anderson is very sexy when he laughs. When he finds something so funny - I just love it. It may sound corny - but he makes a lot of people smile. I could care less if he's seeking attention or not. He's human. We all want attention.

Anyway, is he co-hosting New Year's Eve with Kathy Griffin again this year? She's such a hoot. That's usually the highlight of my day. I loved how she got caught making that "unconventional" statement last time.

Did you see her in a bikini a couple months back? Wow - I didn't know she looked like that. Actually that was right here on TMZ. I don't know where else I would've seen that photo.

1956 days ago

The 1 & Only    

I don't understand why Anderson can't report the news in the nude - just once. It would make me really happy.

I also would like to rub baby oil all over his chest and muscular arms. Then I would take him outside and stare in his eyes for about 20 minutes. Hopefully by this time he hasn't called the authorities, but then I'd allow him to put his shirt back on - as long as it was a tshirt. Then I'd buy him a drink or dinner or whatever he wanted.

Then I'd start up about why I'm the perfect woman to have his baby and our child would be the greatest most loving most adorable baby on earth.

1956 days ago


I don't understand why my other post isn't posting. strange. anyways you guys....fasten your seatbelt !!!

NEWSFLASH - I have just gotten feedback over Anderson from a professional and trained 'liar detector".Scientists have found fifty people able to spot lies, liars, controversial situations etc with huge accuracy after performing tests on more than 15,000 people.
That dude I spoke to is among those 50 special people. I am very accurate as well to spot deception (not as much as him though) and on his site, I agreed with all his conclusions and felt that everything he was reading into was spot on. Well I e-mailed him about Anderson Cooper. And he replied back and did a sepcial piece on Anderson. AND THE GOOD NEWS IS: I have just e-mailed him about those baby pictures and let's see what he replies, if he replies at all to something posted on TMZ, not sure. But anyway...I tried. If I get the answer I may or may not post it here, depends on who is interested.

1955 days ago


btw, my name is Alicia Costello, that's why I use the shortcut AC, don't go thinking I am Anderson Cooper now. (that would be pretty stupid to do that anyway)

1955 days ago

The 1 & Only    

Ask him if he'd like me to rub baby oil all over his body. I really would like to know that 1st.

1955 days ago

The 1 & Only    

Also, what kind of movies does Anderson like? What's his favorite food? Does he like piña coladas? What kind of deodorant does he wear?

1955 days ago

The 1 & Only    

You know, after a little bit of thought, I realize Anderson might not be the 'baby oil' type of person. But I can do Jergens, Eucerin, cocoa butter, store brand, whatever he likes. After that I can rub some baby powder on him - if he's a powder type of guy. Of course all this time I would also be massaging his muscles and trying to help him release all of that stress he must have. I could give him an enjoyable neck rub and shoulder rub. Then I would look in his sparkling blue eyes and say "Anderson, would you like me to do anything else for you today?" Then if he said 'yes' I would just do whatever it is that he wanted me to do. If he said 'no' I would cry and go to bed.

1955 days ago


@ The 1 & Only - lmao, you have issues buddy or lady, whatever your gender. Not only do you make me crack up but you make me wonder if you're really not AC (aka Anderson Cooper) trying to get a free massage from TMZ readers. Give me a massage first, I need one badly...I'll test your skill and maybe we'll c about giving Cooper one. Then again if I were more honest I'd tell you to back off and not put your greasy nasty hands anywhere near Anderson's body. Then again, stay away 10 miles from him, make it 100 miles.

I know a tons about Anderson Cooper. I can tell you he doesn't like baby oil bc it's too greasy but if it's just for a back massage then that's fine, he'd prefer non-greasy massahe lotions though. he loves the smell of baby oil, just not the texture. But too bad for you, you're never gonna get to find this for sure anyways so it's not worth me telling you anyways. maybe i love torturing you.

As for his favorite food goes, the guy loves a variety of things. Clearly needs to eat more veggies. But he likes Latino dishes, creole dishes, French dishes and asian foods like sushi.

And lastly I would like to apologize for being direspectful about talking about Anderson's body. It's low and disrespectful.

I also didnt mean anything bas when I said you wouldnt want Anderson anywhere near you bc of some of his secrets. Okay, you WOULD want him near you. Anderson is a true soul and the real deal. he is caring and compassionate. and we ALL have dirty laundry and flaws. But hey, what can I say...I needed to say something so you all stalkers stay the hell away from him.

1955 days ago

The 1 & Only    

“AC” (cute initials, btw) – I have breasts, a uterus, and ovaries, so I am obviously not Anderson Cooper. Besides, I was one of octomom’s defenders and I know AC cannot stand her.

You know what I’m sensing? I’m sensing guilt. Why would Anderson feel all of this guilt? I’m sensing layers upon layers of guilt.

You say he has problems? WHO DOESN’T? Do you want to hear my problems? No, you don’t have time.

Whatever ‘problems’ Anderson has, he does cope very well. It takes a lot of energy, dedication, and motivation to do that show each night and even come in without notice when there is breaking news – as he did with that Buffalo plane crash.

I think he needs to be easier on himself.

I think that is a boy because I don’t know anyone who would dress a girl in those clothes. Plus that website says “Anderson’s baby son.”

Along with this guilt I’m sensing, I’m sensing fear. He’s feels guilty and afraid. If he did not, he’d come right out and say “This is my son, Anderson Jr.” or whatever his name may be.

And lets be serious – his fans are allowed to fantasize all they want. Whether those fantasies involve baby oil, having his baby, or being in a threesome. That’s why they are called fantasies. 99.9% of people know these fantasies will never happen but they help get us through the day (or night).

I have a lot of respect for Anderson, I think he’s awesome, smart, funny, talented.. but no one thinks anyone is ‘perfect’ or ‘innocent.’ There is NO MAN that is innocent in that way. In fact, this is why I am pretty much decided that I will not get married and there is a low chance that I will be in a serious relationship. Men like to wander. They like to have sex every other hour. Doesn’t matter with whom. As long as there’s someone there – they’ll have sex with that person.

I’m still young – I would LIKE to have a baby. So I just like to combine that fact with my fantasies and from that I get that I would love to have Anderson’s baby. Do I think that I would have a sexual relationship with him? No! Only in my dreams (my “fantasies”) but if I could pick someone based on their intelligence, humor, compassion, ambition, and just on overall being a good person – Anderson is at the top of my list (of people who I would consider for the father of my future baby)

Dwayne Johnson was also on this list, but I could not get Anderson to hook us up for the purpose of sperm donation. But that’s another story.

Tell Anderson to STOP feeling guilty. Stop being afraid of whatever it is that he’s afraid of. And if he needs a shoulder to cry on – I’m here. I’m not a gold digger or a stalker, I really am just a fan who likes Anderson and even identifies with him in many ways. Yes there are times of the month when I see him on 360 and I just want to rip all of his clothes off, but – who doesn’t?

So let Anderson know – it’s ok. A lot of people love him. We’ll still love him if he has a son he hasn’t told us about yet. Try a couple of klonopin for whatever fear & anxiety he’s dealing with – and all will be ok. It would be even more ok if he agreed to cry on my shoulder (after I started in his eyes for a few minutes) but either way – Anderson will be ok. He has survived everything this far. He will survive anything he is going through right now.

There are some of us fans who are real genuine caring people, not just those screaming mindless people that are many times portrayed on TV or at his lectures.

We love you Anderson. Feel the love. Let the love feel you.

1955 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"Then again if I were more honest I'd tell you to back off and not put your greasy nasty hands anywhere near Anderson's body"

For your information, my hands are soft and beautiful. I use Clinique spf cream on my face and sometimes I juse Jergens on my hands. I'd like to have a breast reduction but I don't have money.

I had suspected the baby oil would be too greasy for Anderson, so that's why I made other suggestions.

Do you happen to know Dwayne Johnson? He might like a baby oil rub.

1955 days ago

The 1 & Only    

I live far away from Anderson & the excitement of New York City. I would hope he's never considered me a stalker. I'm usually polite and respectful on the live blog. I only brought up the issue of baby oil once and it actually did get posted but then it got quickly unposted.

1955 days ago


Not sure why my other comment isnt posting....TMZ is very strange, it should show up anytime now I guess...Dwayne Johnson...why do you want to know if I know him ??? is this a set up ?? I know too many people...way too many...I dont doubt your hands are beautiful...I love Clinique...although I prefer Mary Kay hand lotions...and a bunch of other brands.

But if you want a baby, God will bring you one wonderful man who will make you happy. Don't despair, and maybe dreams do come true after all, maybe Anderson Cooper is the one for you (still dont know about greasy massages though)

In my other comment, I replied to your long, much appreciated post. personally know Anderson Cooper ? Tell me how you guys met. Let me get the popcorn first, i got all night to listen to you sweeti

1955 days ago


all night, I meant all afternoon...

1955 days ago
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