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Miss California

Define 'Semi-Nude'

5/6/2009 6:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanSo how's this for a new twist? Carrie Prejean believes she did not violate her Miss California contract when she gave pageant officials written assurance she never posed semi-nude.

Carrie's rep tells us the photo that's circulating is not a semi-nude pic -- "It's not a semi-nude pose because she's modeling for lingerie."

Fun Fact -- even though we haven't published the four semi-nude pics that were sent to us (because Carrie claims she was 17 when they were taken), we can assure you she was not wearing a top and she was flaunting some side boob.

One of the photos that's circulating shows the same.

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stupid women & the religious right    

She's silly! How did she convince TMZ that those were taken @ 17?? Seriously, because it's quite apparent (to me at least) that those were not the product of a "photo shoot for lingerie." Those pictures were of a young woman showing off her free boob job. Don't get me wrong, to each their own.. but COME ON. I can't for the life of me understand why some of you religious wing-nuts are in love with this twit. If anything, you guys should be pissed that she is making you all look so stupid. She got you all to rally around her and defend her, and then took a big dump on everyone that got her the recognition she is currently enjoying. Get on it, Miss Cali Org!! Strip this loser of her crown immediately.

1993 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Hey 71 -
What I find to be pure stupidity is TMZ, #62 and the rest of the bashers claiming nudity.
So a low cut dress is nudity? Must be - I can see the upper part of your breast.
A one piece bathing suit is nudity? Must be.
A blouse is nudity? Must be because you left the top button open.

This has nothing to do with a picture and everything to do with a little boy-boy acton between Harvey and the oil slick calling himself Perez.

1993 days ago


For all who are unaware, it is totally ok for someone to have an opinion. People are calling her intolerant but then they attack her for her opinion...who is being intolerant. Furthermore, her past sins doesn't take away from the fact that she is still a Christian, hello people, Jesus died so our Sins could be forgiven.

1993 days ago


She's got the skin-deep beauty, struts around in a bikini (or less) on the world's stage, whatever.

But she does NOT represent the opinions and views of the people in her state. The only thing I'm offended by in this whole fiasco is that she is using her "beauty" to promote prejudice. If dear Sarah Boyle had said this kind of thing, it wouldn't be front-page news. Think about it: society's obession wtih unattainable physical beauty can no longer be tied to responsible political opinion.

>>>> The final analysis: she's just a dumb blonde.

1993 days ago

Bill Goode    

I have seen the photos & they're not pornographic. Let's get over it. She was 17 when they were taken. People mature and grow out of such activities. It seems Carrie Prejean has. She is moving on with her life. We all should move on with ours.

1993 days ago

Sarah McCleoud (Sarita)    

She reminds me the woman who played the characther in the movie "parent trap", hello LiLo... The woman was the fiancee of Dennis Quaid in the movie. What a loser! Sorry Miss California. Maybe next time.

1993 days ago

Carrys F.    

to faithful - people are not attacking her for her opinion. People are attacking her for her hypocrosy. There is a HUGE difference.

1993 days ago

Pregnant Mom    

I'm disgusted that she willingly did child pornography for the sake of lingerie modeling and is representing the state of California.

1993 days ago


I live in Kansas and just received a recorded phone message from this bimbo proclaiming to be against same sex unions and asking if I was a registered voter. I hung up. For the record, I don't believe in civil unions, I believe in SAME SEX MARRIAGE - EQUAL RIGHTS AFTER ALL... civil unions are nice but not equal if they can't be referred to as marriage.

1993 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

semi-nude....that's what I am right now!

1993 days ago


Carrys F., Genesis what? God made man naked...till they ate the fruit and then were embarrassed...hence the fig leaf to cover themeselves. God did not put clothes on people. Bahhh....Bahhh.....your pastor is calling!!!

1993 days ago


Giant yawn. Please move on, tmz.

1993 days ago


There underwear photos .Come on get real,Boy she really offended gays at tmz.Grow up.

1993 days ago


They don't seem to have a lot of clothes on during the pageant.
She is being punished for not being PC.

1993 days ago


Carrys F., try Genesis 3:7 if it helps!!! So does God want us to be naked since that is the way he created us?

1993 days ago
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