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Manson Gang Hideout -- The Smoldering Remains

5/8/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Charles Manson's Death Valley hideout after a mysterious fire gutted the infamous building earlier this week.

Charles Manson

The fire completely gutted the inside of the structure known as Barker Ranch -- officials are unclear if it was set intentionally. An investigation is under way.

Back in '69, Manson and his gang of murderers retreated to the cabin after slaughtering Sharon Tate and seven others. Manson was arrested at the cabin -- and the structure has since become a tourist attraction.

Officials tell us they're already getting offers from groups who want to rebuild it.


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I was in Death Valley last fall and it seems park service has been burning down historical buildings and ghost towns as they are hazardous to visitors. Rumor was that they'd get to Barker Ranch eventually, not to say that they are responsible this time...hope not. Ever since Death Valley became a national park rather than a national monument they've been trying to "restore" the park by closing down trails and off road sites. I visited Barker Ranch a few years back. It is way out there on a long dirt road. Crazy. I'm glad I got to see it in all its creepiness before it was lost.

1937 days ago


I agree that it shouldn't be rebuilt, because what's the point? The most interesting thing about the place was how far out there in the middle of nowhere it was, on such a rough off road....I think it took a couple hours off the highway because the dirt road was so rough. ...No one pays to go to this place by the way. It really isn't that popular of an attraction, no one was benefiting off it. People visited it, yes, which was obvious of the swastikas carved into the inside of the building... i think mostly off-roaders and people who were really into the park were the ones who visited it for a piece of the park's history.

1937 days ago

fans of President Obama    

This eye-sore should've been condemned by Cal-Osha. Charles Manson is also a bitch in the pen. He runs and hides and never comes outside. He's a bitch. And he's little. He's been punked so many times, it's not even funny. ANd this little shack was destined to go up in smoke. Maybe GOD will use the Santa Ana winds from the Santa Barbara fires to destroy it for good.

1937 days ago


Well, I am chiming in here. I think any californian or living person responsible for the revokement of the death penalty should STFU!!! If not for your crying, they would ALL be dead by now. But how sweet it is knowing the family members are rotting away, maybe this is a canary in a coalmine and one by one the family will drop dead soon...I say, put the rubble on ebay and send the proceeds to the victims family's survivors...Poor poor Sharon Tate and the others, It will be 39 or 40 years soon but still going strong...

1936 days ago


nice one

1936 days ago


Why would you want to rebuild that slaughter hideout? Dumbasses.

1936 days ago


Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that is all wrong! I think itr burning down is a good thing and its stupid stupid stupid to rebuild it!!! This is a perfect example why other country hate us! Investing money a STUPID Crap like this!! Dumb Americans!

1936 days ago


Sad to see the place burn down, but I knew it would, too many wackos out there. I'm an avid off-roader and have spent several nights there ( didn't see any ghosts). Knew it was bound to happen after all the recent publicity, but still sorry to see it go.

1936 days ago


Opinions," are like a-holes", everybody has one, and everybody else's stinks. It's funny to read the negative comments that people spend the time to jot down. They can't stand the things they are righting and, talking about but yet they continue to speak of it. Please keep it coming it gives the rest of us, insight on just how many ignorant people are in the World. Please take the time to pick this apart so i will have something to read when i am at the Ranch taking in all the fresh air, and all the beauty
the Dessert, has to offer. you are more that welcome to continue to breath in my share of smog. and remember kids Charlie loves you.

1934 days ago

4x4 steve    

You are all a bunch of liberal @$$holes. This ranch is in a national park. Manson was arrested here and only spent a couple of months here before he was caught. The ranch has historic value because of the Barker family and their history not Manson's. If any of you were into exploring the great land that we live in you might understand why this is a great loss. Just keep watching TMZ on the old boob tube while the rest of us Americans enjoy what this country has to offer, until the queen liberals Feinstein and Boxer lock us out of our public lands.

1932 days ago
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