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Rev Run's Son Popped for Weed

5/9/2009 12:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rap legend Rev Run's teenage son Joseph Simmons Jr. was arrested tonight for possession of marijuana.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the 19-year old was seen allegedly buying the marijuana and rolling a joint while sitting in a car on Manhattan's Upper West Side. We're told he tried to get away by throwing his car into reverse, and nearly backed into the officer's car.

Simmons Jr, known as JoJo on the MTV reality show "Run's House," was also booked for resisting arrest, attempted reckless endangerment, and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.


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I'll bet his Daddy is so upset... I love that show & the way the family interacts. I wish they would adopt me even though I'm 26!!

1990 days ago


Just Move To Cali, Get A Canibus Card, And Smoke All The Weed You Want. Problem Solved

1990 days ago


Leave the kid alone. He will make mistakes and learn from it. Soon, he will grow older and another young kid will take his place. It's a cycle. It's like how Craigslist was #1 but now people are using instead of Craigslist. Craigslist had it's day and now people are moving on to using

Every kid star will have his day just like Craigslist had it's day.

And eventually they will move on from picking on this kid and pick on someone else.

It's a vicious cycle and Craigslist is being outdone by

1990 days ago



1990 days ago

Brian Peppers    

So what if he bought weed? It should be legalized ASAP~!!!

1990 days ago


Lighten up people! MOST of us did some stupid things in our youth. He has great parents who will work through it with him and hopefully he will be enlightened by his mistake. He who is without sin can cast the first stone.....anyone???

1990 days ago


why be suprised?
everyone smoked weed or has done some type of drug.
white kids sniff/smoke & sell coke or weed (they get off easy) but they always want to make a black person go down!!!

1990 days ago

Frank Olivo    

I guess the whole jist of it is that he was caught in a car buying pot. Then he tried to run away from it. Wish there was more compassion for Bristol Palin, having been caught with her proverbial knickers down. My take is that you can role model and lead and teach your children to the "nth degree", but there will be mistakes and mishaps, and how they deal with those mistakes is the test. Point being, don't try to run over a policeman, if that was even the case. Can we not all agree on that?

1990 days ago

Still in Shock    

66. why be suprised?
everyone smoked weed or has done some type of drug.
white kids sniff/smoke & sell coke or weed (they get off easy) but they always want to make a black person go down!!!

Posted at 8:52PM on May 9th 2009 by candygirl

#66 candygirl
I'm white and I have not smoked weed, I haven't done drugs and I don't sell drugs. So you really cannot say that about ALL OF US WHITE PEOPLE!

Why is it when a black person gets in trouble with the law, or they can't get a good job, they always blame everything on us WHITE PEOPLE.

This isn't the slave days, so stop acting like WHITE people have anything to do with black people getting in trouble!

1990 days ago

Still in Shock    

I would be so embarrassed if I was in his family.
They try to make everything seem so great on their reality show

Can we all say BUSTED!

1990 days ago


OH DEAR!! THE GOOD REV IS GOING TO DIE OF SHAME!! i wonder how this is going to play out on their reality show???.

1990 days ago

peter espana    

I was waitint in front of the court to do my comunity sevice reading the daily news. when i read the article about JoJo. so i told the other guys there that JoJo was in the bull pens. While waiting to start my service Rev Run walked in to the court. They made him take of his belt and all to walk through the metal detectors. He was there with his older brother and some other guy that had the cuff of his pants dragging on the floor. I got pics of them while i was waiting..

1990 days ago


be a parent,rev,be a parent.

1989 days ago


TMZ is known for reporting everything...although it's not necessry. So what...he got caught. There are worse things that could've happened. It's not the end of the world. Let's not forget that Kimora Lee Simmons was arrested for possession too! I hate to say it, but it's a normal, common thing to have in the community. I do agree that there are hardcore drug addicts/users who NEVER get caught. Let him live his life and learn along the way. How he reacts has nothing to do with his father.

1989 days ago


Who hasn't smoked weed...well I haven't. Its just that they are celebrities; therefore, the news is going to be looking for juicy stuff. I still say Rev. Run is an outstanding father and husband, and I honestly wish there were more men in this world like that...high class, middle class, low class. He may put it on his show to teach other young males and females a valuable lesson. There are a lot of haters in this world so quite naturally folks are going to judge their dad but that boy is 19. He's grown and needs to pay for his own wrongdoing and not his father. People quick to say they spoil but he's doing what a real man is suppose to do, and that's taking care of his family. JoJo probably got that hindpotts whupped and Uncle Russell and God knows who probably helped to pitch in on an old fashion beatdown. I really hope that this run-in with the whoop whoop got you scared straight because I'm sure that your people put a whupp whupp on you.

I'm a fan for life.

1988 days ago
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