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Miss California -- Pals With Palin

5/9/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They found each other through their shared hatred of gay marriage ... but fell in love over their passion for makeup and other assorted beauty products.

According to Miss California Carrie Prejean's dad, his daughter and Sarah Palin are phone buddies. The Alaskan Guv reportedly called Prejean to offer her support in her difficult crusade to stop gay people from getting hitched.

Keep in mind: this was before topless pictures of Prejean hit the internet. Think Palin will remain loyal to her new bud? Hint -- Have you seen "Nailin' Paylin?'


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they do not "HATE" gay marriage. They don't believe in constitutionally justifying it as it opposes their beliefs. Talk about ignorant and INTOLERANT!

1956 days ago


Wow, It's really nice of Palin to call the girl. I think Palin knows really well how hateful people from the gay mafia can be,

I asked Palin about this on twitter but she didn't response back.

1956 days ago


Hatred is a little harsh. Just because it is not THEIR belief doesn't mean it's hatred. Miss California never said anything about hate.....she just said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. Not the same thing as hatred.

1956 days ago


Have you seen "Nailin' Palin?'

was this really necessary? I can't believe someone would include something like this into a story. This is frankly shameful.

1956 days ago


the constitution as written to create a "more perfect union", not to alienate and discriminate. religious zealots need to keep their opinions in their homes and out of the government.

also, chances are Palin billed her state for her calls to her new BFF

1956 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's all about attacking people who aren't socialist left wing fascist. Palin scared liberals because she didn't abort her special needs child like they would have. Carrie, just said what the president and alot of other liberals said. Don't worry folks we'll get all the stuff that liberals want, socialize healthcare, gay marriage, 40 to 50 million illegal aliens with there families in toll legalized, and all the goodies that liberals want. These are fun times and when everything gets passed hold on to your seats for the ride it's going to be rough.

1956 days ago


hating gay marriage, is honestly your take on what she said? TMZ, TMZ, TMZ, I have given up on network national news because I feel they promote slants that lead to hate & their butt kissn to certain groups is too much for me to follow. I look at your sight knowing totally what you are Im not silly about what your job is but to make hate more hate AGAINST her, when it was never implied by either of them that they hated anyone. She didn't issue hate to anyone, but TMZ with their slant--you are making people 'hate'. Whatever. Funny how we are all for free speech when we agree! Those haters when we don't. I disagree with her but she has a right to think whatever she wants too and THE FREEDOM TO SAY IT.

1956 days ago


So I guess if you find anti-gay activists to be intolerant, hateful bigots you are now "mafia." I'm sure abolitionists were treated to the same sort of name calling. No one with any sort of moral compass or a brain would suggest that slavery is justifiable these days, but slave owners also tried to point to its Biblical origins to excuse their inhumane, intolerant position. Anti-gay activists using the Bible to support their personal intolerance is no different and Ms. Prejean using her public, non-political and non-religious position to do it is indefensible. I could care less what she believes, she's entitled to her private, personal opinion. But I really object to her representing the state of Cali and using her crown to promote her own beliefs. That would be wrong no matter who was doing it or what their agenda was, including if Ms. Prejean were using her crown to promote gay marriage. Plus, she is a flaming hypocrite and not terribly bright. She really just needs to shut up.

1956 days ago


"They found each other through their shared hatred of gay marriage", TMZ you just sunk to a new low with this one. The only hate we have seen from all of this the lefts hate of free speech and the right to one's own opinion.

Liberals (yes including you TMZ) will not be happy until they completely kill free speech in this country. They are nothing but out of control fascist Nazi's.

1956 days ago


Neither of these women have ever said they "hate" anyone or anything. I may not agree with them, but they are good strong women who are honest about their belief systems. They are entitled to their beliefs. That's what this country was founded on.

1956 days ago

skanky skanks    


1956 days ago


Ha, is it a surprise to anyone that their buddies? I have no comment however on their point of view (or supposed statement, because I do not think that is a factual statement at all with regard to the article) on haterid of gay marriage. They obviously disapprove of it, but considering Palin's want for office, she would not make a public statement such as hate for gay marriage.

1956 days ago

San Francisco    

How great it would be if these media whores put aside their egos and volunteered to help, in any way, with the Santa Barbara fires !
You know, try BEING a Christian for a change !

1956 days ago


More catnip for the Gay Mafia .

1956 days ago

Missy are MORON! Like Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean could "help" in the Santa Barbara fires...that does NOT make them less Christian *rolls eyes*

I mean what are they suppose to do walk up to a fireman and ask to hold the hose??? The stupidity of you and TMZ astounds me....,

1956 days ago
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