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Samuel L. Jackson -- Abe Lincoln, Too White!

5/9/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel Jackson isn't the guy you want to piss off -- especially after a long flight. Sam not only took verbal swipes at our photog, but Abe Lincoln as well!

Samuel Jackson: Click to watch!
So would he stay in the Lincoln bedroom for the White House Correspondents Dinner? Sam wants a room with a Black last name. Guess who?


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I agree with 16 too. Pull all his movies from store shelves and he should no longer have his movies aired on tv or
shown in theaters.

1961 days ago


Never again. Not one more dollar to this mental midget. I don't care what movie he is in, I WILL NEVER PAY TO SEE THIS RACIST PIG AGAIN.

1961 days ago


Its sad that blacks like Foxx and this fool can make all the racist statements they want. None of the press ever calls them on it. This is just very sad. I always liked Samuel Jackson. Never thought of him as a racist before

1961 days ago


To #22 Tink44....No problem I just hate when people judge a whole race by the negative people of that race. There are ignorant people in every race just as there are people that break the law and commit crimes in society in all races. I am a 44 year old black man and my parents raised me to have morals and to do the right thing and I try to live my life that way. It bothers me when people look at me and judge me by the black guy they see on tv in handcuffs because of the color of my skin. I go to work everyday and I pay my bills on time just as many other black,white and any other race does. But based in your comment we both know that we all can't be put in the same box as everyone of our race..we're all different and should be looked at in that way instead of he's/she's black or white so that makes them just like all of the other black or white people. Thankyou for responding to my have a great day also.

1961 days ago

Frank N. Stein    

And whose faces are on the dollars that Sammy L. Jackass spends? Who wastes their money watching his alleged "movies?" Yup. White folks. This dog's been biting too many hands that feed him and he needs to be reminded of that now and again. Unfortunately, I can't say that I'll never spend money on his movies again: I already decided that long ago after watching some of those suckfests!

1961 days ago


Never knew he was so racist.

1961 days ago

Linda Mott    

I think you should all read Ronald C. White, Jr.'s book, A. Lincoln, and learn more about the real Abe. I was very surprised.
I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. We must learn to be more tolerant of each other. I din not vote for our President, but will abide by and respect him and the office of The President of the United States. If anyone didn't vote, don't complain.

1961 days ago


Incredible ~ Raped, pillaged, stolen and mudered? I believe that honor goes to your race! One, out of every five black men, are in, you are truly speaking for yourself. You think this is laughable? How friggin hard would you be laughing if, Samuel was a white man speaking about the black man. Yes, that is what I thought. You would be spewing hate towards the white man! Just STFU and go do a little homework on Abraham Lincoln.

1961 days ago


We all say stupid things (even racest) that we wish we didnt, me included. What gets me are people that make such a big deal out of it. Take the stupid comment at face value...... a stupid comment in a dumb ass moment.

1961 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Posted at 4:24PM on May 9th 2009 by INCREDIBLE!!

STFU you fu

1961 days ago


I can somewhat understand how blacks came be easily influenced into thinking these remarks are acceptable since they were so badly decriminated against for such a long time. But it's not acceptable. It's time for all people to be treated equally and racial prejudicy to stop. This is bull crap and if blacks don't want to be discriminated against they can't be doing it themselves.

1961 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Mr. Samuel Jackson will not be in trouble with the media for his racist comment. Punishment for racist comments in the U.S.A. is reserved for white guys only.

1961 days ago

ho hum    

Ooooh, please, Mr. Jackson, from now on make sure only blacks can buy tickets to your movies, okay? Without any "white" money, will you be able to keep up your standard of living? Mr. Jackson's attitude is precisely what keeps "racisim" and discrimination alive and well in this country. You are not a victim at this stage of the game.

1961 days ago


Cross this guy off my boxoffice list ... I'll be really sad if I hear Denzel Washington or Morgan Freeman ever say anything like that!
It's okay for blacks to say stuff like that (and for them to use the "n" word) but the minute a white person does it, everyone gets their panties in a bunch and cry "Racist??"
So tired of it ...

1961 days ago


He didn't even say anything racist you dummies! You hicks don't go to his movies anyway so, who cares?

1961 days ago
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