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Samuel L. Jackson -- Abe Lincoln, Too White!

5/9/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samuel Jackson isn't the guy you want to piss off -- especially after a long flight. Sam not only took verbal swipes at our photog, but Abe Lincoln as well!

Samuel Jackson: Click to watch!
So would he stay in the Lincoln bedroom for the White House Correspondents Dinner? Sam wants a room with a Black last name. Guess who?


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Just goes to show you that Samual Jackson is an IDIOT. REAL JOB ? Like he has a REAL JOB ? hahaha
That dumb ass should stick to what he knows best ...."snakes on a plane"? hahahaha
Yea...acting....that's a real job !

1961 days ago


i wonder why white people have sex with animals.

1961 days ago


I agree that his comment was uncalled for. somethings are better left unsaid, but look at you all!!!!! almost every one of you on here made a racist comment! pots calling the kettle black (no pun intended). and for those of you who are warped into believing Lincoln "freed" the slaves, you really need to do your research. Licoln is on record saying his kind and our kind (black) will never be equals, and thats just the tip of the iceberg...and for those of bringing up the fact that africans sold other africans to europeans, this is true, but what you idiots lack is the WHOLE truth! slavery goes back thousands of years but if was white people who began slavery based on RACE! before slavery in the americas, slaves were usually prisoners of war, people who were in debt, criminals, etc. and had nothing to do with race!GET EDUCATED! fact is, black people have a reason, white people dont. and im not making excuses for anyones ignorance, im just stating the facts. white people think that black people should "get over it", but that's hard to do when you (white people) cant!!!!! we all need to do it COLLECTIVELY!

1961 days ago


What an ingrate TURD. Your minimal talent has gone to your head.

1961 days ago


RACIST, I've decied....Very true!...It will always be the "WHITE" House!

1961 days ago


When in the heck are so many blacks going to quit punishing white people for slavery? SERIOUSLY people, how many blacks currently alive were ever slaves? AND...How many whites currently alive were ever slave owners? JEEZ I seriously am so sick of the freakin rant about whites enslaving hasn't happened in how long?? GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY..IT NEVER HAPPENED TO YOU! AND I certainly had no part to play in it !! So why do whites get to be punished for something some people who happened to have white skin (NOT ALL WHITES WERE SLAVE OWNERS..only the really rich ones) did?? It is like white people hating ALL blacks because of a few bad ones..yes, I know some very ignorant people do that but seriously the end of racism starts with YOU individually outgrowing your own level of ignorance.

1959 days ago


TO: Grace12_34 RE # 65. Amazed, there's no way in HELL you can possibly know or have met "most" blacks or whites. Therefore, your "findings" cannot possibly be true!

Alright, statistics are made up of percentages of a studied group...Have you ever noticed a "Voted #1" sign at a public place and thought, "No one ever asked me".. But based on the group surveyed, this place was therefor voted #1. I grew up going to a 90% black (ok, African american, though they weren't all african..but I guess I have to be PC these days) middle school (richmond heights jhs) and approximately 75% black senior high school (southridge senior) and the truth is that I was the minority and never started trouble with anyone because I am really not that kind of person and anyway, the girls there would never fight one on one, it was always 10 black girls to beat the crap out of 1 white girl..but senior high, myself and a small group of friends were walking through the neighborhood to go to lunch at the local mc'd's and got jumped by four black guys who were just sitting on a wall..saying that we needed to "pay to go through" ..They snatched our bags and beat up the one guy that was with us for no reason other than the fact that we were white..that is the truth.

No, I haven't met all whites or all blacks but based on my MANY experiences with many of both races brings me to my conclusions. I have also met many absolutely WONDERFUL people of all races. I saw racism within the black community also, by the way..darker blacks hated the lighter ones saying they were trying to be white if they spoke properly or enunciated their words..lighter ones would pick on the darker ones for being so is all simply stupid..we're talking about melanin..that's it!! Yes, there is a cultural divide but many cultures reach over those lines and find common ground. Why can't there be a common "let's get over this racism stupidity" decision? Be different, embrace your differences but love each other anyway and respect the fact that no matter what color someone is or isn't...we are all human and deserve at least a baseline respect.

1959 days ago


What a prick! This dumba** does know that Obama is 50% white right?? People like this still act like we owe them soemthing! I dont owe them jack!! How come they never give credit to our white 16th president that took a stand against slavery and went to war with the south to aboli*****! How come that is never spoken of by these anti-white racist people!? Im of Irish descent and a large number of Union soldiers where of Irish stock. I also dont believe for one second Jackson would trade the great life he has today in America for starvation, disease and famine that still occur today in a large portion of African nations. I give money every year to help stop famine in Africa but Im still a white devil in the eyes of people like this b/c I'm white! Complete bull****!!

1180 days ago


@andrea87 I know of what your referring to when you made the statement that abe lincoln said that "his kind and our kind (black) will never be equals" but you are taking that out of context and those were not his exact words. He was asking "why" is that way in that statement trying to make a point that it should in fact not be that way at all. So why dont you do your research! You have nothing to bitch about! The reason you have the life you have today is b/c your in America and opportunity is open to everyone here! Very few opportunties like the ones you have here would not be as prevalent anywhere else. There are a lot of third world countries that you could be living in right now but you live in America and if you dont like it then live somewhere else.

1180 days ago
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