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Carrie Prejean -- Who's the Boob Now?

5/11/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanThose topless photos of Miss USA California Carrie Prejean were taken after she turned 18, according to one of her former pageant sponsors. This contradicts Carrie's position that she posed for the pics when she was only 17.

We obtained an email sent by the sponsor (we were asked not to use his name) and he says Carrie sent him one of the topless photos after January 6, 2009, asking "if she was in good enough shape for the Miss USA Pageant." The date is significant, because that's the day Carrie got a boob job. The former sponsor says the pic was post boob job and she was well over 18.

TMZ obtained 4 topless photos a week ago. Her rep contacted us and said Carrie's position was that she was naive at the time she posed. Then we got a second email stating she was only 17. As a result we did not publish the photos. But the sponsor says he's positive they were taken when Carrie was a full-grown adult.

Launch PhotosUPDATE 9:40 AM ET Carrie Prejean will NOT be stripped of her crown today. There's a news conference at 2:00 PM ET by the peeps from the Miss California USA pageant, but they won't be pulling the plug on Carrie. That's Donald's decision, and he'll make it tomorrow.

We will live stream today's news conference at 2 PM ET.


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It is overwhelmingly evident that TMZ is in favor of gay marriage, and shows it has NO CLASS by this continuos assault on this honest young lady.C'mon Harvey GROW UP!

1956 days ago


Go Carrie! This is an unfortunate example of the liberal minority persecuting anyone that doesn't agree with their "tolerant " views.

1956 days ago



1956 days ago


Perez Hilton may be the boob. The actual winner may be the boob because no one knows her name. Even if Carrie loses her title she will not be the boob. She has intelligence, beauty and above all strength in her convictions.....maybe the boobs are the haters that are keeping her in the news this long?????? No matter what happens Carrie can't be the boob, nor can she lose.

1956 days ago

skanky skanks    

she lied - over and over. it's how she answered the question, not what she said - she stumbled and it didnt make sense. the rest of the attacks are for entertainment, just like tmz is for entertainment.

1956 days ago


She never said she is perfect.
She never said she is the best.
She never said she is innocent.
she just answered the question Mr or ms( wannabe).Perez Hilton asked.
I can't judge people ('cuase I am not perfect) but IF YOU ASKED me that question, my answer will be the same as Prejean.

1956 days ago


So what.....she doesn't support Gay freakining marriage (which is NOT a real marriage in the true sense of the word anyway). She has a right to her opinion and in this country you would think she can express that opinion when asked but no, if she lied and said she did support it, that would be ok? That would be saying only what she thought that stupid judge and others want to hear to conform to their own personal opinion. That's ok, I admire her for standing her ground. She's done nothing wrong.

1956 days ago

skanky skanks    

O pageants have nothing to do about beauty, strength, and convictions #58. they all look like "beauty queens", they all say the same bs blah blah. the winner is always the winner because she's calm, not an arrogant bitch, makes sense, and doesnt look like a whore on stage.

o also, carrie has horsey teeth. and also looks like a bitch whore who doesnt make sense, too.

1956 days ago

Chuck D    

Why don't you numb skulls leave her alone. Why are you so mean spirited?
Chucky D.

1956 days ago

Lenn K.    

By the way, it's not about bible quotes, it about President Obama and Hillary Clinton say the same thing as Carrie Prejean and not being called on it. That's where the hypocrites lie and won't admit it's because they are left wing fascist liberals. You don't have to believe in God, hell you can believe in global warming for your God. The facts are the people you won't condemn are the people who are against gay marriage are liberal and black, asian and hispanic. These people are the ones who voted down gay marriage not just your right wing conservatives who you're told to hate on a daily basis.,

1956 days ago

Mr. Strat    

At least someone is standing up to the Sodomites.

1956 days ago


Man, let's lynch anyone who says anything or thinks anything that inconveniences people who want to do what ever they want, regardless of the consequences; no wait, there also shouldn't be any consequenses. So sick of people who want everyone to feel guilty for crimes they haven't committed; never owned a slave or treated anyone like one, never beat up or discriminated against a homosexual, never struck or treated a female with disdain, - why don't all your whining VICTIMS shut up and get over yourselves.
Leave this woman alone - she has a right to her thoughts and beliefs, and she, just like the rest of you, has her own set of issues to deal with.

1956 days ago

get over it    

The homosexual Nazis are trying to goosestep all over her. Nobody cares except Hollywood and San Francisco...

1956 days ago

Alex S    

Good Christian girls don't pose nude for photographs. Whether they're for "modeling" or not. And since she was reportedly 18 that makes her an adult who's supossed to know the difference between right and wrong. If she was not 18 then her parents Christian morals and their upbringing and ethics are in question. What kind of parent would allow their underage daughter to take place in something that would clearly be illegal? Good Christian girls also don't get boob jobs. They accept what God gave them and are happy with His gifts as they are. Good Christian girls don't lie on pageant applications to get ahead in life. If people like her spent their time advocating the helping of starving children, ending famine, child abuse, homelesness, ending wars and other things to help the unfortunate this planet this planet would surely be a better place.

1956 days ago



1956 days ago
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