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Soulja Boy -- Recession? What Recession?

5/11/2009 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy is on a one-man mission to save the economy -- because after less than an hour inside Louis Vuitton yesterday in NYC, the 18-year-old dropped almost $12,500!

Soulja Boy: Click to watch
Don't believe us? He proudly showed off the receipt.


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@ #33 fyi he finished high school in california and this dude is a youtube partner which means he is making millions on youtube as we speak. and thats just youtube. so theres no way sbeezy will be broke in a few years unless he spending that cash hard.

1957 days ago


I think I would have made the purchase in a state with no sales tax..... I couldn't afford the tax on his bill. He is helping out the economy...good for him

1957 days ago


It's called being irresponsible. Let's see what he has in a few years. Look at the 1st post and that tells te state of American youth. Racism has nothing to do with this kid's ignorance. God Bless.

1957 days ago


I think more of Soulja Boi now than I did when he first became famous. I respect him because the first song he released became popular from a website he made and he did not have a record contract.

To me he is just as encouraging as other teenagers like Bill Gates, the Myspace kids, and Google kids who paved their own way. Especially encouraging to other black youths despite what others may think. Everyone needs hopes of some sort.

1957 days ago


16. I watched this talentless idiot in an intervew on BET. He couldn't even string together a full sentence of which was somewhat gramatically correct. Did he drop out in third grade? Much praise to the parents for teaching their kid that an education is important. Pathetic

Posted at 10:49AM on May 11th 2009 by Nicole

True, the kid should be spending a bit of that cash on a tutor. But Nicole, before you seek to critique someone else's grammar, make sure your OWN house in in order. "He couldn't even string together a full sentence OF which was SOMEWHAT gramatically correct." The preposition "of", mid-sentence, is incorrect. Also, "grammatically" contains TWO "m"s, not one. And finally, "grammatically correct" is an ABSOLUTE. Something is either grammatically corect or it isn't. It is therefore impossible for a sentence to be "somewhat" grammatically correct. Perhaps Soulja Boy will allow YOU to attend the tutoring sessions with him.

1957 days ago


35. Let that man do him. Do you Crakkaz make these comments about Paris, Lindsay and the rest of the Crakka celebrities?? i dont think so

Posted at 5:22PM on May 11th 2009 by CDV


The situations are not comparable. Paris has an inheritance, so the money she makes in her various business ventures is merely gravy on top of an already financially secure future. Soulja Boy does NOT come from money, so if he recklessly blows all that he has now, he has no financial cushion on which to fall. Or are you unaware of the many "one hit wonders" in the music industry who fade into obscurity and poverty in a very short time, no matter the level of their initial success? Florence Ballard, an original Supreme, died on welfare. TLC, after having number one-hits, walked away with only about $50K each after their first album sold millions (record companies are notorious for their "creative" accounting). The music business is precarious, so the point is that he should have someone to guide him and help him INVEST some of the cash so that his future will be secure, rather than throwing it all away on trinkets..

1957 days ago

Wc from Sc    


1957 days ago


How do you know IF HE HAS A FINANCIAL CUSHION OR NOT? . He could have several trust funds etc... I believe its his money, if he wants to spend that much THAN SO BE IT..... He has more than ONE HIT SONG.. STOP HATING, ITS NOT YOUR MONEY

1956 days ago


said it once, i'll say it again. this kid is the next MC hammer

1956 days ago
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