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Donald Trump: Miss CA Stays Put!

5/12/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump says Miss California will keep her crown, despite the topless pics that have surfaced, including the ones TMZ just obtained. Carrie repeatedly lied when she said these photos did not exist, yet Trump totally ignored the issue, saying some of the pics were beautiful, some were racy, but they were fine and lovely.

These pics were taken just last year -- meaning Carrie was the ripe ol' LEGAL age of 20.

This time, Carrie dropped her top for a professional photo shoot ... another partially nude gig that she forgot to tell the Miss California officials about.

Here's the best part. Carrie said the pics we just posted were the result of a "windy" day. That, friends, is the best lie ever!

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why was this discussion even necessary.He let Miss Cokewhore USA keep HER title.So this shoulda been a given

1987 days ago


Ahhhh, the Christian slut...what would Jesus do? Pick up a copy of the nude pics? Gimme a break.....what a fake plastic twit.

1987 days ago


It is over, thank you donald Trump for doing the right thing. You rock and so does Miss California. Heres my finger to Perez Hilton the worlds biggest creep.

1987 days ago


How unfortunate that stating your own beliefs is now a ground to ruin somebody! The gays were out to get her since she made her comment. Let's hope Donald doesn't give them that much power. Is this the new motto of this country--if you don't agree with me then you are a racist, sexist etc. and "our" group will do whatever it takes to bring you down? I believe sex should be between 2 people who love each other --gay or not--but the way some of the gays are acting has turned me sour towards them.

1987 days ago

MT Fraellmen    

Blonde, nude, liar? Trump's kind a' gal. She's a fraud and he failed all the other beauties.

1987 days ago


Ah yes... Lying... another of those wonderful "Christian" virtues. Look, I don't care if she posed completely nude, rules are supposed to be for everyone. The rules of the pageant stated "no nude or semi-nude photos". Why is she above the rules?

1987 days ago


I think we all know that this was a vendetta against NOT a woman who posed nude, but a woman who had the unmitigated gall to actually speak her mind against gay marriage. It is pathetic that a person cannot have an opinion against gay marriage without being attacked. What about heterosexual rights? Do we not in this great country of ours have a right to disagree without the worry of attack? Good for Donald Trump-- He sees the big picture and recognizes an attack on opinion rather than anything else. I commend him for seeing through the bitterness of those who attempted to embarrass this woman and is sticking up for her. Shame on those who so loudly voice THEIR rights and have no consideration for those of us who have OUR opinion and rights. Let us peacefully co-exist and agree to disagree without any of this underhanded crap!

1987 days ago


Donald, sorry but this crown has to go!!! The runner up is more suited to recieve this crown. At first I was giving her a break, for that fieasko with Man & Woman Marriage. Now, after I saw that this girl is a SLUT, I changed my mind, nudity isn't required to become Miss America. I'm also sure that she knew what she was doing when she said those remarks at the Pagent.Maybe "PORN AMERICA", but not as the utmost perfect girl. I'd f... her, but I would never Marry her!!!!!

1987 days ago


Just like his lousy pick for celebrity apprentice, he shows he has absolutely no conscious or morals at all. Joan Rivers was the most verbally abusive _itch I have ever seen on TV and now the liar known as Ms. California has also reigned. He is totally absent of any values at all.

1987 days ago

Krayon Igo    

Great dicision! The Don has some balls and did not cave-in to the gay liberal loons. Carrie an all American girl and I'm proud to have seen she got treated as such.

1987 days ago


nice one Trump. you just set a precedent that contestants can break the rules, and then lie about breaking the rules.

1987 days ago


This is 21 st Century/ Yes she is a beautiful girl with a killer body
Did anyone want to make sure she was virgin also?

Most men will take her any day. Most women
cannot take the competition//

Trump though takes anything so what he thinks means a zero
to me. What counts to me is she is 10+ any day

Wish she was here with me

1987 days ago


I think she looks great, especially topless, and I hope more pictures come up in the future. By the way, the earlier set of pix are proof that natural is the way to go! As far as the business of "She lied; therefore, she should lose her job" goes, businessman Trump would be crazy to fire her. Who else would attract so much attention? And the lies certainly don't come up to the Decalogian standard of "false witness against your neighbor". Let the right-wing zealots make all the noise they want to about sexuality, nudity, and lies. They ALWAYS end up exposed again as hypocritical, and that's nature's way of eliminating them from relevance.

1987 days ago


i guess that donald got a rise out of the pix and decided to keep her. i'm sure he knows mnore pix will show up. he loves the slimelight

1987 days ago


Thank you Donald Trump.
Carrie Prejean -2
Perez (bend over ) Hilton -0

1987 days ago
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