Donald Trump: Miss CA Stays Put!

5/12/2009 9:45 AM PDT

Donald Trump: Miss CA Stays Put!

Donald Trump says Miss California will keep her crown, despite the topless pics that have surfaced, including the ones TMZ just obtained. Carrie repeatedly lied when she said these photos did not exist, yet Trump totally ignored the issue, saying some of the pics were beautiful, some were racy, but they were fine and lovely.

These pics were taken just last year -- meaning Carrie was the ripe ol' LEGAL age of 20.

This time, Carrie dropped her top for a professional photo shoot ... another partially nude gig that she forgot to tell the Miss California officials about.

Here's the best part. Carrie said the pics we just posted were the result of a "windy" day. That, friends, is the best lie ever!

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