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Carrie Prejean -- Every Dog Has Her Day

5/13/2009 6:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanA battle is raging inside the school district where Carrie Prejean learned all she knows -- and it's all over whether to honor Miss Cali with her very own special day.

We're told a member of the Vista Unified School District in San Diego is campaigning to get a green light from the board to make June 1st "Carrie Prejean Day" -- but he's running into some serious opposition.

Opponents think it's a thinly veiled attempt to promote the anti-gay marriage agenda. Supporters say baloney -- that she should be honored because she was a good student and a strong female role model ... and she looks really good without a bra.

The battle over the "biblically correct" beauty queen is set for tomorrow night at Foothill Oak Elementary.

Fun fact: June 1st is National Day Against Homophobia in Canada.


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The Vista school board is notorious for harboring rightwing homophobic religious extremists.
Vista is a disgrace to the state of California !!!!

1988 days ago

that's all    

Stop putting your pee pee into another man's caca hole!

1988 days ago


No kiddng. Vista is full of Mormons who try to ram their cultist beliefs down veryone else's throats.
Never mind that they,themselves, still secretly believe in eternal polygamy.

1988 days ago



1988 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

While they are at it, get the Octomom Childrens Tabernacle Choir to perform.

1988 days ago


america is not a "bible" christianed country .Its a FREE country - practice whatever religion you want or not at all.That what the founders of this country said right right ? Why should the laws of this land be dictated by the majority (which is declining fast) religion. Why not morman beleifs - muslim -anything - I am agonostic,liberal bi - married (yes she knows and enjoys) father that is against gay marriage (just for moneys sake) but not against stopping the convo right that wants to press their beliefs on others. just not cool...and a carrie day or what - super lauphable.

1988 days ago


Republicans are phoneys, especially the so called Christian Right. Just be a good Christian, stop the hollier than thou stuff. It is really offensive, folks.

1988 days ago


So all you folks speaking about having morals, values and being "biblicly correct".... where exactly is it in the bible that God gave Eve fake plastic boobs? Where is lying a virtue? Were is vanity a sign of good character? Where is hating other human beings given the "right way"/

Perhaps if she actually spent more time being virtuous or say... in church, instead of posing half naked, lying about it and being the spokes model for hate you might have a pulpit to stand on. As it sits right now, she is just another hypocrite homophobe with fake boobs, fake hair, and fake values.

1988 days ago


Yes mel we do! Get over it.

1988 days ago


Ok so let me get this straight. She is a biblically correct role model? Are we talking about the same Ms. California who Took "semi-nude" photos, lied about it on her application, Died her hair bimbo blond, and had breast implants!
I certainly hope that this school district in San Diego does not allow this day to happen. I certainly would not want my child to have to be exposed to a day celebrating those kind of morales. There is such a thing as to be 21st century biblically correct people!

1988 days ago


Because there's no better role model than someone whose career path includes: plastic sugery, dating a walking STD olympian, mastering walking around in high heels & a bikini, posing for topless photos that she was *shocked* would get developed and cirsulated (did she think there was no film in the camera) and ignoring her contractual duties as Miss California????? Oh & lets ad her mother who is an excellent role model for traditional marriage herself- because she has done it FOUR times?!?!?!?!?!

1988 days ago


Half naked!! aquanet you DOUCHE! We were all born COMPLETELY naked! MOOOORON

1988 days ago

that's all    

Stop putting your pee pee into another man's caca hole!

1988 days ago


TMZ--would you just leave Carrie alone? We know you probably have gay staff members who cannot tolerate anything but group think but the constant Carrie bashing is getting too much.

How about bashing Obama--he has the same stated view.

1988 days ago


A whore will always be a whore.

1988 days ago
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