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911 Calls -- Real Life 'Dallas' for Pamela Ewing

5/13/2009 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicrtoria Principal Click to listen!Depending on whose 911 call you believe, either Victoria Principal or her maid is an outlaw.

Victoria claims the maid is trying to rob her. The hysterical maid says Vickie P. was trying to shoot her.

Listen and judge for yourself.

BTW, both are now suing each other.


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I'm more shocked by the inefficiency of the 911 operators. They are very unprofessional and with all the dumb questions and long pauses, the person calling for help could be killed.

1988 days ago

weird hair    

What I gathered from this is that the 911 operators were RUDE!

1988 days ago


Miss California, why do you think your comment is SO much more intelligent than "First Bitches!!!"? LOL. You're just as much an idiot for thinking that your opinion on some nobody celebrities is SOOOoooo important to share hahaha

1988 days ago


The 911 operators are the most alarming. They are completely stymied that it's Victoria Principal and wasted a bunch of time gossiping over it. Then they barked rudely at the maid when she was trying to get their attention. The other operator was equally dense, typical uneducated brain dead filling positions of authority these days

1988 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Sorry folks, but the maid sounds way more sincere so I believe her.

1988 days ago


Number 39 -- YOU are RIGHT ON!!!!! I hope their supervisors hear those bumbling idiots.

1988 days ago


"Think they can pull a gun on anyone. and all you imbeciles on here supporting her just because the maid is spanish. " Victoria Principal is hispanic.. I doubt that the maid didn't understand your fired.

1988 days ago

80's Gal    

In response to:
4. I know this is really sad, and like, get a life and all, but can some technically-minded geek please explain to me how when you put a comment on, and its at number three, say, how it then has jumped to slot number six when you visit the page later? I've always wondered this. I know, I know, get a life blah blah blah, but could somebody else without a life please explain it to me?

Posted at 4:16PM on May 13th 2009 by maggie

When you post a comment, notice the URL in your email you click on that activates your comment. There is an ID at the end of the URL that corresponds to your exact comment. As people comment on the stories, everyone gets their own ID and it is likely sequential or in some kind of order. At that point, the TMZ system already knows where your comment will go in the list of comments. Once you acknowledge your comment, it becomes visible in its corresponding spot. But if you and I are the only people to comment on a story and I comment first and you comment second, but you ACKNOWLEDGE your comment first, your comment will appear in the #1 spot. If I don't get around to acknowledging my comment for another hour, you will continue to hold the #1 spot. When I finally DO get around to acknowledging my comment, my ID will automatically cause your comment to bump down to #2 and mine will take the #1 spot. Make sense?

Yes, I'm an IT geek for a living - a programmer. And this is how I suspect the system is handling the comments and the order.

Back to your regularly scheduled TMZ entertainment......

1988 days ago


I think Victoria Principal is very menopausal.

1988 days ago

LA LA    

I dont think the maid would also b calling 911 if she was robbing her as victoria P stated. Another thing why dont maids speak English because rich people dont want Lazy Americans to work for them,especially ones that could communicate with Police when they get abused or sexually harassed.

1988 days ago


IT Geek - many thanks, very well explained. One less thing to bother my brain at night!

1988 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks VP had the right to threaten the maid with a gun if she was robbing her of her personal property? I'd probably do the same thing if I had a gun hand, and tell her to leave my stuff, and get out!

1988 days ago


Folks, you can't judge someone's guilt by if they seem angry or nice. Some times the people who are openly angry are the ones who are harmless because they are HONEST and not hiding their feeling. It is the ones who appear nice who are always the serial killers. It's ok though, even judges make the same kind of emotional decisions, though they shouldn't.

1988 days ago


Hey...A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get some attention and back in the lime light. When your career has failed and you look that bad from your face lifts....what's a girl got to do with herself.

1988 days ago
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