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Megan Fox -- I'm Bisexual

5/13/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Megan FoxJust when you thought she couldn't get any hotter, Megan Fox done went and talked about her rabid sexual appetite for other chicks.

Megan just told Esquire magazine, "I have no question in my mind about being bisexual ... I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl -- Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands."

Just a guess -- but even PETA would have to look the other way on that one...


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That's hot, lol. I'd hit on her even if she was straight...

1925 days ago


She's really a tranny. How HOT is that?

1925 days ago


34. WHAMO-O, you are a voice of reason, in a sea of morons, keep up good work.

Posted at 10:59AM on May 13th 2009 by artie help


*sigh* Yet another person who has doubts about their sexuality.

1925 days ago


"rabid sexual appetite" ?
"strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands" ?

Her parents must be so proud....

1925 days ago


Gross...her "hot" factor just went by the wayside...just another skanky girl...

1925 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Not that she'd take me or anything, but Heck Yeah! I'd do her!! Go on, Baby Girl!! Mamma's liking it!

1925 days ago


She's right about Olivia Wilde, that's for sure.

Fun to listen to somebody that smokin' sexy acknowledge that they know it, they use it, it's their power. Pay attention, men!

1925 days ago


Oh #7 poster, I have said that here before a few weeks to a month ago, indeed I have and have been saying it to my male and female friends for years. It is SO TRUE and the damn holy roller men and those that say such nasty things about gay men better shut their effin mouths when it comes to this topic!!! Because if they deny it, they are flat out bold faced lying SOBs and their penises need to be castrated. Oh hell yes, I said it and I mean it. There is not one of you straight men that can deny that you have not once (or a million is more like it) thought (or masturbated) as a young teenage boy, young man, man, or old man about 2 women together, watching 2 women (in person, in a magazine or on a porno) or being in a 3-some with 2 women and yourself. You men find that so hot and sexy and it is and has been your sexual fantasy for many years. You think about it from a very early age, you pursue it, and do not even say you don't, it's a goal, a quest, and if achieved a conquest. Yet to think of 2 men together is totally sick and discusting or 2 men and a woman, don't even bring up that subject. The woman must be a slut a whore or sick in the mind to even suggest that. Ha, you men that think and act like that, 10-1 you're the same bunch that cheat on their wives, look at porn on the internet, phone sex, yadda yadda.

1925 days ago


smart girl. . .keep the paychecks comin in by claiming bi. . .love it! Applaud!!!

1925 days ago


with all the loser men in this world who isn't bisexual these days...

1925 days ago

married guy here    

Wow...Megan Fox is the hottest female in the planet right now. I'm happily married for nine years now and if my wife wanted to bring in another woman in to bed with us I'd be all for it. Men that say they don't like to see two women making out or having sex are liars and are just saying what you ladies want to hear. ... and really.. lets drop the BS any one that says Megan Fox is ugly and nasty.. truth is, you really are just jealous and insecure and need to make comments like that to feel better about your self. ... Can't wait for her lesbian scenes in movies.

1925 days ago


Very sad, disturbed little girl....

1925 days ago


To say that "all men" are turned on by two women is unfair and ridiculous to boot! Sure, some guys do get turned on by it but others don't. I'm not sure who some of you are hanging around, but those guys who say they wouldn't care if they caught their hot girlfriend doing the dirty with some other hot chick is either lying through his teeth to sound cool or doesn't care about his current relationship anyway. He's too horny to care about monogamy or intimacy. Guys who care about their relationship do care if they catch their girlfriend's kissing someone else, regardless of sex. And for you ladies out there who think "all men are dogs": maybe if you were pickier about the guys you hung out with you wouldn't have such a low opinion of men. I have certainly been in relationships with guys lower than dirt but some of my bestfriends are guys and I don't find them to be disgusting at all. You are buying into a stereotype and settling for someone way less than you deserve.

1925 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    



1925 days ago


Wat movies has this girl done? Who is she? A generic Angelina? She needs to come up with something way more original than,"im bi" I mean come on,didnt Angelina say that years ago?

1925 days ago
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