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Police Chase -- Ain't that a Kick in the Head!

5/13/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A high-speed car chase just came to an abrupt end just south of Los Angeles -- and the perp is gonna have one nasty boot imprint on his head come morning... but did the cops cross the line, or did dude deserve it?

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pink floyd    

holly s**t a white guy running from the thats a shocker.

1955 days ago


Two easy steps to NOT get headstomped by a cop. 1. Don't steal cars. 2. Don't get into cars chases with the cops.

1955 days ago


Isn't Harvey a lawyer? Quick! get the perps name and represent him Harvey! You could run this website for a decade on the award the Jury's gonna give him!!

1955 days ago


Unbelievable how brutal those cops treated him. The man was already on the ground surrendering. He will get his punishment by the judge in court. The cops need to just do their job correctly and not EVER use their feet in an arrest. Did they learn that in the police academy? I don't think so!

1955 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

the story will all come out, thanks once again to tmz. and ALL the officers should get reprimended. hi fiving each other and all..... hahahahahahah they didn't think anyone was around good job tmz. i hi five you!!!! that guy was down and gave himself up! period, shouldn't have got anything from the cops but put in cuffs, and it doesn't matter what he did, he gave up!

1955 days ago


I love how half of you are turning the criminal into the victim AGAIN!

1955 days ago

Medical Girl    

Vigilante justice. Every notice how everyone is abused by cops, and is a "good boy" caught in a bad situation? I live in a town where three cops were murdered by some freak whose mother got pissed because his dog pissed on her carpet one fine Saturday morning. Back in Vietnam there was a saying that went like KILL THEM ALL, LET GOD SORT THEM OUT. They all find The Lord in prison. If you just kill those worthless pieces of flesh from the get-go they'll get to their heavenly reward sooner. KILL THEM ALL

1955 days ago

love her!    

That kick to the head is considered foreplay by the la pd

1955 days ago


Lets just be glad this guy is white and not black...LA would be in full riot right now if he was black. And no, I'm not racist, just stating the facts

1955 days ago


Cops are just another gang with a badge of protection. Nothing more, nothing less.

1955 days ago


if you're going to take the risk of evading arrest, then you deserve at least a kick to the head. if that's the worse thing that is going to happen to this loser then he's very lucky. he will probably get a public defender, spend a couple days in jail, then get a slap on the wrist with probation. might as well get a good kick in the head for evading police. i say he got off easy...too bad they didn't let the dog bite him in the ass and balls a few times...then maybe these morons will think twice before running.

1955 days ago


This dude has just been handed his GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card and a HUGE BONUS from the city to boot. Good job officer....

1955 days ago


I understand why he did it, but being a member of law enforcement means that you have to hold yourself to a higher standard. This, from the angle we have, was way out of line.

1955 days ago


Play with fire and you will get burned!

1955 days ago


that cop belongs in jail for that kick.

that's not what police are for.

they do NOT have the right to do that to anyone who is lying prone and surrendering.

1955 days ago
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