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Vinnie Jones in Court to Fight Assault Charges

5/14/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vinnie Jones just arrived in a Sioux Falls, SD courtroom to face assault charges for last year's bloody bar-room brawl -- the one where he got bashed in the face with a beer mug.

Vinnie Jones

Jones was arrested back in December after security footage showed the actor trying to attack a man near the restrooms of a local bar ... all while Vinnie still had glass still stuck in his face from a pummeling he received minutes earlier.

If he's found guilty on all three charges, Vinnie could do three years in a jail and a $1,000 fine.

UPDATE: 2:07 PM PST: State rests its case. The jury has been dismissed and the judge has informed Vinnie he doesn't have to testify if he doesn't want to.

UPDATE: 1:47 PM PST: A police officer testified that Vinnie told him Barrera said "Have you had enough, old man?" before the beatdown.

Everyone just watched the security tape -- the one that shows a mangled, bloody Jones going ballistic on Barrera. The owner of the bar where the fight occurred is now on the stand.

UPDATE: 1:01 PM PST: Barrera hit the stand. The jury was allowed to hear the details of his drug arrest, including how much pot he was caught with and that a gun was found at his apartment. Barrera also admitted to selling his Vinnie fight story to the tabloids.

UPDATE 9:55 AM PST: The jury has been selected and sworn in. Earlier, it was made known that the man Vinnie is accused of assaulting, Juan Trevino-Barrera, is currently in jail after pleading guilty to an unrelated drug charge. Good times.

: Jury selection has begun. We're told a "very, very tanned" Jones is sitting quietly at the defense table -- and he has no visible scars left from the attack.

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No Avatar

artie help    

FIRST, and still champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just stop the madness bitch.

1952 days ago

brian scott miller    

This breaks my heart, this guy is not a bad man. And now he's scarred for life.
Drop the charges!

1952 days ago


Oh, my. I have been to Sioux Falls and there is nothing there! White folks all over, couldn't find a brown person anywhere! Talk about hick. They are are going to eat him up in court. This is most news these people will see, unless it floods there again.

To be a young person in this town, miserable.

1952 days ago


Jones is a thug, he has been convicted of violent offences several times, he is bully. This is all borne out by his record. He gave a savage beating to a neighbour over a minor dispute, this is how Jones prefers to resolve matters. He also threatened the lives of an air crew on a long haul flight, something that may not impress US citizens. He was found guilty of these offences and more. How the US government can issue a Visa to someone with a history of agression and violence is unclear to me. I don't know the details of the case, only what is public, but I do know, as a UK citizen myself that Jones thinks he can do anything, and expects a slap on the wrist. If I had applied for a Green Card, as I understand he has, you cab bet your ass I would never ever get into an altercation like this, but someone like Jones just can't help it.

1952 days ago


Desert Eagle point 5-0.

1952 days ago

Mike B    

He is a cheap shot artist. But he got his this time. That dude threw him away. Funny stuff. He should get time or sent back to where he came from.

1952 days ago


9 PM? It's either a late night jury selection and court hearing, or their letting the kindergartener's from Sunday write stories for them again.

By the way, he F*CKED that guy up, and even bleeding was STILL laying waste. So.... ya.

1952 days ago


To Rethink your comment people. I live in Sioux Falls and it is a growing safe clean city of over 150,000. And yes we do have black people here. We even have a black man on our city commission. Can you beleive it? We are a very diverse city that represents 120 different countries that we have welcomed with open arms. . We have a grade school that speaks only spanish to accomadate our new I'm not sure what part you visited, probably the south side. Beleive it or not we even have big shows here. Like Korn and Slipknot that just played here Tuesday. And also, Im not sure where you get your information, but we haven't flooded! So rethink your comment or get your facts straight. Maybe your thinking of our great neighbors to the north. North Dakota. And contrary to popular belief, we aren't the same state. Nor do we still ride horses and shoot native americans. I think Money Magazine was right and voted Sioux Falls SD as the greatest city in American a few years back.

1952 days ago

Minnie Moo    

Good luck Vin!

1952 days ago


does anyone else think this bloke looks a bit like eddie vedder (from pearl jam)?
in the second pic with the yellow hat.

1952 days ago


Gay-Gay-Gay-Just like Me!

1952 days ago


This guys criminal records have been checked out by the courts long before he returned to our great state! So, what happens will happen because of his past and what happened the night he was arrested. Those of you who don't like our state of South Dakota... stay home! You won't be missed.

1952 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

He may like to brawl, but getting smashed in the mug with a glass mug is more than enough to make anyone want to fight! If someone smashed a glass in my face, I would assume they are trying to kill/blind me and it would take a large group of people to pull me off anyone who tried that crap!

1952 days ago


1951 days ago


I live in Sioux Falls and read the news every day. First of all, anyone can go to youtube and watch the video. There is no sound but what I see is a man coming out of the bathroom into a narrow hallway. He gets out of the way to let Vinnie through when he is attacked. The man was in the bathroom when Vinnie was hit with the mug. The man that hit Vinnie was also arrested but the charges were dropped. Also, the man he attacked was later arrested for being in an apartment that was raided and several pounds of drugs were found, along with guns. We can say he is no angel. These are facts anyone can easily find on the net. Now what is unclear: Vinnie claims the man said something like "have you had enough, old man" as he passed. Ya, he was being a punk but mouthing off to someone doesn't give them the right to respond with violence. He also claims the man he attacked and his friends provoked the fight in the bar. They claim he asked to play pool and they told him no. When they asked him if he was the guy from x-men he went nuts. I am confident Vinnie will get a fair trial. South Dakota convicted our former governor of manslaughter a few years ago and made him sit in jail for 100 days for causing a traffic accident that killed a Minnesota man. Judging from the video though, he looks pretty guilty to me. He should plead guilty, pay his fine, and negotiate a settlement with the dirtbag that he attacked. I actually feel sorry for him. He came to our state to go hunting and have some fun and this happened instead. A lot of celebrities come to our state to go hunting, camping, the sturgis rally or whatever and this is the first time I've heard about something like this happening.

1951 days ago
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