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Paris' Wake Up Call -- Tinkerbell Is Roadkill

5/15/2009 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has a perfectly good explanation for the loud screams that drew cops to her house this morning -- she thought her beloved Tinkerbell was dead.

TMZ spoke with Paris who claims she got a disturbing phone call late last night from someone who told her Tink had been run over and killed on Mullholland Drive -- but it turns out the call was just a tasteless prank.

Still -- Paris claims she was freaking out and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt was just trying to calm her down.

As TMZ first reported, cops were called to Paris and Doug's place after neighbors say the couple's yelling and screaming kept them up all night. It was the second time cops had been called to the house this week.

For the record -- Tinkerbell is doing just fine.


No Avatar


I know how she feels!
Last month I thought my boxer was sleeping on the porch - but he had died instead. I've been freaking out more than once since then. It's awful to lose a beloved animal.

1950 days ago


There is no law against having a princess complex or being a little spoilt. Leave her alone! Her life is just very from ours.

What Paris says often makes total sense when you put it in perspective. She is different but that's what makes her Paris. Carry on.

1950 days ago


Umm, don't you people know when it comes to Tinkerbell and Paris, the earth must stop rotation on it's axis whenever that dog is concerned.....just keep that in mind. LMAO

1950 days ago


Moving is one of the top stressors in life, even if it's a pleasant move into a bigger house or an anticipated city.
They just need to slow down a bit, especially since Paris is dealing with papparazzi and other weirdos.

1950 days ago


of course she didn't know where her dog was, it was probably in a storage facility.

1950 days ago


If she "LOVES" her dogs so much, why aren't they with her at her boyfriend's house??????????????????????

1950 days ago

skanky skanks    

the dog probably just got sucked up into her GIANT GAPING VAGINA........

1949 days ago


terri and rick are the same poster. the other day on another story they were one right after another. shut up terri and take yer meds or you'll wind up back in the state mental hospital

1949 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I don't believe all of these stories.
You are the center of the universe.
The world revolves around you.
You bring joy to my furry life.

Baby Gorilla

1949 days ago


What a freaking idiot!!! If she were a responsible pet owner, she would know WTF Tinkerbell was, and that it was a tasteless prank. What a great mom she'll make someday, huh? BEEYATCH!

1949 days ago


How is it Paris Hilton's fault that someone pulls a mean prank?

1949 days ago

To hell with her    

Dear Paris,

I don't believe all of these stories - just the ones about you being a mentally deficient herpes infected skank.
You are the center of the universe - in your own mind. In reality, everyone hates you because you're an selfish stuck up moron.
The world revolves around you - so you think. Actually, you smell like rancid tuna & you're a slutty whore.
You bring joy to my furry life - because I'm a closeted gayyyboy loser who wears women's underwear & is afraid of women.

Baby Gayyy-rilla

1949 days ago

skanky skanks    

i hope her dog goes mental in the nighttime and rips paris's vagina to shreds, she'll have nothing left to give then.

1949 days ago


11:38 and 11;58
These and your other posts are insane. GET HELP.

1949 days ago


I bet she takes good care of her dogs.
I just keep mine in the backyard whlle I"m off working.

1949 days ago
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