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Miss California Is Donald Trump's Ex?!

5/16/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "biblically correct" Miss California USA Carrie Prejean at a press conference in NYC on Tuesday (left) -- and The Donald's second wife Marla Maples at an event in Beverly Hills a while back (right).

Carrie Prejean and Marla MAples

Only one of them has had an "opposite marriage."

We're just sayin'.


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@ #74 Lenn K - as for your remarks about Obama and gay marriage, I beg to differ. I am a news nut, so I read conservative, liberal, and yes, even gay sites. There is animosity on all fronts. I think, if you did a search on the way's that gays feel toward Obama, not just on marriage, but on many gay issues, especially DADT, you will find his approval rating is extremely low. I am a true independent, grew up Republican, but now lean heavily liberal since the far right (the Christian movement) has taken over the Republican party. Conservatism is not equivalent to the teaching of the Bible, although the Republican Party has endorsed that avenue. I have true conservative and true liberal views, but when someone starts quoting the Bible and tells me that is the way I have to live, then I see us leaving a Democracy and embracing Theocracy. This is not a political board, this is a celebrity board, and Carrie Prejean, whether we like it or not, is a miniscule celebrity, at least for the time being. Therefore, on this site, as well as other sites, she will taken to task for her actions. If they see her stumbling out of a bar, they will report it. NOT because of her views on gay marriage, as so many want to believe.

1956 days ago

Illinois person    

How come at the press conference PreWhore says her grandfather fought for her right to say and believe as she wishes? So why didn't she say that during her question & answer - that people should be able to do as they wish since her grandfather fought for that right? Wouldn't that have sufficed? Too bad she wasn't so quick on her feet. The nerve of her wanting to be her own Monday morning quarterback?

1956 days ago


Christian porn star!

1956 days ago


It wasn't the wind that made her nipples hard - she was horrny as hell and it shows!!

1956 days ago


They look like identical twins. Yep, I thought Carrie was doing the Donald.

1956 days ago

His Royal Blackness    

First it was her answer that upset the lefties, but more than half of the country didn't give a crap, so now it's that she's a liar who posed semi nude.

Stop pretending to care about the integrity of the Miss California title and what it stands for. You just want to rip someone apart for not believeing in what you believe. It's all because she's a Christian, she's beautiful, she's young, and she has a bright future ahead of her that's bringing out all the cry babies. stop pretending it's something else.

If Carrie is a homophobe then so is our president.

1956 days ago

His Royal Blackness    

Hollywood is always defending and giving second chances to it's inner circle. Be a drug addict, be a drunk, sleep with a prostitute, sleep with someone underage, steal, lie, cheat, and then have a come back and be welcomed with open arms and forgivness.

Not with a 21 year old who was raised Christian. Throw that one under the bus.

It's abvious and it's shamefull. Get a life.

1956 days ago


People like Illinios person, and Perez Hilton remind me of the story in the bible leading to the destruction of Sodom and Gemorrah. Remember that depraved mob? The American people do no want gay marriage! Every politician who votes against those who elect them, and every judge who legilates gay marriage from the bench should be impeached. This behaviour shows now more than ever the intolerant in your face mind set of themilitant gays who quite frankly need to keep their disgusting lifestyle private!

1956 days ago

Illinois person    

Angela: Say nobody is watching for the "question" portion of the pageant? Really? Isn't that how we got her in the first place?
Again, Hilton's question was approved in advance by Trump and Trump himself has stated so. Again, any of the other 4 contestants could have drawn that question out of the bowl. Therefore, one of the 5 was going to get it and it went to your idol.
Say she was upfront about the "modeling photos"? Really? You call telling bold-faced lies being upfront?

Mikey: You mean keep in private they way Miss Cali suggested the photographer should have kept those semi-nudies of her private (which seems to have her oh so pissed off)? That kind of privacy or pull the privacy card only when it's convenient to do so? If you're throwing Bible quotes around much the way Miss Cali does (and we know the hypocrisy there) then you too are simply doing what she does - you draw the Bible card like a weapon.

1956 days ago


Damn she wears a ton of make-up! Its like totally caked on!

1956 days ago


Prejean's intelligence is comparable to a bag of hammers.

1955 days ago


You liberal losers keeping this story alive are morons. The public is NOT on your side in this gay marriage crap. Even liberal California voted against gay marriage. If you keep making this an issue you will lose every time.

1955 days ago
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