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Ryan O'Neal Watches 'Farrah' with Farrah

5/16/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal showed up at Farrah Fawcett's home yesterday to watch the NBC special, "Farrah's Story."



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Bless the people on here have said, everyone has to die...some just get out with little or no pain...and some are in sever pain and that's too bad for Farrah.......but at least she had MONEY most of us do not..:(

1924 days ago

Mark P    

I will remember Farrah as a strong,beautiful , and brave lady.......I hope she is not in pain.....I love you Farrah...God Bless

1924 days ago


Farrah always seemed like a kind person. She seems to bring out the best in Ryan.

1924 days ago

Phyllis Z    

What an amazing story. Thank you, Farrah and family. You have a lot of guts.

1924 days ago

another over 40 mama    

I watched the show last night and it was so sad. I prayed for her last night and again as I read all the posts on this page. I am sure she had more prayers said for her since the program aired last night than she has had the whole time she has had cancer. God answers prayers but he only gives us what we really need and he has a plan for everything and everyone. He may just need her up in Heaven with him or he may be using this as a tool to help her son and other family members get help for their problems. I now have a new look at her and have always liked her but totally look at her in a different way now. She is a wonderful person. God bless her.

1924 days ago


Her son needs rehab, not prison. He is such a lost soul. Our Governor wants to release HARD CORE criminals early due to lack of funding yet, this kid is in shackles! We are a F-D up society! Cops getting in trouble for being too tough with criminals. The justice system has been over turned by the extreme liberals! The ACLU only defends minorities!

1924 days ago


I watched Farrahs story last night filled with great emotion, What a beautiful, bright, articulate and talented woman. This is no ordinary blonde actress. She has so much depth of character and such a joy for life. Her fight against this cruel terrorist disease showed immense courage. she is one very brave woman. Kudos to Ryan for staying with her and loving her through it all. The end is obviously near but Farrah accomplished her desire to show the world that cancer must be fought and other options should always be considered. A friend of mine died last month from cancer...her husband left her because he couldn't handle it. The damn coward.
Farrah will leave a legacy of immense courage and love. Such a shame that this wonderful loving woman couldn't have long years ahead to share her gifts with the world.

1924 days ago


How terrible that Nevious should fight with Farrah over her "Farrah's Story"...Why cant he just let it go..and let her die in peace and why give Ryan and Alana Stewart more heartache. Leave the rights to the story with the family that love her so much and cant bear the thought of losing her. I find it disgusting. I;m sure he'll make lots of money on other projects.

1924 days ago


My heart absolutely dropped when I saw Redmond get in bed with his Mommy and hug her.... My biggest prayer is that Redmond and Ryan get clean and sober FOR GOOD.. that Ryan's leukemia stays in remission, that Tatum, Griffin, and Patrick also get clean and sober... and this family makes amends and truly sees how short life in on this earth. Deep breath...Farrah, God speed to you... you are a role model and a brave woman letting us into your life today. My your pain cease soon....

how ironic that Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw already did this one back in 1970....who would have known that it would all be happening for real in 2009?

Blessings and love to this family

1924 days ago

pray for Farrah    

Let's all pray for Farrah!

1924 days ago


I pray that she is taken soon so she can be out of pain. I also hope that more research is done on this unknown cancer and others like it. I do hope as well, that treatment is available for all incomes and not just the rich. She had money to fly back and forth to Germany and get those treatments, most people aren't that lucky.
I hope that Ryan does not steal her morphine. He is a drug addict after all.

My heart and prayers go to her for her courage and strength.

1924 days ago

Been there    

I have never cried as much watching a TV show as I cried last night. One of the reasons I wanted to see the show was that I helped a friend in her struggle with Stage 4 cancer when she went to Germany for treatment once the doctors in the US gave up on her. I know first hand what my friend went through in Germany. But I gotta tell you, I was SHOCKED when I saw Farrah drinking Coca-Cola and Starbucks coffees since the German alternative clinic my friend was in would NEVER let her drink that stuff. Her diet was organic and absent of sugar and processed foods. And when they told her NOT to fly back to the states, she took their advice. That was eight years ago and my friend is cancer-free today.

As I watched the show, I really cried for Farrah because, while she has a good support system in place, I think they were so driven by the typical AMA approach to healthcare that her body never got a chance to recuperate from the drastic and sometimes "experimental" treatment that failed miserably. The German approach to cancer is SOOO far beyond what we do here, that it makes the US cancer docs look criminal.

My friend was taught that cancer is an emotionally driven disease and part of her treatment was to get to the bottom of all the crap she buried emotionally through the years. I think Farrah has had a helluva burden of emotional crap dumped on her, from Ryan's drug use, violence against her and their son, Redmond, who looks like he's a complete loser. Farrah is a good soul and a kind, compassionate woman who deserved better in her life. But perhaps all that drama bore a hole into her body that left a place for the cancer to grow. Show me a cancer victim and I'll show you someone who has a lot of sadness, anger, regret and pain in their life BEFORE they even find out they have cancer.

God Bless Farrah and may she pass soon.

1924 days ago


I don't know why they don't let her son spend her last days with him either. He's not a murderer or rapist. After watching the show, I wonder if there's a time to quit fighting & die in peace. My friends sister has pancreas cancer & she opted out from chemo. It's hell to go through & very little chance of making it anyway.

1924 days ago


May the good lord be with you at this time. This is so heartbreaking for the public, so I can only imagine how hard it is for your family

1924 days ago

Linda Mott    

Ryan has been by her side for months. He may have had problems in the past but he is there for her now. When I finally die, I don't want to have the world see it, but I respect her wishes to do it her way.

1924 days ago
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