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Adam Lambert -- Living Under a Rock

5/18/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert claims he was completely unaware of "biblically correct" Miss California's now infamous gay marriage answer because the "Idol Bubble" blocks him off from the outside world.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Think he's telling the truth -- or did he just chicken out on the issue before his all-important final vote?


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~ He is the best contestant they ever had on the show. He took the U.S. by storm and now he is going to take on the world. I belive that he will be the biggest thing since Elvis or the Beatles. I cant wait for his music to come out! I also hope he starts a clothing line and his own guyliner and black nail polish to sell in stores. I dont care what his sexuality is. He is going to be a legend. I LOVE ADAM!!!

I think Adam will win cuz he should win cuz he ovisly the best. If u dont think so then theres something really wrong. Kris is boring and i fall asleep everytime i hear him. i think he will benefit most from this but i doubt anyone will buy his albums. same with danny. I have no idea how kris even got there. As much as i want Adam to win, i kinda dont want him too cuz then he has to sing that song they performed last night ( i didnt really like it but adam made it good). Plus he wont be able to be him. But who ever wins there will always be one true statement: ADAM IS WAY BETTER THEN KRIS!!!!

1984 days ago

the end of the day    

YAY!! Kris Allen the new AMERICAN IDOL!!!

1984 days ago

David Niel    

TMZ blah blah blah. Who cares if Adam is gay or not... or whether or not he heard about the already soon-to-be-forgotten Miss America. Oh, yeah, I am guessing she's only half as stupid as she seems and made that remark to generate media buzz, because as we all know, the only thing easier to manipulate than the media is a hunk of playdoug! OMG!!!!! The sky is falling, quick, write a story!

1983 days ago


First time at TMZ. I had to see what a left wing liberaly website looked like. LOL.

Kris Allen deserved to win. America loves the dark horse and embraced a kid that's as american as apple pie. Adam will have a career, and a strong one at that. My wife loves him and I tease her about the Screamer Lambert. My daughters were excited that Kris won.

Now, about the gay thing versus the straight thing. Who really gives a damn? Elton John, Freddie Mercury, that guy from Iron Maiden, there are a lot of gay superstars in the rock arena and the music was better for it. Rock as I knew it in the sixties and seventies (yes there was rock in the seventies before disco) has completely disappeared. Glam rockers like Slade and the Sweet put out some damn fine music. Adam is a glam rocker, someone that will be on Broadway if he so chooses to do, and he'll be absolutely perfect for the job.

Kris will be as big as Carrie Underwood should he choose to go the Country Music route. He'll have a long career. What seems to be lost is that the two young men were friends. It was clearly shown, honest in their friendship and mutual respect, and admirable.

The media, and evidently TMZ, thrives on stirring up trouble. When it comes to loud mouth Hollywood activists like Sean Penn, Rosie, and even Springsteen, I turn them off and refuse to listen. Even in their movies and music. What they fail to do is entertain.

Adam entertained my family. Kris entertained my family. And they did so with class and dignity. Too bad the gay and straight community can't act with class and dignity as these two young men have. TMZ, Paris Hilton, and Wanda Sykes could learn a lesson or two from these kids.

1981 days ago


Lambert needs to apply for the HEAD queen for mardi gra. He can't sing he should have been out long ago it should have been between kris and danny. But a drag queen gets more t.v time so they keep him on to keep ratings up . People will tune in just to see if the freak or talent will win. Lambert do us all a favor crawl back under your rock.

1979 days ago


Caught a preview of your program on the News. I know you thrive on illogic, but be realistic, even if your IQ is the same as Miss California's: There is no contradiction between loving individual GLBT people; thinking they all should be treated justly & equally in law; & thinking same-sex marriage is against the Judeo-Christian belief system -- because marriage is FOR the birth of children, not just for personal pleasure. Civil marriages are possible, because the civil government has no definition of the PURPOSE of marriage -- it just objects to bigamy! So she thinks Lambert's a great performer, great guy -- why not? Perfectly reasonable. Judeo-Christians don't hate GLBT, but disapprove of sexual intercourse outside of marriage without the possibility of children.

1977 days ago
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