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Randy Jackson

America Is Never Wrong

5/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the shocking finale last night, Kris Allen beat out Adam Glambert for "American Idol" -- and according to Randy Jackson, "America gets it right every time, dawg."

Randy Jackson: Click to watch
Just ask Taylor Hicks, Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard ... who were all eventually dropped from their labels.


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1982 days ago

same same same    

how idiotic to attack the voters now.. low standards in music? what a stupid observation! for this made up word and definition of homophobic, i might be,, but I am far from fearful or irrational, live and let live, I do believe it is wrong, but we all do wrong.

1982 days ago

same same same    

haha he could sing a ballot.... and a phone book from what Randy implied! Adam can sing I agree and scream to the depth of his soul. But KRIS WON AND HE CAN SING!

1982 days ago


Yes, we got it right. Kris is by far the most talented of the two. As for Adam and his infamous high notes, the last couple of week it became difficult to find the notes through the screeching. That being said, I saw Simon on two talk shows,saying Adam was a shoe-in for winner. The man will never learn, every time he backs somebody, the public boots them,except for Fantasia, he loved that no talent witch for some reason. I never did get thatunless it was a pity party because she was a single mother working two jobs. boo hoo!

1982 days ago

Still in Shock    

I voted for Kris because he can SING better...a lot of us do not want to hear some guy scream the lyrics...been there done that in the 90's and the music then... was better than Adam. (Example: Sweet Child Of Mine).
As far as the gay thing...I personally could care less...however with the internet now...everybody saw Adams pictures and I think generally America could not vote for a controversial performer like Adam. This is one of those "should have stayed in the closet" situations because America is not ready to vote an openly gay man into an Idol status.
Also..going against Adam is the fact that he is clearly ALL ROCK.....
A lot of us have already been around rock. We want something else.

Kris' on pitch smooth vocals and boy-next-door image gave him the edge.

Congratulations Kris!

1982 days ago


I think american idol is fixed and honestly I do not think americas votes count. They wanted a good finale so it was pretty obvious Adam would win hands down so what does FOX do...let Kris win yeah and what does america do then? SHOCK=good tv. Do not think it has anything to do with the whole possible gay thing its just the fact FOX wanted good tv so they gave it to Kris, I am sure Adam won and it was rigged. But Adam should be lucky he did not "win" because he now has the freedom to choose where to go in his career and what kind of record deal he wants to take whereas Kris is trapped and has to do what the American Idol gods tell him to do. So Adam in the end got the better deal by not winning and there fore made him the true winner. Kris is good but Adam deserved to honestly not win so he has the freedom to do what he wants and well Kris should not expect much of a career, the winners of American Idol never do very well. Kelly got pretty lucky. Good luck Kris and I will look for Adams cd in the future!

1982 days ago


Like most other runner ups in AI who should have one. Adam will far out sell Kris when it comes down to the albums being released. And I thank our lucky stars he will be able to do what he wants on his album as apossed to doing that bubblegum pop crap they usualy force the A.I people to do. But no doubt Kris's album will be country. :( Shame.....I still say it was rigged. But at least Adam will be the real winner when it comes down to who sold what, or how much! Besides. the whole gay issue is not even and issue unless you make it. which is pathetic. Why worry about someones orientation, Why do you care? He could dress in drag for all I care, But the hate can't take away his happieness, his Talent, his family or his lover. All it does is make the haters miserable. And I guess misery loves company thats why all the gay bashers on here are so eager to bash, But waite tell the Straits become a minority. Then I guess we'll be the odd ones out. LOL :)

1982 days ago


I was very shocked to see Chris win, however, he did a better job with all three songs, including the awful "American Idol" song. Adam is a great performer and will do well anyway. Chris was able to do all types of music and he had a better voice. I think people got tired of Adam's theatrics and all the Danny fans (me included) probably voted for Chris.

1982 days ago


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad Kris won the second Adam CLEARLY TRASHED Ring Of Fire it was over for me with him.
Allhe ever did was scream that is NOT singing.
Gay or straight I could care less as that does not affect my life in anyway.
As for Fantasia I thought she sucked to.

1982 days ago

Dave the pig    

30. There is little doubt that something is amiss since 40 out of 100 million votes came from Arkansas. Seems the Bible -thumpers were convinced that God wanted their boy to win - and that God was on their side - so what else is new with these hick Jesus freaks? They're the same ones who voted for George W. Bush because "he's a man 'o God, I tell ya!," Adam Lambert has more talent in his little finger than Kris Allen will ever know. I'm sure Adam's talent will take him to monumental heights while Kris' will bring him a career of mediocrity.

Posted at 10:08AM on May 21st 2009 by Woody McBreairty


This California girl voted for Kris because we did not want Adam stuffed down our throats. The judges tried their best to persuade us that he was the one to win but the voters were not having it. Adam's annoying screeching voice reminded me of an old car that I use to have. When the brakes would screech, people would run away .......... the public has spoken --- they want an American Idol and not an American queen --- lol --- the people vote for whose music they like the best!!!!!!!!!

1982 days ago


This just proves again,, that 'AMERICA " does not "IDOLIZE" a gay glam boi that screams with a dark cloud of depression hanging over him. He is not and will never be marketable, unless a remake of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is made. Adam was in NO WAY an "AMERICAN IDOL". The true "artist " and "musician" WON. There is a GOD! America got this SOOOO RIGHT !

1982 days ago

jenny mo    

To the D-Bag posting the fake stories with the link....please find a purpose for your life besides being pathetic.

As far as the night Adam had to choose his group, I agree that he should have refused to make the choice. It would have been the only classy thing to do. I also put a lot of the blame for his loss on Simon. People, including me, were sick of Simon always being up Adam's ass. He always got a pimp spot, first or last, on the show. Then last night Kris got a ho-hum performance with Keith Urban and Adam got a pyrotechnic extravaganza near the end of the show with KISS? What a crock.

1982 days ago


The only reason Kris won is the fact that he dresses up like everybody else, and talent does not have anything to do with his winning, my opinion Adam is hell of a better singer than Kris... but that is ok because Kris just had his 15 minuets of fame on American Idol, next year he will not be as popular, but Adam on the other hand will continue to make great music, maybe even go into movies, start a band..etc but that is just my opinion..

1982 days ago


This has a been a completely unfair competition this season. It was all about Adam. I do not like Kris either, but I am glad he won over Adam. Adam always has these ridiculous theatrical performances like owns the place. Most of the time he went last to get the most votes (don't tell me that wasn't set up). The judges praised him no matter how bad he sounded. It was "The Adam Show" not American Idol. Worst season so far.

1982 days ago

Artist 3410    

Fantasia was not dropped by her label J Records and she has a new album comming out later this year.

1982 days ago
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