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Radio Host Waterboarded -- Hilarity Doesn't Ensue

5/23/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The torture method called waterboarding -- which is meant to simulate drowning -- sucks so much, the average person can only endure it for a few seconds... as demonstrated here by brave Chicago radio host Mancow.

Bottom line -- torture sucks.


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OMG what a wuss........yes the average "human" would prob feel uncomfortable because we are so pampered. But you take a hard core killer like those "3" that were waterborded and that is prob a refreshing bath. This technique is not used for every day run of the hill pampered joe........the mancow show are a bunch of right wing sissys..............

1940 days ago



You green ...

hero behind your keyboard..

dumb ass


1940 days ago


Bottom line - Torture is fine for people who plan and kill thousands of innocents.

1940 days ago


Torture is awesome! The terrorists would do alot worse than pour water on you. Whats wrong with people?? Why do people want to give terrorists rights????? America is pussified

1939 days ago


You can't trust anything said under torture. Just think about it - would YOU trust anybody who was torturing you? Wouldn't you tell them anything other than the truth that might hurt people you care about? If they are evil enough to torture you, then they are evil enough to kill you anyway. It's so stupid.

The odds are high that the torture victims have nothing to reveal - even the Pentagon admitted long ago that of all those people held in Guantanamo for so many years, at least 80% to 90% had absolutely nothing to do with anything and the military knew it. They were just caught up in the stupid bounty program -what an idiotic way to "catch terrorists", of course the bounty hunters were just dragging random people in for the money. Idiots.

And obviously the US was routinely using torture on people in Iraq. The stuff that came out with the photos those kids took was just the tip of the iceberg, that doesn't happen unless it's routinely accepted. Guess what? Those people had families and friends who were just given more reasons to hate Americans.

Torture is well known to be an ineffective method of gaining information, and just makes us into terrorists ourselves if we use it. Is that what you want? To become what you fear? And when does it end? What are we protecting if we've already lost it?

If you really want to make this country safe - stop our government from continually meddling in other people's affairs. Stop wasting our resources in endless war. We already waste more money on the military every year than all the rest of the people in the entire world. Dropping bombs on people is not the way to keep your own families safe thousands of miles away. People get ticked when you invade their countries and take over their governments and bribe their politicians. Every minute our troops stay in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are less safe, because if you do this stuff long enough then you just generate more and more people who are angry enough to take action against us. Just imagine how Americans would react if some huge country many times our size did it to us.

1939 days ago


Mancow making radio history? The only problem is that he's several months too late. Bubba the Love Sponge had one of his guys waterboarded in February. Mancow is a radio hack!

1939 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

Shockey could have used this it looks like. See - it could SAVE lives!

1939 days ago


Oh please. It's not torture, they're not permanently injured. Please, we're talking possible terrorists here you morons. God forbid we do anything that might get information out of them. No we can't even have Hotel Guantanamo where inmates gain 20 lbs. This country, and world for that matter, is full of a bunch of soft, naive fools.

1939 days ago


Jason, they get plenty of truthful information. Quit watching MSNBC 24/7 and actually read.

1939 days ago

Mancow is SUCH a douche.

1937 days ago


Finally, A Republican't get's water boardered! Good! do it to all of them now!

1934 days ago


You're insane! Take the caps off you idiot! People, if you think this is okay, even if your kids are missing, you all need help! It's wrong to do to anyone! I don't care what they did....

1934 days ago


Having your brains sucked out while you are still in your mothers womb is also torture. but the ever so compassionate liberals have NO problem with that.


1933 days ago

Tom the treeman    

Mancow waterboarding is nothing compared to mine. You tube or google or has tom the treeman getting waterboarded. post that

997 days ago
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