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Hugh Jackman's Child Goes Airborne

5/24/2009 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Jackman's daughter Ava, perhaps growing tired of her father's Super Dad routine, floated just out of his reach yesterday in New York.


Hugh, of course, was able to save her from the evil clutches of zero gravity.


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Yolanda Nixon    

Talk about presenting....

1943 days ago


thats sooo incredibly cute, I usually dont like the paparazzi and all the junk on this website which is why I rarely come on here, but that pic is really cute perfect timing.

1943 days ago


why the F would you toss your kid high in the air above pavement? dee dee dee

1943 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth is a Penis Smoking Hermaphrodite    

He needs to be reported to Child Protective Services. If someone doesn't, I gladly will. Here you have grown man throwing this little girl in the air like a ragdoll of some kind, while standing over top of CONCRETE. One missed catch and he could have her brains splattered all over that sidewalk, or worse, cause an intracranial injury. Look at what happened to Natasha Richardson. I'm glad TMZ got this on film as now I have something to forward to CPS. And shame on the rest of you for endorsing this disgusting behavior.

1943 days ago


Tasteless picture.

Those of you crying fowl for someone throwing a child like that obviously don't have kids.

1943 days ago


down with wolverine - your folks never played with you and threw you in the air like that? mine did, and I loved it.
I feel sorry for you for your boring childhood.

1943 days ago

Donald Ray    

There's not a DAMN thing CUTE about this pic. People that think it is, are the SAME ones that thought Michael Jackson holding HIS kid outside a window was cute, too. They probably felt the SAME way when that STUPID ass animal dude (that got stung by that sting ray) was cute, holding HIS kid in his ONE arm while feeding a large-ass crocodile that was only a FEW feet away from him. I'm glad the sting ray CANCELLED his ass out, it saved the guy's kid.

1943 days ago


For heaven's sake, the little girl's crotch is showing in that pic. Take it down.

1943 days ago


A lot of people toss their kids up like this all the time. I'm sure he knew he was going to catch her, his feet look firmly planted for serious catching, it's not like he's just walking along not concentrating on it. So I wouldn't worry about him dropping her, but I might worry about a neck injury as he's catching her if it's a sudden jolt when she's caught - kind of like whiplash or shaken baby syndrome where the neck gets bent too fast and hard. I've seen parents do this and they kind of follow through with the catch to make it more gentle rather than making it a sudden stop when they catch the kid. Experts will tell you never to toss a small child in the air, especially a baby, but Ava is older, and it's probably a game they play all the time. If I were the child's mother, I'd tell him to never do this, it could jar her neck even though I'm sure she loves it. I think Dads play too rough sometimes and Moms have to be the police of it. It probably won't hurt her a bit though and it's nice to see how involved he is in raising her.

To the poster who said they would report this to CPS - you probably weren't even serious, but in case you were, I'll tell you, they will say this incident is not grounds for an investigation and then after you leave the office they will laugh at you. Although tossing kids in the air is not recommended, lots of good parents do it anyway, the kids love it and no harm is usually done. It's like they don't recommend that you let young kids eat popcorn or have balloons because of the risk, but it's a parent's choice and CPS doesn't investigate you for it. How ridiculous.

1943 days ago


You should take this picture down. You trying to make some sicko's day????????????

1943 days ago

Harvey Lee Roth is a Penis Smoking Hermaphrodite    

down with wolverine - your folks never played with you and threw you in the air like that? mine did, and I loved it.
I feel sorry for you for your boring childhood.

Excuse me but my parents played with me in safe areas, for example on a bed where it is soft. It is disgusting so many of you find this CHILD ABUSE somehow 'cute'. The only thing cute about Hugh Jackman is the mug shot he will be giving to the LAPD after I contact them and CPS first thing Monday morning. I am sick of their being a seperate rule of law for people just because they make movies (translation: read words off of paper) and us regular people. He needs to be sent to jail with Bubba, right along side those murderers in there because what he is doing is JUST AS BAD. The Natasha Richardson tragedy was just a month ago, and you have this man almost dropping this girl on cement and concrete so her little 4-year old brains will splatter. I'm calling CPS.

1943 days ago


I agree you shouldn't put up a close up of a girls crotch on there. Take it off.

1943 days ago


Well i don't think it is child abuse. Just poor judgement in that situation. didn't think it through. Kind of like TMZ putting the upclose picture of private areas.................hint hint

1943 days ago


As if it never fails...foolish!

1943 days ago


He seems like a good parent, his little girl and him look very happy. EVEN TMZ KNOWS THIS PHOTO IS INAPPROPRIATE! This pic is going to cause alot of controversy. It needs to be taken down immediately. Shame on you TMZ for posting this. I know there was other pics than this one you could have choose from. Watch, Hugh Jackman will be leery taking his children out in public because of this pic. Paparazzi taking pics at bad angles, not deleting them is so bad. But, TMZ posting it for the WHOLE WORLD to see is so much worse.

1943 days ago
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