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Hugh Jackman's Child Goes Airborne

5/24/2009 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Jackman's daughter Ava, perhaps growing tired of her father's Super Dad routine, floated just out of his reach yesterday in New York.


Hugh, of course, was able to save her from the evil clutches of zero gravity.


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he knows what streets the paps are in? seriously? the paps are following him, not the other way around. they wait outside his house, and follow him all over new york. which is pathetic.
some people will see the bad thing in everything, even a dad spending time with his kids everyday.
the people at fault here are the paps, who sometimes hide behind bushes or go through a person's garbage.

1943 days ago


...jackman seems like he's a great dad. he's always photographed playing with them. as for throwing his daughter up in the air, get real. i'll bet you dollars to donuts every poster here knows someone who dropped their kid. jackman looks capable. it's a great picture. that said, if it's being viewed as sexual by some malfunctioning sicko, by all means, take it down...

1943 days ago


This guy is the biggest publicity whore I've ever seen...we watch him day after day ride his bike...walk & play with his's like he knows what street the paps are on and makes sure he travels it daily. Give us a break!!

You are right! What a terrible father to make his poor child go outside to play EVERY DAY. And to actually go outside to play with her!! I sure am glad that all fathers don't do that!! If he loved her at all he would leave her inside with her video games and a nanny.

1943 days ago

Adam Weishaupt    

CPS = Criminals of the State

Yeah, the photo looks bad but coulda woulda shoulda blah blah blah.

Stop prosecuting people for thought crimes you UNAMERICAN collectivists!

THINK, you ain't that smart so perhaps you should READ a book first

so so sad

1943 days ago

alan brickman    

The armchair activists who criticize Hugh obviously sound fat and jealous!...

1943 days ago


Geez, guys, first - a publicity whore? Yeah, he is going out just because he wants to be photographed. The damn paps are following him everywhere so what should he do? Lock himself and his family inside? To wait for those nice paparazzi to go away? He probably even doesn´t know they are taking his pictures here.
For those freaks who are crazy about Ava and how he throws her up - EVERY parent is doing it and there is nothing wrong with that. You probably don´t have your own kid or you had a really sad childhood. When you look at his legs, you can see that he is damn steady and ready to catch her. Get your own lives and stop whinning about people who you even don´t know and judge from ONE picture.
Hugh is a great dad, everybody knows that.

1943 days ago


Three words--Traumatic Brain Injury. That's what happens when a "caught" child's brain hits the side of their skull after their fall suddenly stops. I'm sure Hugh Jackman is not thinking about that at all, but pediatrician's have been trying to get the word out about how dangerous this activity is for years and it would be be best if TMZ took this photo down. Even though the intent is different, the outcome of an injury from this sort of play can be identical to shaken baby syndrome. Just not worth the risk.

1943 days ago


He's Wolverine, he can do whatever he wants!

1943 days ago


People get a grip and stop your whining. TMZ put this picture up because they KNEW it would cause controversy. It's what their photographers are paid to do. Anyone who doesn't realize this shouldn't be on this site in the first place.
As for Jackman, sure maybe concrete isn't the smartest place to be throwing your kid up in the air (especially if you know you are going to be photographed and critiqued), but parents do this sort of thing all the time. There are more important things in the world to be worried about than "what ifs". Obviously she was fine, he knew what he was doing and there was no harm done, so get over it.

1943 days ago


What is wrong with the world today? Everything that is good is twisted to be bad and what is bad is considered okay and "mainstream." There is nothing wrong with this picture- just a loving Daddy having fun with his daughter. This is an example of good being twisted to be something its not. And to you who want to call CPS get a life you losers! And to those who think the picture is inappropriate because "its of her crotch" I seriously question why your mind is in the gutter to begin with....go get some counseling you have your own issues!

1943 days ago

jamie frontino    

omg wow i read some of your comments and some of you really need to grow up! i'm sure some of your parents did that to you as a child! get a life and lay off hugh! who ever took this picture i'm not mad at you..just at the stupid people who posted comments about reporting him to the CPS! i work for cps and if you were to call we would just laugh at you...

1943 days ago


To all of the people claiming to be reporting Hugh Jackman to the authorities...shut the hell up. Seriously. I have tossed my children into the air to catch them. They love it. See how his arms are still up in the air? He is preparing to catch her. The moment the child leaves your hands you instinctively calculate the amount of hang time in relation to the pressure you must apply to safely slow their descent so they do not hit the ground. Even if, for some unknown reason a man in such prime physical condition could, Jackman did not make a perfect catch of his daughter he would grab hold and never let anything happen to her. You're a bunch of idiots.

1943 days ago

pink floyd    

too all you morons that posted that you are going to report him to cps.i say get a fkn life you deadbeats or better yet go kill yourselves.

1943 days ago


I don't understand how people who look at this picture immediately see sexual suggestions... its really F''ed up that that's at the forefront of so many people's minds. Christ, the world is sick, and even those who think they are above the sickness are a part of it.

1943 days ago


59. If Michael Jackson tossed some kid in the air standing on concrete you all would be asking for him to be charged with endangerment but if he does it you call the kid lucky.

Posted at 7:51PM on May 24th 2009 by Whhat

well let's see.. michael jackson was charged with child sexual abuse, though never convicted. michael jackson dangled a baby with one arm over a balcony.
hugh jackman is tossing his daughter an inch into the air with his arms reaching to catch her, something 99% of parents do (I assume you're of the 1% that don't).
so yeah, stupid comparison.

1943 days ago
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