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Courtney Love Endangers Economic Recovery

5/28/2009 8:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FROM: American Express
TO: President Barack Obama
SUBJECT: Bailout money

Mr. President:

We are humbled to ask for immediate financial help. Courtney Love is driving us the way of Chrysler and G.M. She has three American Express credit cards and will not pay the balance on any of them.

Centurion Card Account: Ms. Love owes $279,079.68
Gold Card Account: Ms. Love owes $69,245.56
Platinum Card Account: Ms. Deadbeat owes $3,734.43.

We have been forced to file a lawsuit yesterday in L.A. Federal Court, asking for $352,659.67, plus a bunch of costs. We don't think she'll pay up, so dude, we need your help.




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The world is going to hell.    

Honestly, I think she lost all rights to her privacy when she became a drunkin, needle-riddled, whore. Of course thats just my opinion. Douchebag.

1943 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

We have been forced to file a lawsuit yesterday in L.A. Federal Court, asking for $352,659.67, plus a bunch of costs."

Ugh...who proofs this stuff?

"We WERE forced..." is correct if you insist on passive voice.

Posted at 11:36PM on May 27th 2009 by shawndavid

That's what bother's you about this Miss Grundy?

Another douchebag.

1943 days ago

The world is going to hell.    

I have several credit cards and I refuse Amex , even their black card ...word to the wise - DO NOT GET AMERICAN EXPRESS , perhaps their traveler's Checks , but that is where one should draw the line , they are modern day thieves!

Posted at 11:28PM on May 27th 2009 by AMEX IS EVIL

You're a douche for even mentioing the black card which I highly doubt you are even close to being eligble for.

1943 days ago


she is america's singer so becarefull what you post.

1943 days ago


i regret voting for Barack Obama I wish I could have my one vote back

He is out fundraising when our economy is a mess

put up or shut up Barack campaigning is over enough of the fine tune speech where is all the action you promised

all these companies you bailed out are still bankrupt and there are 350 banks on your watch list to fail ?

Home prices are down another 20 % teens have no summer jobs ? we are still fighting two wars ? give me something to go off if i did not perform within 100 days at a new job my ass would be fired and my role is not nearly as important as yours

1943 days ago


American Express laid off 4000 employees last week and there is a number of class action suits against them - THEY SUCK and it will be quite delightful to see them falter .
They are desperate and I agree , they are the worst credit card in the history of man.
If you want pure frustration and want to be ripped off, get an Amex card ...If you want to see your balance disappear because out of the blue they cut it without any fault of your own , then get an American Express card .
And you haters that say that it's losers complaining about American Express , it is painfully obvious that these are the same people that work for , or represent american express.

1942 days ago


wow, you guy's don't really believe that this is actually real??

I don't think American express would send an email to the President worded that way. It reads like 12 year old wrote it!
And American express asking the President for bail out money ALL because of Courtney Love? On a bill owing just over $300,000?
Maybe if she owed 10 million, but still, I highly doubt that American Express would send off an email to the white house, so poorly written, asking for a bail out all because of Courtney Love owing almost $400,000?

If it is real, then American Express employ's either teenagers who have just learned to read and write, ALOT of people who failed the SAT's, or pissed off ex grunge fan's who think she is responsible for the demise of Nirvana, and her Husband!
And if it is real, then every one get new credit cards, because the CEO of AMEX is menatally challenged and hard up for money, probably because he blew it all on cheap blow and Nirvana memorabilia!

When in doubt, blame the downfall of the American Economy on Courtney Love!

Thank God I live in Canada, we'd just blame our crap economy on Celine Dion. but would be totally nice about it, and she's probably pay us back, Lord know's she has more money then the Canadian mint!

1942 days ago


She's a Hollywood celebrity so she will get a bailout. The Great One takes care of the unions, the minorities, and the celebrities because they are the people who put him in office. Think about it, he gave the auto companies to the Unions. What is up with that? When is someone going to stand up and say enough ! Enough with giving out billions of our dollars for nothing in return.

After only 3 months in office, I'm scared to death what he will do to this country in 4 years. I did not vote for this joker and I can't wait until he's out of office. Hopefully our country will survive by then. I have grave doubts it will.

Wake up America, your future, the future of your children, and the future of your grandchildren are all at risk.

1942 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Post #23: Look,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Obozo is only as powerfull as the Congress lets him be. We the people, have to clean the House and Senate of these idiots that are destroying our country as we know it. Both parties! The congress is only looking out for themselves.

For you people that keep defending Obozo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you WILL be pissed as soon as your PAYCHECKS take a direct hit. And it is coming like hell has no fury...............................It's basic economics along with common sense. You cannot spend your way out of dept without raises TAXES...........period.

1942 days ago

420 GIRL    

Never had one problem with my AMex card.
I use it all the time and I have the lowest interests rates on this card (under 9%) than I do on any of my other credit card I use.
I have 10 cards, 7 with no balances on them and none of the cards have reduced, revoked, or changed my benefits.

1942 days ago


If amex gave her that much money, they should eat it. How stupid can they be? Same with people who bought houses they could not pay for. How stupid can these inner city liberals be??????????????

1942 days ago


75% is probably interest and late fee charges from the predatory credit card companies.

1942 days ago


(B) U owe me a Gm

1942 days ago


If American Express let her account get that high, they deserve to EAT the balance. But of course, since they're getting bail out money from the government, WE are all payijng for Ms. Love's AmEx bill.

Who's laughing now?

1942 days ago

Mary B    

What does how Amex runs and manages their company have to do with the fact that Courtney Love owes and is refusing to pay over 300k in debt, which is the actual story? It's people like her, who think they are entitled to run up debt and then not pay what they obligated themselves to pay that are forcing the credit card companies to increase interest rates and cut credit limits. Keep in mind Amex is a business, and as such are taking steps to put things back to the way they should have always stayed - if you can't afford it, don't buy it.

1942 days ago
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