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Suge Knight Shoots Chick Down

5/28/2009 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For some unknown reason, a random, hot, busty blond was all over Suge Knight outside the Lakers game last night -- and for reasons even more puzzling, he wasn't having it!

Suge Knight: Click to watch
Watch her try to make out with him three times ... and get utterly denied.


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why is this guy not in jail?

1972 days ago


your typical LA slut............. what a bimbo!

LA in famous for what? Ok the rich and famous yeah ok! Most of those famous artist sleep with each other... One artist drops a slut and some other artist will end up with the left overs.....

1972 days ago


He has a fine black woman at home that's why..... why the hell would he want that!

1972 days ago


Oh please, It has nothing to do with her color. She's a pretty woman but, she just seemed too desperate and she lacks class. I'm a black woman, I would never be that forward, especially with Suge Knight. I'll be afraid I'll get knocked the f*ck out!
Keep an eye on this woman, she might come up missing!! People around Suge have been known to disappear.

1972 days ago


I think these white girls go after black guys because of the funny, loveable characters they see on TV. It's a shame most of the skanks are that dumb. They actually are surprised and hurt when their black guys either slap them around like the ho's they are or disappear as soon as she gets knocked up.

1972 days ago


WHY YOU ASK?? For the same reason the Hogdashian Hookers only want black men! Cause their disease infested coochies are so beat up & stretched out of shape, a white man would disappear in there! And for the 15 min of fame! I mean seriously, this chick just isn't getting it, she tries 3 different times & nothing!! Nasty ass ho needs to hit Hollywood & Vine & get paid!!!

"Like throwing a hot dog down a hallway"!!!

1972 days ago


@ 9

Here's a q for you, you rasist f#ck. Why don't the 'hot white chicks' just look for a rich famous white guy? Money spends the same, don't it? There's more 'hot white chicks' with 'random' black guys than you think. You're only foolin' you...

1972 days ago


@ 9

P.S.- If she's a 'hot white chick', I'll take the fat girl any day...

1972 days ago


Didn't even acknowledge her. Left her stank @ss in the dust!!

1972 days ago


Contrary to what people may think - everyone in this country is not attracted to FAKE busty Blondes.

1972 days ago


#24 is right, skin color has nothing to do it, this girl has probablly tried to hit on every male of any skin color that has alot of money and fame. Kind of makes you wonder how many men she has slept with and how many std's she has. Notice how she was standing near him like she was his girlfriend as people was taking pictures? LOL I don't like Suge Knight, but I think it's funny that he totally snubbed this attention wh*re.

1972 days ago


I agree with the guy chanting "pull your shirt down!"

1972 days ago

Jennifer M    

Did it ever occur to TMZ that every man doesn't like blondes. Blonde does not automatically equal beauty and attraction to's just a western world myth.

1972 days ago


Contrary to popular belief not all black men want white women. The movie "Obsessed" is a prime example of this.

1972 days ago


This girl obviously needs to read the book (if she can read) or rent the DVD "He's just not that into you!" Get a clue girl.

1972 days ago
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