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Jay Leno -- Tonight and Good Luck

5/30/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno bid his adieu to the "Tonight Show" last night, but he had trouble speaking over the applause.

Tonight ShowJay Leno

Jay gave Conan O'Brien a boost that Jay never never had when he started -- the stage on the predecessor's last show.

Jay's best joke -- when he started 17 years ago, his hair was black and the President was white.


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L. P.    

Can't stand Leno, never watched his chow and could care less. He made his millions.

1970 days ago


I think Craig Ferguson would have been the better choice. I just don't think Conan is that funny. I'll be watching you, Jay, at 10 pm.

1970 days ago


John Stewart, Adam Carolla, these are the pool I would be drawing from, not the "Cookie Cutter" red-headed P/C morons that have taken over late night. (Not you Kimmel!!) Ferguson?? are you Fn kidding me?
Just ranting.......................

1970 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Jay Leno has the most annoying voice in comedy.

1970 days ago


I've never really been a big fan of Leno's comedy, but he's always been a class act. I'm looking forward to Conan to bring a new energy and different kind of comedic feel to the show. I wish them both much success.

1970 days ago


Good of the most antiseptic, homogenous, middle of the road had his jokes written for him hosts ever...not creative, and not funny. Was once when he did the clubs but not as a host. The guy was more interested in making his millions with the private jetted in corporate gigs he did every weekend of the year. Dont get fooled by the free shows he's done for the unemployed in Detroit---the cost of that isnt even half of what he makes for just one weekend corporate gig. Be like you or me giving a dollar to the Salvation Army.

And Conan? You'll be sorry you came moved and live on the West Coast. You're an East Coast guy...born, raised, educated and lived there you're whole life. You'll miss the Seasons Change, the mononoty of the weather and a melting pot that will make you the absolute minority well beyond Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, and East Indians. Nothing wrong with it, but a far cry from what you have grown up with.

This will not be our Parents tonight show but a glimpse into the future of horror for us all---what California has turned into. Wait until the Gov. stops welfare payouts and unloads the prisons because they cant afford the freebies to illegals anymore. Good people are leaving that State in droves or hiding in places bad people dont want to go. This is not your parents California, but now a wasteland and cesspool of vile fitlh, greed, anger, violence and immorality.

But good luck to you anyway.

1970 days ago

Maureen Heim    

What a classic. Seems like a very nice man. Never in the Tabloids: no mistresses, no dui's... just good, decent comendy! Good luck, Mr. Leno!

1970 days ago




1970 days ago


Wow! are there ever a lot of negative people commenting today! I loved Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and I can't wait for September to see him again. And I think that Conan O'Brien is gonna do a great job, too! The negativity comments here just don't reflect the #1 ratings that Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien get. Remember that!

1970 days ago

Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

Only morons like Leno. Too bad America is full of them. Good riddance Leno - you got millions of dollars for sucking five nights a week. And stupid, fat Americans with milquetoast senses of humor lapped your corny jokes up. I hope your new show gets annihilated.

1970 days ago


Never tuned into Leno unless a musical guest was particularly appealing, I like Conan and wish him luck but love Craig Ferguson. It is a crime Craig is on so late.

1970 days ago

Bruce Perkins    

I like letterman. They showed the audience and my parents on it once when they were there. Incidently, my dad and I were at a basketball tournament in Brownsville, Texas, and I was on espn in the bleachers for the fighting illini. THat was funny.

1970 days ago


Leno blows. Hope his show fails.

1970 days ago


Sounds like a racist comment to me! Oh maybe I am being too politically correct like the rest of the country.

1970 days ago


Jay leno making millions, and how much do you guys make? Time to go get a job......

1970 days ago
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