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Barack Obama -- The Price of Love

5/31/2009 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Want to do "date night" like the Obamas? Just get your hands on an unlimited budget, a private Gulfstream jet, and the United States Secret Service. Dinner and a movie is for suckers.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hopped a jet to New York last night to see a Broadway play and then grabbed some dinner at a chic West Village restaurant.

Barack Obama -- launch photosThe only problem, Barack critics say, is that it's the American taxpayers who footed the bill for the private planes that shuttled the Obamas back and forth (Air Force One got the night off). Obama sprung for the theater tix out of his own pocket.

With the economy in the crapper, the Prez can't even enjoy a night on the town without it being a national issue.


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Thomas, West Hollywood    

Oh....Barry Hussein Obama is going out in public with out his teleprompter??? Our empty suit, foreign born so called president was elected by millions of "useful idiots". Stupid people who want something for free from our government actually got this moron into office. Since the Dems took over the Congress in 2006 our country went into the toilet and Hussein Obama is working very hard on the "FINAL FLUSH" of our once great country & economy.

1969 days ago


If anything, the US is moving towards a fascist style government. Fascism is based on the principle of small government still running their business but government controlling it. Socialism is when government controls the means of production. Whether you're Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc., this fact is clearly visible. As for Obama's date night, I would be all for it if he a) paid for it himself, b) didn't act like some celebrity so that people count continue to fawn over him or c) dealt with our current issues, not by having meaningless press conferences where he allows newspapers like the NY Times to ask idiotic questions, but actually dealt with policy.

If a democrat (or other individual that voted for him) could give me some policy decisions that he has implemented (other than the credit card bill for teenagers) instead of talking about the man himself, I might appreciate a conversation with you. However, when you talk about the man instead of the policies, it's then that I know that you have no clue what's going on. So please, enlighten me on what POLICIES Obama has created or enforced that are positive to the US?

1969 days ago


I hate the socialist bastard! I hope his smoking catches up with him soon.


1969 days ago


*could instead of bad.

paid for it himself = pays for the flight and any cost associated with the outing itself. I don't care about the security necessarily, just pay as if you were taking a normal business or commercial flight from DC to NY.

1969 days ago


bush got criticized for everything under the sun, but this guy can do no wrong. unbelievable.

1969 days ago


anniestalk, you're stupid. Of course, he has a birth certificate. It has been posted online for all to see. What a tired argument. If you don't like the man, you don't like him. So what? He's still President and he can go to New York or anywhere else he wants to go. Some of you are just hateful because you can't afford a trip to New York or a fancy dinner.

1969 days ago


It's a disgrace!!! He is treating the military aircraft like his own private planes...oh wait, they are!! THe money he wasted could have certainly been spent in D.C. maybe helping fund a homeless shelter, help some people who are losing their homes, or doing some other good. He seems to have no regard that our country is fallng apart around him. He's acting just like a two bit banana republic dictator!!!

1969 days ago


0bama could eat baby polar bear for dinner and his supporters would praise him for it.

Hey Barack, how did you help the environment with an unnecessary round trip jet flight to NYC? This arrogant guy is unbelievable.

"Do as I say, not as I do" - your leader/messiah Barack H. 0bama

1969 days ago


He isn't doing anything but going to and having parties and "date nights"!!!!! What an a**hole!! People are losing their jobs everyday and they have the nerve to use MY MONEY!!!!!! He needs to do something before something is done to this country!!!!! McCain! McCain!!!

1969 days ago


I am perfectly fine with a little time away to enjoy themselves. How many of us carry so much responsibility on our shoulders every minute of the day? That responsibility didn't go away even while he was at the theater - the president never has a day off.

1969 days ago


What a copout...all of these trailer park idiots are saying Obama is spending my all didn't have any money before you even knew who Obama was....and you still don't have any money now...but now you want to blame Obama for you being broke...what a joke you people are...trying to use the "Obama Card"

1969 days ago


The security and travel tab for an occasional date night for the Obamas is NOT going to break the country. Other presidents I'm sure spent a lot more on trips/entertainment, we just weren't as interested. The man is this nation's president, not its' prisoner.

1969 days ago


#118 Monique: For your information, the Birth Certificate he posted on line can not be used for a JOB (I-9 form) or for a passport. So why didn't he post a VALID birth certificate?
This is another outrageous act by Obama. Let's see, over $300,000.00 for a photo op (AirForceOne over NY) $100.00 per pound beef for a party, fly in a pizza chef from Chicage because he's craving pizza.
I get the impression that he's playing corporate executive, problem is, we're paying for it.

1969 days ago


They both make me want to puke. He is driving this country into the ground. His liberal, muslim, communist a*s needs to shut up (of course he can't speak unless his telepromter is on and thinking for him) and get out of office asap.

1969 days ago


Who give a crap what they LOOK LIKE - you people are such idiots - you should not be allowed to vote - Just vote for the color of his skin and nothing else - I am so dissapointed that our governmental school system has failed to educate you idiots. Let the Arabs and Chinese take over and then let's see how you feel about how he LOOKS - - - - arrgghhh.

1969 days ago
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