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Carrie Prejean's Lawyer -- Fellow H8er

5/31/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanIt would make sense for Carrie Prejean -- the poster child for "traditional marriage" -- to hire a lawyer who shares her beliefs. And wouldn't you know it -- she picked one of the most famous ones of the bunch.

TMZ has learned Prejean has hired Charles Limandri, who acted as as general counsel to the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) when the group spearheaded the California ballot initiative to include the marriage definition in the constitution (aka Proposition 8).

We're told Prejean is trying to use Limandri to help her negotiate her contract with the Miss Universe Organization so she can make unauthorized public appearances with whomever she wants. (*cough cough NOM)

Prejean appears in an ad for NOM that is displayed prominently on their website -- despite the objections of the Miss Universe Organization.


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I must admit this bitch has got a really nice ass.

1969 days ago


two cents - your logic is exactly the way people once looked at inter racial marriages. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.

1969 days ago

nelly forbush    

She's a hater because she believes marriage is between a man and women, but Obama who believes the same isn't? Nice hypocrisy TMZ. Hope you realize that all this Miss California bashing and intolerance did was turn even more people against gay marriage.

1969 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Wow, she really IS Anita Bryant Jr.
And the difference between her and Obama?? Obama doesn't make it his BUSINESS to go around slamming on gay marriage, as it seems Miss Prejean wants to do.

1969 days ago


Am I the only one that finds it funny how the fundies use Perez as their justification for the way Prejean is acting? Perez makes no apologies for geing a d-bag. In fact, it's the reason anyone even knows who he is. Is that what these people want their idol spokesmodel, Carrie Prejean to aspire to? Nice goals.

1969 days ago

David R. Usher    

How dare TMZ call those who oppose the take-over of marriage by the N.O.W. haters!! Until men can naturally bear babies, SSM will magnify the differences between the sexes to maximum proportions. Heterosexual marriage is the only institution that completely erases all natural, social, politically-imposed, and culturally-imposed differences between men and women. "Opposite" marriage is what makes the human race ONE race.

SSM is no different that whites suggesting they should be able to discriminate against blacks, red-line urban areas, or only hire whites. The NOW legal team (now known as Lambda) has been pushing SSM hard since 1998, not to help gay men. NOW wants SSM to create the right for women to marry each other (regardless of sexual orientation), have chattel ownership of kids born with whatever studs they feel like, collect multiple child support orders, have welfare state entitlements, plus their own two incomes. The only thing men get out of SSM is a huge child support order threatened by prison. Large numbers of men will tolerate total social disenfranchisement, you haven't been paying attention to what has become relatively commonplace in the divorce revolution -- some guy goes bananas when he is thrown out of society for no reason whatsoever -- and he settles it with a gun. A fair number of women do this too.

If you believe in equality, and do not want to see America turn into a very dangerous gender war ground, you have no choice but to oppose same sex marriage. If you think SSM won't make America into a gender struggle warfront, please recall that nobody thought the divorce revolution NOW started in the 1960's would amount to much.

1969 days ago


"Poster Child?" What's with the ongoing criticism and hatred towards those who disagree? I really don't get it. I'm against same sex marriage too, but I don't hate gays. Alot of people do, but I do not. I don't hate anybody to tell you the truth. I just disagree. It really is sad.

1969 days ago


#70 If you are denying a minoroty group their rights because they are not like you... well I hate to break it to ya toots but you ARE a bigot you can't make statment like "I don't hate gays" and in the same breath say "but I don't believe they should have any rihts" because face it YOU DO hate them and YOU ARE an intollerant bigoted ignorant fool. All you of you people rah-ahing Mrs Bigot California might as well own up to what you REALLY are and how ugly you & your beauty queen truly are.

1969 days ago


Why does this insane woman even care what gays do? Is she mentally ill or something? It's stupid. Girlfriend desperately needs to get a life. Chances are she is only doing this so she can milk her lame a$$ 15 minutes of fame. That a way, you go girl. Stay in that spotlight no matter how disrespectfully you do it. LAME-LAME-LAME!

1969 days ago


Over this barbie. Get her off the news.

1969 days ago


God Bless Carrie and all those who fight to protect the sacred institution of marriage. One man, one woman!

1969 days ago


its all very simple for me. The Book of Common Prayer (circa 1729) specifically states that a marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman, and was created by God for the purpose of mutual comfort and the procreation of children. I believe all states should have domestic partership laws to insure the rights of ANYONE (same or opposite sex) who do not marry.

1969 days ago

Johnathan Torres    

Does this person person know that after all this gay bashing chaos is over shes gonna end up getting clothes from dress barn. She is in a business thats ruled by the gay man (dress, makeup, hair). Of course who gives a damn what she says.... She flashes her body on the internet and then wants to quote the bible... Hey read it once in a while... people like you back in those days used to get stoned. Goes to show that Donald Trumps thinks With the head that always seems to get him in trouble. What a waste...

1969 days ago


Can't you people supporting this awful woman at least man up & admit you hate gays? Don't hide behind the bible, don't say "I have nothing againt gay people but"...." Just scome on out & let your freak flag fly & say loud & Proud "I hate gay people. I am a bigot and don't want anyone who is different from me to have the same rights I do'" If you have the audacity to try to take rights away from others at least have the balls to be honest about it.

1969 days ago


Damn!! What was she doing when this pic was taken?

1969 days ago
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