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Prince Harry

Royal Flush

5/31/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Harry gets his own personal throne.


Sometimes it really sucks to be the second born.


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Donald Ray    

Man, TMZ, I bet your paps were dissappointed they didn't actually get a pic of him with his dk in his hand, or actually dumping. They would've been asking their NORMAL stupid questions, anyway.

1935 days ago



1934 days ago


20. He looks just like his dad - Captain James Hewitt
Posted at 12:47PM on May 31st 2009 by Jazz

1934 days ago


Harry always looks embarrassed or
Harry has high blood pressure, his face is always RED, like his hair

DNA would settle the "father" heritage, but you can bet that will NEVER happen as long as Prince Charles is alive.

1934 days ago


Both princes seem very down to earth like their mother. I especially love Harry because he defied his father, the Queen and the military and insisted upon being deployed to Iraq with the squadron with whom he trained. He saw several months of combat with his men, until the press "outed" his precise location, and made him and his unit a target. I imagine he is great fun to be around.

1934 days ago


he didn't pee..he pooped. and tmz got the turd, and it is now on ebay..starting bid at 200.00 not bad

1934 days ago


Nature breaks are off limits. No comedy here. You all are morons.

1934 days ago


prince harry following royal protocol would probably have his own portaloo for the duration of the polo event (and then it would be destroyed) I see no health issue - and he probably took off his polo boots so he didn't drag the dirt in there (who knows)...

1934 days ago


I don't think he's James Hewitt's son. Harry was born in 1984, P.Diana didn't meet Hewitt till 2 years later. And Harry's eyes are blue, Hewitt's are brown. If Harry was Hewitt's son, then Harry should be sporting brown eyes, since they're genetically dominant over blue.
I just think that genetically speaking, it's impossible for Harry to be Hewitt's son.
Besides a lot of people can often look like someone else, but it doesn't mean that they're related.

1934 days ago


But I agree, the no shoes thing? Pretty nasty.
And you can't say that he doesn't have other footwear at hand.

1934 days ago


Harry popped in for a joint and a number 3.

1934 days ago


Uh.. England (#34 and #35) you're kinda creepy... you sound like some sort of borderline personality of a stalker and overly obsessed fan.
Careful, one more picture might do ya in.

1933 days ago


People like you make me laugh Creeped Out (#36). You accuse me of being creepy and having a borderline personality of a stalker or overly obsessed fan. Yet here you are looking at an online photo of Prince Harry going to the toilet - and even posting comments about it! Don't tell me. Your mouse accidentally clicked on this page. You are quite clearly obsessed with Prince Harry yourself to even be here. Some would call that stalking. Millions of people think as I do, Prince Harry is like a God to us. Come to think of it, I wonder what his feet and socks smell like. Do they smell like ordinary socks and feet?

1933 days ago


To England:
It's the first time his royal ginger head came to new york, so of course NO ONE would be fascinated! @.@
Commenting ONCE (now twice, but only cause your stupidity is pitying) does not make you obsessed. If you watch T.V. and bother yourself to think of the facts and make a comment- that doesn't make you obsessed, just interested or opinionated or simply because you've got something to say.
But asking if his stool smells normal? Dude that is disturbing.
Anyway, I have my life to live, just stopped by for a lovely though not so intelligent chat. You should consider yourself lucky I stopped by and taught a few lessons. You can come by and thank me anytime, of course I won't be visiting this article again. (I can't believe how many people can operate a computer but can't spell)
By the way, #31 I dunno much about genetics but I think I recall something like that. We don't focus much on genetics in psychology class. But, At least SOMEONE is using their brains.

1930 days ago
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