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Joe Biden's

Stimulus Package

6/1/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In these hard economic times, Vice President Joe Biden will give you the shirt off his back.


JoJo soaked his shirtless 66-year-old bones at a beach on the Jersey Shore on Saturday.

Hopefully the Secret Service wasn't the only protection he used.


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1935 days ago


don't you think him and obama would work out together? im wondering why TMZ didn't put a star over those boobies

1935 days ago


Stimulus Package?
Are we supposed to be able to see his package in one of the pictures because I don't see anything.
Bigger question, how does the paparazzi get so close to a half-naked VP?

1935 days ago

Linda Mott    

Please give him his shirt back and some tape to put over his mouth so we don't have to hear all those blunders.

1935 days ago


You are always bashing. Pick on your own bod Harvey.

1935 days ago


Boy sure hate to say this but may this is the "Change We Can Believe In". Jo Jo soaking up the sun at a beach, and Nero Obama off to the theatre for a little $600,000.00 tax payer paid for "date night". Lets see the economy is in the tank, Barak and gang have put everyone in America individually responsible for $55,000.00 in debt, spent last week in Las Vegas and Hollywood hanging with the "elitist left wing Speilberg,Katzenbergs,Streisans", while Jo Jo grabs some beach r-n-r. Any of your recent votes for these 2 crooks who have lost thier jobs since "the big day in January" want to re-think your Vote For Change. Go ahead enjoy your Top Raman diet, while Barry/Joe and Michelle have $1600.00 afternoon "snacks", hang at the beach and Hollywood elite spending you, your children, and grandchilrens inheritence. Thanks TMZ for showing what criminals are living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

1935 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Joe's the man!!

1935 days ago


Obama picked him because he is Stupid!

1935 days ago


The governement is spending trillions, the car companies are going belly up and the ownership is changing hands to be owned by the government and unions and this is what we worry about? Who looks better withouth their shirt. It really is no wonder this country is in the shape it is.

1935 days ago

Triple Play    

NIce Teats Joe Step away fom the wine bar and do a little exercising

1935 days ago


For Ron D:

How come you didn't complain when Bush, who had never been out of the country before he became president, was flying his fanny all over the world on an all expense paid vacation for eight years !! You haters make me sick.

Please send us some of your pictures when you are sitting on a FREE Beach! Give Biden a break.

1935 days ago


The class in the white house has hit the bottom of the barrel, between obama spening money like a druken sailor and drunken uncle joe we are in a supreme mess! This horror story will have no happy ending...

1935 days ago

artie help    

this jerk-off is reckless and a moron.

1935 days ago


who cares? people need to stop being soo judgemental, who cares what he looks like its whats on the inside that counts and he looks good if you ask me, the guy is 66! Why doesnt the paparazzi leave people alone and let them live in peace! amen

1935 days ago

artie help    

hey PENNYB638. why don't you take all this energy, and educate yourself. Instead of blindly following a narcisstic, egomaniac and his American hating wife. Why do you want thiese people running your life? You sound like a blind fool looking for some hope. GO READ A BOOK FOOL.

1935 days ago
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