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Cracks Up,

Eminem Walks Out

6/1/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was shades of Shaq last night at the MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen gave Eminem a taste of "Bruno." The question -- was Eminem genuinely pissed or was it choreographed like a Britney concert?

Check out the vid -- then vote.


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I agree with # 8. it was planned by MTV but Em had no idea this was going to happen. And to all the ppl saying EM knew about it are idiots.

1973 days ago



1973 days ago


I really don't think MTV would do something like this to someone like Eminem without prior consent.

1973 days ago

mary shannon    

This was fake LOL But super funny and what was the funniest was the reactions on the audiences faces LOL ...People were not moving because they were prob waiting for guns to come out shooting LMAO

1973 days ago


Super fake. What are the chances thet Baron Cohen's ass landed pefectly on Eminem's face. Completely planned prank

1973 days ago
81. & g.reaper are c*nts    

funny as hell! reading some comments, why are americans so scared of gay ppl? not all but some have such old fashion opinions. im sure you negative ones are all closet gays anyway. you guys look so backwards and retarded in the eyes of europe!

sasha isnt gay btw for you dumb a**es who seems to think he is.

1973 days ago


His/bodygaurds did not react.
His album promos were pulled from television.(all a publicity stunt)

Some where Christina Aguilera is laughing her a** off.

1973 days ago

Robin D.    

I am a body language expert. Emenim clearly states, "get this m; f'er off of me" I bet Sasha knew he was going to land on him but he didn't he was SO PISSED! I hate it for Slim Shady..But I really hate it for Bruno the ballsy nut job. This was so planned on Bruno's part but NOT on Emenim's PART! there will be HELL TO PAY!

1973 days ago


#106 E' took the words right out of my mouth....or the keys right from my k/board...

1973 days ago

Kris have GOT to be kidding me....on SO many levels...

1973 days ago


I think this was totally tackless. No one should have to have someone else's balls right in their face. If he would have done that to say, Meryl Streep or someone like that and they were pissed and walked out, everyone would be on their side. Do it to me, I wouldhave chomped down before I walked out!

1973 days ago


Whats priceless is the WTH look on Zac Efrons face!

1973 days ago


I woke up to my alarm clock when I heard about it. I was really freaked out about it because I thought it was just a joke. but when i saw it on the news I was a little disturbed. I mean Eminem is one of my favorite Rappers and plus I think he's kind of cute. It was funny but wrong. i can tell that Eminem was not faking I would of left to after what happened.

1973 days ago


SO FAKE AND SOOOOOO STUPID> Sacha Cohen is so not funny. People who think he is funny are WAY to easily entertained.

1973 days ago


I tell you what. I'm gay. And if that f*ck put his sack in my face, that sack is getting punched the f*ck out of my face like right now.

1973 days ago
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