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Susan Boyle Checks into Clinic for Exhaustion

6/1/2009 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle"Britain's Got Talent" sensation Susan Boyle was admitted to a London clinic on Sunday, a day after her shocking second place finish on the show.

She is said to be suffering from exhaustion.

"Nobody has had to put up with the kind of attention Susan has had. Nobody could have predicted it," one of the show's judges, Piers Morgan, told a Brit TV show. "It has been crazy, she has gone from anonymity to being the most downloaded woman in history."

If Cindy Margolis can handle it, Susan Boyle should be able to.


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Zach Swan    

"Exhaustion"? Yep. That's what Lohan called it. And Winehouse. And so many others. Seems Ms. Boyle has finally got a taste of some celebrity-grade cocaine. Bet the stuff they have in your little Scottish town never lit you up like the blow you can get now after you've sung a few lame show tunes on TV...

1941 days ago

me so horny    

I Don't mean to be rude, British women are not known for being beautiful, this is what most of the women look like in the UK, and I know because I lived there.

1941 days ago

Karen Ann    

I can't believe some of the mean, nasty comments on here... Susan has a beautiful, wonderful voice. I can't even imagine all the stress she had lately coming from a small town, and now she's the most downloadable person on the Internet. People always following her around, trying to give her makeovers, etc... No wonder she had an emotional breakdown. I wish her all the best and although she came in 2nd place, she still has one of the best voices around. You go Susan!!!

1941 days ago


People are cruel, the tabloids in particular. They love to build someone up only to rip the rug from right under them to watch them fall and jeer at them. She has great talent and should do well if she decides to persue it. People need to give her a chance to her head clear and to feel stronger. Susan, get well soon!

1941 days ago

First whores!    

Maggie, will you make me a bowl of porridge? Sounds delicious.

1941 days ago


I must say, she does sing pretty good for a retarded person.

1941 days ago


Poor lady!

1941 days ago


This is NOT newsworthy. This lady is in alot of pain for some reason, and all you do at TMZ is exploit her sadness..I am sure you can find better things to write then someone's unhappiness.

1941 days ago

nobody special    

I honestly don't think Susan knew what was she was undertaking when applying to this show - I mean come on - she was so naive. Someone should have warned her and protected her from the nasty media in Britain - they are brutal.
I think its a good thing that she lost because I really don't believe she could have handled fame and everything good or bad that goes with it.

1941 days ago


Dear Princess - How old did you say you were? 3? OK, that explains it. What a bunch of stupid people. I'd like to see any of you idiots who mock Susan Boyle to do what she did, get the press she did and not be affected by it. Kudos to "Totallyirked". Couldn't agree more. Demographic for TMZ - 3-5 year olds.

1941 days ago


I know you wont read these Susan, but I hope everything goes great for you!

1941 days ago


the world seriously gets more judgemental, immature and stupid as the day goes on. Most people cant even wrap their heads around what shes going through. Being all of a sudden on stage in front on thousands of people for the first time, most people would never be able to do that! And then on top of that world wide stardom, of course shes stressed out! I would never have even been able to walk on that stage, she did a great job and seriously leave this poor lady alone! Let her try to partially live in peace, and get lives people! That stress would make anyone go to the hospital goodness sakes.

1941 days ago


I rarely comment on TMZ, bu thtis article was just too much. The media went picnicing on this woman who lived in a small Scottish village, and who has a terrific voice. They hounded this unwordly yet tremedously talented lady; then they fed her to the wolves. The Brits then complained about how they were over-fed on Susan; it was NOT Susan's fault. I have never been more ashamed of the media then during the last two weeks. I also fault the BGT execs.

I hope Susan gets a recording contract and comes out with a CD so that we can enjoy her wonderful voice, but on her terms and her time table. When I heard "Cry Me a River" and that first audition with BGT, I was awestruck. This lady makes Elaine Paige look like an amateur. Good luck Susan! My advice: Don't take the media or fame seriously...they can make or break a person in minutes. And keep your friends close to stay grounded. We can't wait for your CD. Enjoy the promises that life has in store for you.

1941 days ago


To 3 hot chicks & 1 pimpin gangstra YOUR A LOSER ALL THE WAY!! IQ of a six year old!! Chad what stick have you been hit with you dumba$$

1941 days ago


Susan Boyle is a wonderful Broadway singer but I wondered if she knew or could sing more then 2 songs. She wouldn't make it on American Idol where the contestants have to sing every genre from Broadway to Hard Rock and with their own take on the song not Karoke. The pressure on her was unbelievable to win. I have the feeling many younger Americans just never heard songs from Cats or other Broadway shows and how beautiful the voices of these singers can be. Hopefully Susan will find a musical play and can enjoy her music and have a career in the theatre.

1941 days ago
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