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OctoMom -- Babies Got Bank

6/2/2009 2:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomOctoMom may be protecting her OctoATMs after all -- by making sure the kiddies get their proper cut of the profits when it's time to start filming her reality show.

Nadya Suleman's lawyer told us she has already set up "Coogan Accounts" for the OctoATMS -- which are required for any child actors (aka her kids) under contract. The accounts tuck away 15% of the kids' gross earnings, which can't be touched until they turn the ripe age of 18.

At least they'll have something to show for it.


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Make it 15% per child and let her sorry ass do it for free,lol

1976 days ago


15%? What happens to the other 85%? Oh, yeah...Octonail, octofacials, octoshopping sprees...does anybody know if the money will go back to the california taxpayers she's been ripping off? Betcha we taxpayers pay for her delivery...betcha!

1976 days ago


That's cool, but I think it should be atleast 50% that gets put back for when the kids turn 18. Hopefully those kids will be set though.

1976 days ago

Jesus juice    

The difference between J and K and Octoimplants: J and K's kids aren't retards. Octoimplants ARE. Because J and K's kids aren't retards, they will have to support those kids themselves. Octoimplants, on the other hand, will always receive assistance from the state of California since they are retards. It doesn't matter how much money she makes....she will always get free nannies and assistance from the state. (look it up for yourselves under disabled kids) SO when she says she is not living off of assistance...SHE may not be, but the retarded kids are and will ALWAYS be. Also, since she is the mother, it is up to her on what to do with the disability checks the retarded kids get each month. (It is suppose to go for them...but you know how that works) When they are 18, she will then apply for guardianship over them....again, she will continue to receive $$$$ for them. The new 8 are most likely going to be retarded as, you figure it out. She will be able to live off of her kids impairments just fine.

1976 days ago



1976 days ago

Joy West    

#41. I do not care for Octomom either and will not watch a reality show of hers. But you are way out of line calling her kids "retards." They may be mentally challenged but you are sick-sick.

1976 days ago


She's gonna spend that money so fast - she's already spending money like crazy. By the time her 15 minutes will finally be up, she will have made millions but will have nothing to show for it except lots of clothes, makeup and other 'things'. Watch! California taxpayers...we ain't done paying for her kids yet. Maybe she'll go off of welfare for a few months but she WILL be back on. AND, California Taxpayers are, in fact, paying the bill for her delivery even though she is making millions. Go figure. I make an extra 100.00 and I gotta pay taxes. She makes millions and she still gets the benefits of medical.

1976 days ago


RE: toofunny
You seem entirely too comfortable bashing innocent children like that. You obviously have severe issues that you should be getting help for. Where were your parents when you needed to be taught respect and manners?

1976 days ago


So, bully for Octo-midas........15% is chump -change. I wonder just how much Jeff Czeck-book is charging.......? No doubt he will not be shortchanging himself. Such a mother's love for her children. ....They are valued by her to the tune of 15%. The court case is just around the corner. Octo is doing the minimal that is required.............she is being pro-active for herself, in preparation for the court case, and avoid a punitive action. Too late, pigswill....your behaviour & intent, has already been blatantly displayed to the Public.....including the Judicial & Social yourself. You & your smarmy lawyer, may escape Judicial censure by the skin of your pubic hairs...but you, in the eyes of honest, hardworking, ethical & decent people, have been put on Notice. We read you as the empty book that you are. Now can we read your Bank book. We know that is not empty. Oh yes, that will be #1 on the bestseller list in 2010. , It's author...The IRS.

1976 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

# 40 toofunny aka toostupid.
I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.

The only 'retard' here is YOU. For an adult to use that term is disgusting and shows a limited mental capacity. This is NOT about the children...they are sacrosanct ( I bet you have to look up the meaning and pronunciation). These comments are directed towards Suleman and her behaviour. Yes...its an open forum...freedom of speech and all that. Apparently in your case its freedom of making an ass of yourself..........

Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you abuse the privilege.

( yeah...I resorted to name calling BUT this is one adult (me) refering to someone to doesn't quite get the concept of being an adult )

1976 days ago


Maybe now she can pay back the tax payers for all the money that has spent on her being on MediCAL. How the hell are these babies still being a burden to the tax payers when their mother has income. She also put her house in her fathers name to get past reporting this to MediCAL. I wish MediCAL would do an public reporting on how much money they have spent on her and her family all while she is moving into a new house, getting furniture and spending money she is getting for appearances. How the hell does this happen because if it was some poor unknown person, MediCAL would be up her/his ass for the money they are making outside of what is acceptable.

1976 days ago


By the way. the only wy to ensure this self absorbed woman does not profit from her decisions that the tax payers pay the bills for is to NOT WATCH HER SHOW.

1976 days ago

Sue Wong    


1976 days ago

In my professional opinion    

I found this post it sums it up ....This would be brand suicide for any sponsor and for any network . Anybody who watches this garbage will contribute to the exploitation of her 14 children. The only positive thing is the department of children's services will have the evidence they need. Angels in Waiting nurses, were on the record stating her older children were up till one to two o'clock in the morning, playing outside. And Octo-mom will send them off to school the very next day. Neighbors have mentioned the older child has full-blown violence temper tantrums and cusses like a sailor, and Octo mom just giggles and thinks it's cute. If the reality show does not censor the home environment these children will hopefully be taken away by the local department of children's services in a heartbeat. Her children need a loving committed parent, and sadly they do not have one. All they have is a greedy uterus who has exploited all 14 of her children for the greed of money an fame to address her narcissism. In my expert opinion she suffers from Munchhausen by proxy with a narcissism component. For some reason Kaiser Permanente, has been inapt in diagnosing her mental condition, and sent these infants home, to be abused by their older siblings who suffers from violent outbursts due to autism and poor parenting skills. Plus, exploited by greedy media corporations and their obviously mentally ill mother.
Please for the sake of doing the right thing.... boycott..... boycott .... boycott.
Oh by the way, we all know Octo -mom has lied from the very beginning, telling her mother she had a cancerous tumor when she was actually pregnant with 8 embryos, less be factual - every word out of her mouth is a lie, the truth is the exact opposite of her statements. I just ran across the Angels in waiting website, and read the story of the founder, who adopted a miracle child named "Sammy," and then I read the injured ones ...have a tissue handy ! IT MADE ME CRY TOO!! AIW are NICU nurses who reached out to help the octuptles, to help identify developmental disabilities and signs of early symptoms of autism to address and mitigate issues of DD and autism . Octomom slander this wonderful foundation, and the founder .
Read for yourself

1976 days ago


I personaly think EVERYONE needs to lay off this poor women. She is a mom and that is that. She is being a good caring mom and doing what any single women raising children would do and thats provide for thier children.
Nobody is ever happy. You are angry at her if she is trying to make money to support and live but then you get angry because she is collecting government money. So what is it people? she is trying to make money and get off government help so leave the women alone. If she wants to do a tv show then let it be.

Besides the majority of you haters would jump at an opportunity to become famous. Funny how double mined peopel in this judgemental world can be sometimes...

Why don't you just stop and think about it What would you do in her shoes?

I just feel she is doing her best and that we should all try and repect that or leave it alone.

1976 days ago
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