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Octomom: I Just Called to Say ... I Got a Ticket

6/2/2009 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can't have your hands at the "10 and 2" positions on the steering wheel while talking on a cell phone -- a lesson cops say Octomom Nadya Suleman just learned the hard way.


Cops tell us the unfortunately famous mother of too many was just ticketed in La Habra for talking on her cell phone while operating her OctoVan.

Wonder how the kids are gonna help her pay that one off.

: Cops tell us there was at least one kid in the car at the time she was pulled over. Must have been an important call.


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Sean P.    

Jane. . . I goofed, She is just Sharon Taylor on Facebook. Type in "Sharon Taylor + Phoenix, AZ" and see if that works. She is wearing some curved diamondish earings. There is a "Nadya Suleman Supporters" group that she posts on on Facebook, but also she has her own. People posted the link to that on Razzi, I can't find it on my own for some reason. Good luck! I signed into Facebook when I was looking for someone one day, Now they've added a username, so I am CaliforniaTaxpayer (no space between words). If you sign up, see if you can send me a message!

1936 days ago

Sean P.    

Yip, Yip, Hooray. . .It's Independence Day! Derby's cheer for the 4th. It was a busy day in the Lizard's Rock Garden -- most of the thorny weeds seemed to be absent. If the Proctos were present, maybe they were hiding from view behind a pile of composted manure? I loved the Millie Vanilli lipsyncing reference -- I still remember how they were exposed eventually. . .ah ha.

1936 days ago

Sean P.    

Millie Hartnell, abt.63 yrs. old. Lives in WI. Retired nursing instructor -- retired early due to rheumatoid arthritis. Wrote a thesis titled: Needs, Concerns, and Daily Hassels of Parents of Adolescents with Behavior Disorders and How they Cope. And yes, 'hassles' was spelled 'hassels' in multiple locations on the net. She is currently the computer tech coordinator at her Seventh Day Adventist Church. Has another web profile name, Millifred. Posted on WOWOWOW (women on the web) about Nadya, refering to another popular website where there are people like us (I assume she meant Razzi). Found the link for sharon's NS page: http://www dot facebook dot com/board dot php?uid=50341028122

Haven't made any progress with Robin -- she is flying under the radar. . .doesn't reveal her last name anywhere.

1936 days ago


CaliforniaTaxpayer...........I loved your post .." Lizards Rock Garden......... composted Manure." So, Millie is Millifred........a seventh day adventist.......aka: Spreading the Gospel of the Sulemanites. Absolutely marvellous work..........Espionage is definitely your forte. In terms of Susan.something has been ringing a bell {Ah ! the famous bell} with me for some time . Last year I was on a blog , I cannot remember which, or why..........but there was a Susan, from Australia rambling on about the wonders of Australia's social & economic status. Her soliloquy was noteable, because she spent considerable time promoting & soliciting for her pharmaceutical business . which I found rude & opportunistic. I am fairly certain that this is the same Susan.

1935 days ago

Sean P.    

Jane -- This current Susan has mentioned being from Australia. right? Isn't she the one also who talked this week about possibly moving to DC??? Does she mean Washington D.C.? Astonishing!!! Now pharmaceuticals are an appropriate business for her since she tries to sell a bunch of OCTO-SNAKEOIL wherever she goes.

Ankaret -- The Aussies and Derby (the Border) send you love and kisses.


1935 days ago


I think the punishment should be multiplied by 100 if there are kids in the car.

1968 days ago


Another one that thinks they are above the law!

1968 days ago

Carrys F.    

Can somebody please gift that woman with a bluetooth already?

1968 days ago


I agree with numbers 1 and 2

1968 days ago

Carrys F.    

She'll spend hundreds of dollars on MAC makeup but she can't buy herself a headset for the car?

1968 days ago


Let the moron get her own Bluetooth. We geive her enough already!

1968 days ago


Just when you think this nut had disappeared...she comes back. Who gives a flying f if she got a ticket?

1968 days ago



1968 days ago


" OctoVan "


1968 days ago


that is soooo stupid to do news about! SO WHAT. My state doesn't even have a law against that! It is courteous here but we don't get tickets for it!!!!!!!! HA HA HA we just try not to do too many calls don't pick up unless its a have to situation

1968 days ago
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