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David Caruso's Nanny Says Ex Is a Tamperer

6/3/2009 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David CarusoThe David Caruso break up has just gotten uglier.

The nanny who took care of the Caruso kids is suing his ex -- Liza Marquez -- claiming she got fired because she wouldn't turn her back on David.

The nanny worked for the couple until they separated two years ago. She then went to work for Marquez, who suddenly demanded that the nanny sign a confidentiality agreement. The nanny refused, claiming the real motivation was to keep secrets from David. So Marquez gave the nanny the ax.

Nanny Maria Vianey Guadron says in legal papers she just filed -- Marquez had no right to pressure a potential witness in a custody/palimony case to sign documents that would prohibit her from testifying.

God knows what Marquez must have been saying about David behind closed doors ....


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frig chris brown, frig him, loser    

1st bitches

1965 days ago


Dang FIRST ........where at you still doing it

1965 days ago


He's an ass. If you watch CSI Miami closely you will see scenes where he screws up royally and obviously refuses to do retakes so they leave them in. He's also starting a crappy web service that supposedly lets you remix videos and TV shows the way you want-say for some reason you want to see some losers like Heidi and Spencer on an old episode of Star Trek or something liek that-he thinks it's cutting edge and will make a ton of money but in reality its almost as retarded as he is.

1965 days ago


we care about this dude because...............

1965 days ago

* WHiSKY GiRL *    


1965 days ago


I don't think any confidentiality agreement would prevent a person from testifying in court. When I have to sign ones for clients, though, I specify that I'm permitted to talk with officers of the court and any consultants needed in case of a payment dispute.... :) But really, if you're served with a subpoena, I don't think a confidentiality agreement would hold up as an impediment to testifying and no penalty could be applied. It's not like talking to the National Enquirer, after all.

1965 days ago


Celebs need to stop trying to use confidentiality agreements as a green light for illegal or harassing behavior.

However, in this instance, the girlfriend is not a celebrity and is at a disadvantage going up against a 'celebrity.' She has a right to protect herself in this instance, especially since he can use the media to greater advantage.

Seems she has a right to release the nanny. Trying to contort this into a witness tampering case seems like abusive lawyer maneuvering.

1965 days ago


I still think he's one of the most underrated actors...I don't know what it is I can't put my finger on it , but by God the man can act..

1965 days ago


What wife? He never married the money-grubber. The media smear is SOP for her and her attorney. She knew she didn't have a leg to stand on; that's why she wanted the nanny to sign the confidentiality agreement. Why would the nanny sign any agreement not to report to the person who pays her salary?

1965 days ago


Awww, I love David Caruso! Whatsamatta w/you people!

I think he is super cool, love the character he plays, always there to take care of things, whether for his newly found son, or the son's whacky mother, or any of his employees, or his dead brother's wife, etc. etc.

He always "has their back"! No matter what the problem. Totally irresistable!

Not to mention he is always sooo kind to little children, or anybody who is hurting. He doesn't need a lot of lines to get his character across. He plays it just supa fine!

I wouldn't mind having a guy like that around the house... and not just inside the TV set. He's a real man (at least on TV).


Also liked a former show he was in which did not air too long, but he played that character, Michael Hayes, just as well, he was a Federal Prosecutor for the Southern District of NY, or something like that.


So beat him up if you want, but I like him anyway. Naa Naa!

1953 days ago


Good to hear that she sues his ass...

1297 days ago

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