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Amy Wino is the World's Worst Lifeguard

6/6/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At least the dog has the right idea: When you see Amy Winehouse, run away as fast as you can.

amy winehouse

Wino was the only "adult" hanging on the beach with some young friends in St. Lucia.

Where are the parents?!


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You guys are crazy. It just a picture of her hugging some fans while on vacation. Leave her alone already.

1908 days ago


What is wrong with you people? I see three females that are taller than Amy...maybe one or all may be parents? Maybe they are sitting with the younger children and PLEASE tell me when is a HUG wrong? I think this picture is sweet. So what if she has a drug problem? I don't see her offerning the kids a syringe or a crackpipe... it's a hug. There's a TON of so-called-superstar-celebrities running around with and without drug problems that won't give ANYONE much less a child the time of day.

1908 days ago


Wino is tainting the entire Caribbean in her quest for (BOODEE HOODEE) more sympathy. They should tell the beoytch to GROW UP and go home. Or take her on a one-way fishing trip and end this saga once and for all.

1908 days ago


#16 Fina - Your comment is spot on. Winehouse just looks so nasty from all her self-abuse and mutilation. In her case, more is definitely not better.

1908 days ago


DEBBIE #18..... Winehouse doesn't just have a drug problem. She has a (hello!) life problem. She mutilates herself for God's sake. She has abused herself to the brink of death and is a Terrible example to hold up to young people. Nothing she does - nothing - is sweet. Unless you're in as bad a shape as she is perhaps.

1908 days ago


amy madhouse as we call her here in lucia....amy needs some real friends....i hope she finds some.

1908 days ago


thank you very much 15 u beat me to the response so what we pick bananas the same bananas you ignorant fools eating, you americans jus have a picture in your head that we all walk around in grass skirts and sticks..but saint lucia is much more developed than please, is tht supposed to be funny, i am very much offended by that comment, what if i said that americans supposed to some of the smartest people in the world yet the a srudy just came out saying breast milk actually has benefits something people down here KNEW for ages or that you guys say in GOD WE TRUST yet still you can't public proclaim how much you love him..please don't even get me started... do your damn research and come back again..fool

1908 days ago


for those of you who are unaware of life in st lucia....we caribbean folk...children...etc frequent the beach without adults because from birth it seems we are capable of playing in sand and water unsupervised....having each other backs etc...also the children in this photograph range from young to mid 6 years in the caribbean you are a pretty good swimmer...

and who the !!!! is wino and why are papps still taking photographs of her in this disgraceful state, they should all be ashamed to point a camera in her direction. Also she always seems to want to rescue something on the island. You also use the word lifeguard really loosely....i am sure these children regardless of age are way more stable and aware and DONT NEED RESCUING by some drugged up white chick who has lost her mind

1908 days ago

no thanks!    

All these people defending these packs of wild animals from St. Lucia obviously live there. I know someone who met a girl from there online and "dated" her. All she did is lie to him and use him for money. He went there twice and said they were all a bunch of poor money hungry druggies. Thaank God he finally got smart. The tourism buisness makes it seem like paradise but if you go out of the beach areas around the shantis it is a dump. All they do is try to use people because they are so lazy, Probably why they like dumb a@@ people like Amy. Easy money!!!!!

1908 days ago

Drama Drama...Baby Mama....    

# 27..I guess the joke is on you and your friend. If like you suggested your friend dated this girl from there and he was soo brainless to send her money and take trips to go see her, then i guess the education system down there is not that bad if she was able to be so effective and convincing. Jackass the joke is on who now??? Brainless fool. I do not know where you get your information from, but i have been on holidays in St Lucia and it is one of my favorite holiday destination. I have lived in hotels, i also have a friend from there and she has taken me to the country side too. Yes some places are more upscale than others like everywhere else. It is not perfect. But there are a lot of educated and talented people there. A lot of well developed communities with a lot of nice big houses. The people had a geniune warm, unselfish and inviting attidue there. Not like here in America where most people are conceited, selfish and greedy. We could learn a thing or two from them. They are a lot happier than most of us here i can tell you. They enjoy the everyday basics of life. Not fighting and going overboared to fake a lifestyle they cannot afford, just to look good. So before you go and criticize the nationals there. Go visit and educate yourself.

1908 days ago


A bunch of ignorymasuses

1848 days ago
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