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'NJ Housewife' -- What Planet U On?

6/7/2009 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice (left) -- and Kim Hunter as Dr. Zira in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" (right).

Teresa Giudice and Zira
One of them is known to act uncivilized.

We're just sayin'.


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Damn yo, Obama is white straight pimped slapped da sh*t outta dat racist black ho!!! lol, she can't even come up with jack sh*t to retaliate!!! You da man dawg!!!! You straight wiped the floor with that dumb bitch's grill!!!!

1929 days ago


I ran into your great, great grandmother last night. She was bagging my groceries for me. I told her she looked awesome for her age but then she told me she's only 37. She was upset that your 9 brothers and half brothers all have those nasty ass, black warts all over their necks and on the back of their heads. What's up with that? She said she was disappointed that you and your 18 siblings all dropped out of school by the 8th grade. But yet she was proud of the fact that ya'll at least waited to start having sex until you all got in the 6th grade. I didn't know what all that was about. I drove by a soup kitchen this morning and thought I saw you in the line, but it was hard to tell since all ya'll look alike and it was only africans needing the handout, imagine that!! LOL!!!! I was worried one of your 9 brothers or half brothers got shot last night while I was watching the news. Something about one homie wearing colors direspecting another homie cause his colors didn't match. I guess its some sort of tribal disput bs or something, LOL!!! Any luck on finding your daddy? Odds are he's locked up in a jail that's within 10 miles of your government project provided home, you know, cause all blacks have to walk and don't own cars. He probably got popped trying to rape a white chick. Odds are he's probably close to your same age so you can narrow down your search that way, LOL!!! Have you managed to name all your bastard kids yet? I heard africans like to give their kids the most ridiculous names possible and spell them wrong. Why don't just run down a list of foreign cars for names? That sounds about right, plus it'll give them something to strive for since they won't ever ride in a car, well, at least until they turn 8 years old and get arrested for their first crime. How's that Hooked On Phonics working out for you? Are people starting to understand some of the words coming out of you mouth yet? Maybe when you start putting together complete sentences you can get promoted from foodcourt duty to parking lot detail. I hear that's a full 25 cent increase!!!! LOL!!! Too damn easy!!!!!

1929 days ago

just truth    

In regards to the Michelle Obama comment made by teacup .. "You are a pig in every way" but your opinion is your opinion....Now I will make mine about Teresa she is a immature woman who acted a fool at the "Last Supper" episode in front of children and infront of everyone else.. She is like her daughter she wants attention .. Why else would you be talking about sex at the table where children are eating and later tossed a table over ... Yea Teresa thats class .. I have a whole new outlook on people with money.. Its like giving a million dollars to some preschoolers....

1924 days ago

just truth    

Wow reading all racists comments let me make one ....Dang America the Beautiful even after 9/11 huh... I guess you guys got tired of playing like you had a black friend hidden some where... The last time I looked at TV there was only one shade crying about their 401k, homes... Guess what color faces you see in the foodstamp line now...LOL..Since we are talking about black women straighten their hair.. lets not get started on the botox in the lips, forehead, cheekbones..and wow she would talk about the tans.oh oh yea the butt lifts ( that was much needed by you all though) . as far as the comment about raping white women ....all the boogie man stories we use to hear when we were little were really white women sneaking in the houses of many black men... Since we all are being ignorant on here ... I love to see peoples TRUE personalities come out ...

1924 days ago


awww now why did ya do that I love Teresa....your beautiful Teresa

1923 days ago


Tmz. A bunch or racists cowards. PRINT THAT!!

1923 days ago

barbara lauria    

i wrote on facebook when i first saw teresa, she looked like a gorilla. & was the irs watching this boring show. i watched the 1st & last. caroline thinks shes the god father.(you mess with my family-your messing with me.who writes her crap.

1919 days ago

barbara lauria    

again with the wig over forehead she looks like a gorilla but she says she has class and is hot while she throws the f word & tables around.she keeps saying she is an Italian with class. apparently she & caroline never saw an Italian with class. that family is far from hot-in fact they're closer to ugly.

1918 days ago

barbara lauria    

well again caroline thought petals of wisdom dropped from her tongue. shes an idiot, who thinks her advice is wise. again teresa with the wig over the forehead looking like a gorilla.again caroline starts with the family crap. shes not the godfather-will someone please tell her she is a boring women who got lucky to be on tv. she thinks only her & dina have any smarts. that shows how dumb she is.

1917 days ago


I think the Jersey housewife looks like she is Vincent Pastore from the Sopranos. Look at them together, they have the same nose hair, you be the judge

1916 days ago

Stay on topic...    

Teresa does not have much class with her very brash and rude ways. Being on the show itself and acting like she does with her swearing and temper tantrums...all the while knowing she is on camera and that her friends are watching...definitely not classy and makes her an easy target for those that dislike her.
That being said, this thread was not started to ignite racist comments. It is about Teresa specifically (who in my opinion, probably likes the attention, good or bad!) and is all in good fun. Let's not start with the personal attacks.

1916 days ago

Smarter than Kitten    

I agree with teacup-100%
You madea mistake, the photo on the right IS that guy osama Hussein errrr, I mean Obama's wife.fur sure nizzle

1915 days ago

barbara lauria    

Caroline should be put in a home. this way she can sit & talk family with the other old people. teresa has to pull her wig up on her head cause she still looks like a gorilla. why did the show end with the stupid women pretending they knew something the audience didn't know. now they go back to real life-not to that scripted show we were suppossed to think was real. as far as class. yea-it was low class teresa & caroline had.

1915 days ago


Michelle, BAM BAM O'bama, does look a great deal more like Dr. Zira than Teresa. Teresa's problem is just her hairline. Michelle, well, she's just ugly and there is simply no help for her.

1884 days ago

Robert De Niro    

Bookerb, talk about ugly maybe we should put your mother's picture up here. A hippos ass would be a better comparison. So many words can describe that senior citizen whore of a mother of yours but I only have time for just a few. She's a ugly, cheap, pathetic, doublewide trailer living, fat, alcoholic, incompetent, wearing tons of makeup to hide her age spots wrinkled old hag. CROWS FEET IS A B#TCH HUHH!! I SEE WHITE IS DEFINITELY CRACKING!! The poor white trailer trash is still dying her hair to hide the full head of gray hair she has. Enjoy life my dear since you only have 2 more years left to live!!
FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA on the other hand is a educated, intelligent, classy, beautiful black woman.
I love sexy, beautiful, ageless, exotic, educated, outspoken, independent, strong black women. Thats why I only date and married beautiful black sistas because of their smooth cafe o lait skin skin tones, nice hour glass figures, radiance ,gracefullness, sassiness, regalness, essence, style and intelligence. Black women always and forever will have it going on.

1874 days ago
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