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Broadway Set Takes Out Bret Michaels

6/8/2009 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It sure wasn't "nothing but a good time" at the Tony Awards for Bret Michaels last night -- because after performing in the opening number, dude ran smack into a falling set piece and landed flat on his ass.

Bret Michaels: Click to watch
A spokesperson for the Tonys tells the AP Michaels just "missed his mark" but wouldn't comment on any injuries except to say his nose wasn't broken.


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She's Dumb    

To us skinny bitches rule fat girls drool: Just a added note. I couldnt give a rats as* how much money he has, who cares, He could have 100 million plus dollars, still don't care. What I am saying is: That was the funniest shi* I think I have ever seen in my life! I think I pissed my pant's it was sooooo funny! As for KARMA? Funny you mention that, it came around and bit Brett Michaels in the as*, whoops, I mean in the head! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1970 days ago

sham wow guy's wonky eye    

Reply to Don't Need Nothin' But A Good TIme,

What the hell is wrong with you that you found someone getting hurt funny??!! Do you know Bret personally to think he did somethings in his life that were so hatefilled he deserved that?? He is not a douchebag or a so many on this board..go crawl back under your rock you tool! If you saw him at a bar after one of his concerts and he offered to buy you and all the other people in there a round of drinks, you would all be kissing his azz..what phoneys! I hope someone is around to laugh their azz off when you get hurt sometime..see how u feel. prick.

1968 days ago


Brett is a spoiled child. I worked for Poison a few times and he was always making insane demands and acting like Gods gift to women.

CC Deville by comparison is a stand up guy. I was the PM for a small venue that Poison played at in New England and CC asked me if I knew of a beach near one of the nearby lakes he could take his family and hang out before the show. So I drew him a map and gave him some resturaunt suggestions. After the show while we were putting the show back in the trucks he took the time to track me down and thank me saying he and his family had a great time. Now THAT is class.

If Brett missed the Tony rehearsal it's his own fault. The stage is a crazy place during changeovers and that is one of the reason you have rehearsals in the first place. So people don't get hurt. His missing that rehearsal is probably why he didn't get his 'apology'.

1968 days ago

She's Dumb    

To: Us skinny bitches rule fat girls drool: Darling's, darling's, darling's. Look at the other post's here and get a clue. He is a washed up ego maniac. And yes, I did like them in the 80's and actually saw them in concert back then too. But that was then. Now, if he ever were to buy me a drink, sure I would take it, drink it, then leave laughing my as* off, telling everybody that is the idiot that got steam rollered by prop's on stage and busted his nose! So, you "skinny bit*** are the one's that need to go and crawl back under your rock's. Chow!!

1968 days ago

Jonitia Johnson    

Brett is a Type I diabetic like my daughter. Maybe he was haveing blood sugar issues and just did not see the gigantic sign. My daughter has ran into so many things it is ridiculous :)

1964 days ago

I am    

Well at last Bret Michaels has found SOMETHING, if not SOMEONE, to rock his world.

1963 days ago
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