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TMZ's Show Us Your Guts Contest -- Final 5!

6/8/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The terrific tums and bulging bellies have taken over the TMZ newsroom and now we need your help deciding which midsection gets the money!

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I can't believe they picked that NASTY leather vein lady-man for the finalists. That is sooo gross.

1941 days ago



1941 days ago

just me    

she ripped is too ripped! gross!

1941 days ago


I'm sorry, but She-ripped is absolutely disgusting. I'm all for being fit and healthy but this girl is just gross. Not to mention that hideous shade of orange she's sporting from the neck down. Ugh!

1941 days ago


First off Im that nasty girl you are referring to!! I am a NPC Figure competitor. I train my butt off to look like that. I look like this for a contest not everyday. Dont hate because your probley out of shape.

1941 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Natalie-it's just that some of us don't understand why someone would work so hard to look a way that the VAST majority of people find extremely unattractive. It's a free world, but don't expect people to find something attractive just because you worked hard at it.

1941 days ago


Trust us fugly, we are NOT jealous of or "hate" you because we are "out of shape". Is your mirror broken? Don't you know how BAD you look? I've seen better looking people in nazi concentration camp survivor photos. You must have some sort of mental disorder to believe that looks good. And "probley" is spelled probably.

1941 days ago


Natalie, you look great! I'm the guy labaled "he-ripped". As a fellow fitness model/bodybuilder I know how hard it is to get in that kind of ridiculously good shape. Anyone who takes time out of their day to ridicule someone else is pitiful, don't let it get to you.

1941 days ago


Jamie, I love your gut and lust after the rest of you....

1941 days ago


Ditto to Erin...

1941 days ago



I can see the veins running down your sides.....I can see a vein popping out on your forehead! Do you eat properly. It doesn't look like you have any body fat. People are referring to how unhealthy you look. You can be in shape and still look healthy. You just don't look healthy.

1941 days ago


Too bad, Natalie. You're an ugly he-she or she-male, take your pick. You're also obviously an attention-wh*re for entering this contest in the first place. And because you are so desperate for attention and have thusly entered this contest, you are going to have to deal with the fact that you have a way distorted image of yourself by reading the majority of comments that think you're not as hot as you think you are. Deal with it, cookie. And eat one too; wouldn't hurt.

1941 days ago

Kate from Indy    


Don't worry about what people know the work that went into that competition fit body and that is all that matters. And for the person that said do you eat, because you don't look like you have bodyfat...hello...that's the point of the competition...complete physique and yes Natalie is healthy and yes she probably eats 7 times a day! :)

MUAH go and get em.

1940 days ago


Yo, Natalie dude! Stop voting for yourself! It's obvious from these comments.

1940 days ago


i have to agree with #13.... listen you have a pretty face but there is a such thing as being too muscular. besides this is show us your gut... didnt they already have an ab contest? or like a ripped body one? i voted for preggo.... ive been through that twice and i think that is when a woman looks her best. i think im going to have a cookie now..

1940 days ago
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