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Carradine's Catatonic TV Role -- 'Mental' to Air?

6/10/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The episode of "Mental" David Carradine filmed before his death aired last night on FOX.

David Carradine: Click to watch
Carradine played a famous author who goes catatonic after getting struck by lightning -- and spends most of the episode confined to a bed, sitting in a wheelchair or floating lifeless in a pool.

His character does eventually wake up. But ...was it cool to run the show so soon?


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Prince Von A-Hole    

Just about as cool as some slyme rag running post every few minutes about his death day after day after day after day

1960 days ago


How is them playing it any different then you posting it?

1960 days ago


Seriously? "The episode ... filmed before his death?" Well, it would have been pretty hard to film it AFTER his death, no?

That's what you get with "communications" majors instead of journalists.

1960 days ago


^^^ let's see how long that comments lasts here.

1960 days ago

hoochie mama    

You couldn'tve timed it more perfectly. At least that's what the network executives are "thinking".
They won't say it, out loud, though....
It's BUSH'S fault, right Obama?

1960 days ago


Why would it be inappropriate, this is what he liked doing most, acting. So what that it coincides with his eerie death... there are no mistakes just the ones we make as people... life and death are all predetermined

1960 days ago


This poll won't get accurate results because they ask the question "was it cool to run the show so soon" but then ask "too soon" down below. So some people will be answering the wrong question (like I did!) and the results aren't accurate.

1960 days ago


It was not to soon. It was a good show, and if anyone watched it the whole way through, they would have seen that it was in memory to him.

He was an actor, I don't think the guy would have minded it aired last night, and the execs probably asked the family before airing it.

1960 days ago


more cool
then talking about his sexual deviancy!

1960 days ago


No it wasn't too soon. it would have aired whether he was alive or dead. I didn't watch the episode and am not sure if they postponed it would it throw the storyline of the other characters off. This is what he did Act and you have to ponder the question "what would Keith have wanted" and the answer is show the episode.

1960 days ago


How much longer would David Carradine have been around anyways? Look at the video, esp. the part in the swimming pool. There are some deep folds in his lower ear lobes - usually an indication of heart disease.

1960 days ago


Really, how can you ask about taste or too soon? You have used his death in so many tasteless ways. Think you guys are into some pretty kinky stuff as fast as you were on this and as much as you seem to know about sexual deviance. Come on, even following up on a sex shop. How reliable can that source be? Enough leave him and his family alone.

1960 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

it's not a question of whether FOX aired it too soon or not. fox is a broadcasting network. they air contracted material from different sources who can afford to purchase designated air time. or they can fit certain material into selected air time slots. what is more the question here is, who gives and is giving these kinds of minds and writers and 'creative heads' all the money to present to the world the perverse ideas, as though these notions were something socially acceptable. that being said, that market can so, be manipulated by those who drive the price of airtime into the sky, so that only a select group of people can afford to make their ideas heard. like an auction for airtime. and can imagine who wants to rake in the cash there...

1960 days ago

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