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Michael Jackson -- I Can Still Moonwalk!!

6/10/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not only is he defying medical science, but Michael Jackson claims he can still defy gravity too!

Michael Jackson: Click to watch
On his way out of another medical building in Beverly Hills yesterday, we asked Jacko if he could pull off his signature Moonwalk -- Jackson responded, "Why wouldn't I be able to!?"

He makes a good point -- why wouldn't a man who's frequented more medical offices than dance studios in the last 5 years be able to pull off a physical stunt?!

Clearly ours was a stupid question.


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What? No more rash comments? No more hate filled slur? Feelin a little salty now are we jackasses? I hope you can sleep at night knowing that this sort of hatred is what broke Michaels heart. Michael was a good man and surely did NOT deserve the trash that was spewed from the likes of you. Rest in peace Michael, at least now you don't have to suffer these morons.

1914 days ago

j.... from Poland    

I wish he'd stay black till the end . Maybe he would suffer less, and had more normal life... He still would be unquestionable King of Pop !!!

1910 days ago


Yes, clearly it was a stupid question.

1931 days ago


Leave Michael alone!!!

TMZ, I'm sorry but you guys need a life. It seems you get off by being BUG-A-BOOs!!! Call Destiny Child, on your way to pester yet another celebrity minding their OWN business, and see if you can star in a remix video. You'll bring your own camera! HA!!

Oh wait!!! If you're in the video, they'll be no one to film you guys and ask STUPID questions and make STUPID comments!! Darn!!!

1931 days ago

Emergency Broadcast System    

So? I can still breathe through my nose and stand in direct sunlight for more than 5 minutes without risking near-complete evaporation. Let's see you do THAT! Neener neener neeeeee-nerrrrr!

1931 days ago


Of Course he can!! He made Thriller,..... Thriller.

1931 days ago


He can still moonwalk. i am sure he can still molest chilfren and get away with it, also. The concert which is supposed to be his last will end up being a scam. The singer Cher also said years ago that she was performing her final tour. the tour was a success and she raked in the money, After that 'last tour' success she simply went back on the road and toured again.. Micheal's last tour, bull.

1931 days ago


He's not a peadophile Paul, but you're a blind media follower, so all you need is just a brain transplant to fully understand he was the real victim there.

Anyway, yes, I agree, why wouldn't he be able to moonwalk?? Silly question. LOL

1931 days ago


Nobody can dance like MJ!!! He's still the best!!! He tought all these other wannabe's how to dance. They all grew up on MJ(Usher...Mario...Chris Brown...Timberflake).

1931 days ago


Michael Jackson is the biggest freakshow to ever walk the face of the earth. Anyone who has been around for about 40 or 50 years remembers his Off the Wall album and how great it was and he was a normal looking guy then. Then several years later he made Thriller and was still normal looking. Then he starting morphing into something unrecognizable. From there everyone went, wow. This guy is a lunatic. He's about as black as black can be and tries to pass off obvious complete caucasions as his kids. Nuts.

1931 days ago

Michael Madsen    

That was useful... thanks TMZ.

1931 days ago


LEAVE MICHAEL JACKSON ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looooooooove him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you people NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!! he has feeling too ya know!!!!!!!!!! hes trying to do a good thing for the fans like myself and if if it doesnt happen, at least he tried.he 50 going on 51 !!!!!! hes sick obviusly and nobody really knows the truth, but i think he did NOTHING. I love you Michael!!!!! AND ALL YOU OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFE!!!!!! MJ might be back baby!!!!!!!!!! by the way paul, your not nice!!!!! no hes not!!! if i were him, i would cry..... theres so many harsh people in the world. Take a step back and think about what you say, it can affect people in ways you dont know.

1931 days ago

alex ortiz    

hi shaya, how u doing?? (in high squeaky voice) haha anyway, um...LEAVE MICHAEL JACKSON ALONE!! (haha this is kinda weird cause i dont really like him that much, im only saying this because shaya loves him so much. um....yeah...akward...

1931 days ago


Reading the comments of irrational die-hard Jackson fans makes you realize why he was acquitted of penis envy charges, The jurors probably realized that a pack of screaming loonies would have physically torn them to shredshad they sent their leader to prison where he belongs.

1931 days ago


lol "why wouldnt i, thats so ignorant ur being ignorant" poor michael, i wish he was sane. but f that, he still the king

1931 days ago
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