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Possible Defense in Death of Angels Pitcher

6/10/2009 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new twist in the death of Anaheim Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart ... the woman driving the car he was in had been drinking shortly before the fatal accident.

We've learned the results of the postmortem toxicology tests on Courtney Stewart -- the driver who died in the crash along with Adenhart -- were positive for alcohol. And, law enforcement sources tell us "an illegal substance" was also found, though the sources would not be more specific.

This information could be extremely important in the defense of Andrew Gallo, the driver of the minivan that ran a light and struck the other car. Gallo was arrested for DUI and later charged with three counts of murder. We're told Gallo's lawyer is already honing in on the toxicology tests.

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mitch myers    

throw the book at him!

1961 days ago


OMG. A new story for TMZ. Thanks for the Carrie Prejan diversion.

1961 days ago


Dumb blonds always have to go and ruin everything.

1961 days ago


Doesn't change the fact that a drunk driver barreled through a red light and hit the car. What's his defense? That girl who was driving legally through a green light and caused no accidents up to that point was drunk? Sure, she was wrong for driving drunk, but the fact remains that he's the one who ran the red light.

Two drunks make a right, I suppose. Too bad the red light thing takes him over the line back to Wrongville.

1961 days ago


Ironic that her mom went on Dr. Phil to bash drunk drivers.

Sad story regardless.

1961 days ago


Dude ran a red light and hit them for cryin out loud.

1961 days ago


It's a shame that no one ever steps up and takes responsibility for their actions.

1961 days ago


Well Nick Hogan got only a slap on the wrist. Surely this pitcher had a 'choice' to get in the car with this drunk/drugged girl.. it's his fault right! He was an adult , he had a choice... it's all his fault. Doesn't sound so simple now does it? Granted the fact that the driver of the victims car was wasted is going to greatly impact the outcome of this case. And maybe that's just in the long run.

1961 days ago


What was the level of blood in her system? Was it above the legal limit?

1961 days ago


It's "HOMING in on" NOT "honing in on" you moron.

1961 days ago


What was the level of alcohol in her system? Was it above the legal limit?

1961 days ago


Anytime a drunk kills someone they should be charged with murder...

1961 days ago


Oh, great, now the guy will get a slap on the wrist. This happened to a family friend. Driving home from a restaurant around midnight on a cold drizzly November night in the Pacific Northwest a young man (turned out he was 20) shoots out on a skateboard right in front of him. Kid ends up dying and, as it turns out, our friends blood-alcohol was .08 right on the limit. Our guy was at fault though even if he was completely sober this likely would have happened as he had no warning until the guy was basically in front of him. Who expects a skateboarder (wearing nothing to help him stand out even) to come shooting off the sidewalk in the line of traffic like that?

In this case I believe the girl driving might happened to have been drinking that night but it basically makes no difference since the other party was responsible for the accident.

1961 days ago


Just because she tested positive for alcohol maybe some kind of controlled substance( that can mean anything) it does not mean that she was LEGALLY DRUNK! She could have had one drink or maybe two it would still show up........ But the fact of the matter is the other driver RAN a RED LIGHT and WAS DRUNK! He is still responsible for their deaths!

1961 days ago


Wait a second..... the story say alcohol was in her system but it doesn't say what the level was. She could have had a beer at the game. As for the "illegal substance", it also doesn't say how much or what it was. All this doesn't change the fact that the A-hole ran the red light, crashed into and killed 3 people and took off running like a freakin coward. Wonder where his family got the $$ for this high profile a-hole attorney.

1961 days ago
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