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Possible Defense in Death of Angels Pitcher

6/10/2009 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new twist in the death of Anaheim Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart ... the woman driving the car he was in had been drinking shortly before the fatal accident.

We've learned the results of the postmortem toxicology tests on Courtney Stewart -- the driver who died in the crash along with Adenhart -- were positive for alcohol. And, law enforcement sources tell us "an illegal substance" was also found, though the sources would not be more specific.

This information could be extremely important in the defense of Andrew Gallo, the driver of the minivan that ran a light and struck the other car. Gallo was arrested for DUI and later charged with three counts of murder. We're told Gallo's lawyer is already honing in on the toxicology tests.

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Donald finally realized that Prejean gives crappy head    

i'm glad the blonde died, she was a whore with herpes and syphilis. and orange county has too many dumb blondes anyways (capitol of america), one less wont matter, surely she wasnt a rocket scientist, just a human incubator trying to screw famous people like every blonde whore in southern california.

1938 days ago


They tried to blame Brandy's victim too saying she had marijuana in her system. Outrageous!

1938 days ago


Andrew Gallo still ran a stoplight and caused the accicent and was DRUNK at the time.



1938 days ago


Excuse me!!! How can that help the murderer WHO RAN A RED LIGHT and crashed into her car??!!!

1938 days ago



"8. Well Nick Hogan got only a slap on the wrist. Surely this pitcher had a 'choice' to get in the car with this drunk/drugged girl.. it's his fault right! He was an adult , he had a choice... it's all his fault. Doesn't sound so simple now does it? Granted the fact that the driver of the victims car was wasted is going to greatly impact the outcome of this case. And maybe that's just in the long run."

Posted at 8:57PM on Jun 10th 2009 by sad story

what happened to innocent until proven guilty...you read it on TMZ and you think it is fact. No where in the story does it say she was drunkdrugged.
drama loves drama and that love is what keeps this crappy site up..

1938 days ago


12. It's "HOMING in on" NOT "honing in on" you moron.

Posted at 9:17PM on Jun 10th 2009 by nobama

You're an IDIOT!!!

1938 days ago


paris is single!!!!! you, my friend, are truly an ugly, hateful person.

1938 days ago


18. Shame on you.

As others has stated he ran the red light. If he had not, there would no case.

1938 days ago

de Truf    

Alot of people drive, work buzzed. if one can't handle their high then thier in the wrong. Know your limitations. How many people that leave a bar driving can pass a breathalizer? some people are just seflish and inconsierate.

1938 days ago


The term is honing.

If the minivan was both under the influence and ran a red light, it would seem almost irrelevant about the other driver. It seems like a smarmy defense lawyer diversion, doesn't it? Glad I won't be on the jury.

1938 days ago


This is ridiculous, not only does it not say what the substance was or how much alcholo was in her system, it still doesn't change the fact that that ass hole ran a red light while he was incredibly drunk and ended up kill 3 people with incredibly bright futures ahead of them! He should still go to jail, no matter what she had in her system!

1938 days ago

kosa! kosa! kosa!    

Is this article speculating that it's a suicide? I don't understand which the writers are having this with one...

1938 days ago

Admiral Halsey    

I have nothing to say about this post but....I do want to say that
the little self-righteous, hypocrite bitch from Kentucky can leave my home state
and go back home and preach her crap to her fellow inbreds!!!!

And!!! By the time pretty boy Max hits 35 he is going to be looking
like ol' Phil Spector's mugshot.

Yeah - I said it!!!

When all these punks are killing themselves to ass-kiss Harvey Levin...Well, ol' Harvey is busy out on East Santa Monica cruising "Boy's Town"

Yeah...I said that too.................

1938 days ago



You have been a great contributor to the institutions that guide our country toward greatness: Thank you for dismissing Ms. America. You can be very proud of all that you have done to promote the values that the majority of US Americans hold. Keep it up!

1938 days ago

misses small    

Hey everyone accusing this person but not that person for their DUI situations. I know damn well your opinions will change about the girl the day you get arrested for DUI. Everyone has a DUI, they just don't have one yet. When Shia Labeouf got in trouble, all anyone had to say, "Shouldn't have been drinking and driving in the first place." Well, neither should had this girl. But because she got killed and 2 others suffered, we should all feel sorry for her, right? What if he ran a yellow light that turned into a red light? The officials wouldn't admit that because they don't want people to think it's okay even though we do it all the time. What if she was speeding or he was killed before she was found with alcohol in her system? I do feel bad for the 3 that were killed, but if the officials want to bash anyone who has alcohol in their system in a typical situation (minor car accident) the second they find out the other one didn't have any, no matter what the situation or how stupid of a driver the other one was, it turns out this person is almost just as likely at fault for this accident as the "sober" one now. Considering that people get bashed for driving "drunk" just because they are over the limit, no matter how possible it is that they weren't drunk --- now it's a pretty, blonde girl being compared to a Mexican guy who commited this off amoral (not IMmoral, look it up) reasons obviously, and, to you, there's no possible way any of this could be any of her fault. You're all hypocrites and have no business judging unless you know the facts; and by the fact that you're reading TMZ, I'm sure you have 0% facts on hand.

1938 days ago
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